either or and more vol. 3

  • RWBY vol 1: Cute and great characters, cute and funny moments, great fighing, a little but of drama here and there but in the end everyone is happy and safe.
  • RWBY vol 2: Still the cute and great characters we know, even more funny moments, more great fighting, a little bit more drama, but everything is fine in the end.

hi, vol-fans, juskla here! it’s time for a bit of fun n games :D u like voltron? welcome to voltron sleepover night! i have 3 ask games lined up, n i look forward to getting so fun stuff in my inbox :D -juskla


RULES: leave me 2 (or more) voltron characters in my inbox n a place either in voltron or real life, w/ the phrase “3 FIC” after it n i will write a bad 3 sentence fan fic of it! (this was a BIG hit last time around, so i brought it back!)


RULES: quick, leave me 3 voltron characters in my inbox w/ the phrase “BMA” after it n i will tell u who i would befriend, who i would marry n who i’d avoid!


RULES: this is a new game!! here’s what u gotta do. give me 4 voltron characters n specify which of the 4 is the ‘main’ character of this scenario w/ the phrase “KISS” after it. all 4 characters r in a room together. the main character will have kissed someone in the room, i’ll write a little drama drabble about the who n why!

sound like fun? can’t wait for u to join me! it’s voltron sleepover night!

Risk For Reward Vol. 13 Preview

i haven’t had the time or the alert mind to finish off this chapter, but i’m sure by either tomorrow or tomorrow night that i will be able to give you all what you’ve been waiting for! This is just a glimpse into what will be building to the finale! There will be at least 3-4 more volumes before I tie it off!!

The morning was an intrusive awakening. The blaring alarm from both of your phones made both of you jolt up. Instantly regretting it as the onset of your hangover introduced itself. You grabbed your head and let out a whimper, hugging your knees to your chest letting your forehead rest over the bones.

“Baby?” You heard Finn whisper hoarsely. “Are ya ok?” You shook your head, not moving afraid that your head would roll off your body.

“Ferg…I-I can’t get up..my head hurts so much” Why did you slam down all of those drinks? What were you thinking? “You have media today, don’t you?”

“It’s not until this afternoon” He motioned behind you, rubbing his hands over your back, kneading the flesh affectionately. “C'mon I’ll get ya in a shower and then we’ll get a really greasy breakfast” He leaned over, kissing the shell of your ear. “I’ll take care of ya” He helped you get up slowly and move into the bathroom. “I’ll always take care of ya, love”

You didn’t bother to object or fight him. You were embarrassed but knew that he would never judge you. “What did I do to deserve you?”

“Ya showed me that there is more to life than what happens inside of a ring” Your eyes watered from the pain, but also from the sentiment. Your feelings for this man was rapidly developing with every new minute spent together. Oh, how life could alter in such a short time.

-3 Months Later-

The days molded into weeks. You were busy almost non-stop. The world you stepped into was nothing like you expected. The fear you once had of planes was a distant memory. Also, the memory of only caring for yourself was gone as well. You never dreamed of caring for someone as much as you do Finn. He was your escape from the whirlwind world that you two lived in, together. The news traveled fast about the two of you within two weeks of showing up and leaving everywhere together it all became clear to the nosey eyes and ears that you two belonged to no one but each other.

anonymous asked:

If vol 12 really ends in two chapters what's the bet we'll get a big 24th ward/oek cliffhanger! Either that or a Touka/Yoriko rescue cliffhanger. Either way I'm gonna die xD.

Hello! Actually I think that vol 12 will end with ch133 since it’s going to be released on July 19th, which means 3 more chapters and not 2, if I’m not wrong. :) 

Honestly, I’m still worried about why we’re going to have almost simultaneous releases, since vol 12′s release will be exactly one month after vol 11′s, so I’m expecting the cliffhanger to be something big with maybe some unexpected news following it? 

Ahhh, I want to know if there is a reason we’re having almost simultaneous releases…! Either way, since the volume was focusing mainly on the development of Kaneki and Touka’s relationship, I’d rather say that the cliffhanger will be about them, but that’s just my personal feeling (it’s also the reason I agree we might have a Kaneki x Touka cover for vol12). xD

Thanks for passing by Anon! 

EDIT: @sentrakk said:

The chapters only come out on Thursdays in Japan so there’s only time for two more chapters before the volume comes out. So 132.

OMG you’re right, I totally forgot, thanks! :D So two more chapters, which means ch132 as vol 12′s last chapter, which makes for a total of 10 chapters for volume 12 when we had 12 chapters for the last few volumes!

I hope Anon sees this, in the meantime I’m still nervous as to why the release dates of vol 11 and 12 are so close… :S

Thanks again!

KnB Season 3 Vol. 9 Drama CD

Son’s drama CD. I can’t believe I haven’t posted about it. 

While browsing if Mayuzumi’s was translated I saw Akashi’s hasn’t been either so eeeeeee. To those who still care about KnB ahaha *tastes salt* here’s a translation.

I’m kind of sad about how Akashi and Murasakibara’s conversation turned out but I guess this drama CD was more about how Akashi learns how to chill, and wasn’t about Akashi and Murasakibara per se (I think I’ve just been thirsting for that for a long time so…). Someone hand this boy a “Friendship 101″ life guide though lskjfal. “I didn’t know I could just listen…” —> sometimes all a person wants is his company. Baby steps. It’s always a happy day to see Akashi making an effort. To understand, and to act as not to be misunderstood. I am reminded of that snippet where he says he doesn’t feel comfortable with people calling him “-sama”. He wants to be more approachable and to make a friend too. 

Re: Akashi the guru—> Akashi feels good when someone finds him useful. More than receiving affection, Akashi wants affirmation for his existence I guess. Feels validated. Wants to feel needed? Part of a group? But at the same time, he himself doesn’t allow himself to rely on anybody else. Baaaby steps. I’m so happy about family Rakuzan.

I wish more could’ve been explored with Murasakibara. You said this already saku. You know, I could imagine Akashi’s sad half smile after the cellphone conversation like he missed a chance with Mukkun since Mukkun’s pretending now like nothing happened. Like you know, there’s no closure when Akashi was so troubled about it on his end and Murasakibara later acts like it didn’t bother him at all and “forgot” about it. I know that isn’t the case since Murasakibara based on what we were given until the Winter Cup, doesn’t have a selective memory unless he bumped his head too many times on the door frame– he probably just finds it awkward, I guess? He knows he was wrong for misplacing his anger but is too proud to say “I’m sorry”. HE’S SUCH A BIG BABY GOOD LORD *squishes him with one hand* 

why do they all run away from their problems

(what is tosaku even talking about)

Anyway, here’s the translation for interested folks :D

(I wanted to talk more but it’s 4:30 in the morning. Adios, myself. Rest in pieces.)

3rd Season Volume 9 Drama CD feat. Akashi Seijuurou


  • Kamiya Hiroshi as Akashi Seijuurou
  • Hatano Wataru as Mibuchi Reo
  • Masuda Toshiki as Hayama Kotarou
  • Fujiwara Takahiro as Nebuya Eikichi
  • Ono Kenshou as Kuroko Tetsuya
  • Suzumura Kenichi as Murasakibara Atsushi

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“Let’s Go Treasure Hunting!” by リスノ [Risuno] from Vol. 2 of the Danganronpa ½ Comic Anthology series

Since Tumblr won’t let me post more than 10 pictures in a photo post (the comic’s 12), you can read the whole thing at the original resolution here.

Apologies in advance for the pages not being in perfect condition. I had to scan the pages in two parts and then combine the parts together.

As a bit of a translation note, there were a lot of SFX that I didn’t really translate (Hajime’s determined yelling noise on page 3, for instance). I either didn’t have the space to put the note in or figured it was easy enough to guess.

We the FNDM Created Mute-Neo!

Seriously, how many of y'all can agree with me on this one? Is it so hard to believe? Well actually it’s not. For those who don’t agree with me, let me give you a run-down on how Mute-Neo came into existence and is portrayed throughout the FNDM.

Now first thing’s first, this is NOT a rant or hate-post. I LOOOOOVE NEO!!!! She’s my main muse on my blog, see!? *points to blog name and pic-icon*

What this is is an informative post to help those who might feel confused as to why people have this idea that our adorable little badass is a permanently-silent killer. This all started with Neo’s debuted appearance in Vol.2 Ch.4 “Painting the Town” as she is casually shown standing there on the stage, in the background, listening to Roman’s speech to the White Fang. But even in that moment we never had the idea that she could possibly be mute, right? So let’s fast forward just a bit into the episode; Team RWBY just destroyed the mech Roman was in, he’s about to be blasted by Yang when suddenly Neo appears and blocks the shot. She then does her little bow to the girls and escapes with Roman. Zero words spoken.

This is where people were starting to realize, “Hey, that new girl didn’t say anything. What’s up with that?” It really wasn’t until the episode “No Brakes” that we finally get the chance to see Neo in action. Her fighting Yang on that train gave a clear look at how superior Neo is to Yang in a fight. And yet… she STILL doesn’t say a word. This is where the idea of a mute Neo sets in. Why we, the FNDM, perceived through this episode was that clearly Neo could’ve said something during this fight. She didn’t even grunt or make any non-verbal noises in the fight. So of course we ASSUMED Neo was mute because of this. That is, until the true reason was revealed to us by Monty and CRWBY shortly after Vol.2 ended.

The real reason why Neo never said anything in Vol.2 wasn’t because she was mute, it was because she didn’t have a voice actress. Turns out, Monty added Neo to the RWBY cast 10 DAYS before her debuted appearance in the series. I know most of you may think, “well 10 days is plenty of time to voice a character.” Yeah, but not in the middle of post production. Not in the middle of their release of episodes. Neo, in the eyes of CRWBY, was literally a last-minute addition to the series. At the time, no voice actress was hired to voice her so really, what else could RT do?

Now, to those who were able to hear that info about Neo, the thought and idea of a mute Neo kinda strayed away, but did not leave the FNDM. Some of us actually liked the idea of a mute character. We liked the diversity of the many characters already in the series, why not add one more with the disability to speak but be a total badass fighter? So the idea stuck with the FNDM for the majority of the time. New fans that came to the FNDM were introduce to this idea and decided to accept the mute-Neo headcanon and soon many blogs in the FNDM were posing as mute-Neo’s everywhere. lol

Though it wasn’t long before this headcanon was jabbed at by RT yet again, this time with a more dealing blow. At RTX 2015, Gray G. Haddock, lead producer of RWBY, (voice of Roman) made a public announcement that Neo was given a “talented” voice actress to voice the character. I guess you could say that for those who heard this announcement, the headcanon was done and finished. Neo wasn’t going to be mute, it was no longer canon, let’s start building hype to see what she sounds like in Vol.3! Only… wait… she didn’t speak in Vol.3 either… and she even had more screen time… What gives, RT? I mean yeah, Neo made a few hums and gasps, but those aren’t classified as actual words. No voice actress credited in the credits. So… what’s the deal here?

Truth is, nobody knows for sure why they did this. From my own analysis of this I can theorize that the main reason Neo didn’t speak when she could’ve could be due to the fact that her character just doesn’t currently play that big of a role in the story at the moment. Yeah she gets a bit more screen time, but in reality it wasn’t that much. She appeared a couple of quick appearances as a member of Cinder’s team, as a paramedic, and as an Atlesian military officer. It wasn’t until near the end of Vol.3 did Neo get the most screen time with her fight with Ruby. But even then still no word uttered from her lips. Not even when she gets carried off the ship via wind gust.

So… what now? Gray said she had a VA, is she mute or not? Taking from this the FNDM decided to stick with mute yet again. This carried over to the Chibi series where Neo was introduced as an ACTUAL mute character; holding up signs to communicate and clearly not even making any noise whatsoever. This only increased in the FNDM’s belief in a mute-Neo, despite that Chibi-Neo is clearly a parody of this headcanon in itself; as is the rest of the Chibi series since that’s what it’s made to be.

So now, let’s analyze everything that I’ve gone over and try to come up with a reasonable solution. Is Neo canonically mute? No. Nothing is really proven to show that she is 100% mute. Gray’s announcement of her VA being a thing kinda proves that. So why Neo no talk for FNDM??? Well, as I said, Gray spoke of Neo’s VA as being “talented”. This could imply that Neo’s VA is a widely known and very famous VA of whom we all could quickly and almost instantly identify if she were to utter even the tiniest of words. And knowing RT, they have the capability of getting many famous celebrities to voice their characters. So why not have one for Neo? But such a talented VA shouldn’t go to waste on a coupled of subtle hums and grunts, right? Well… what if, perhaps, RT is saving this VA’s talent for a special occasion?

What if, the moment Neo finally speaks, it’ll be during a scenario in which it will be a very memorable experience for everyone. Something we will all talk about for a long time. Something that will help us spread the word that “RWBY IS AN AWESOME SHOW!!!” Neo’s character has clearly been made to be a total badass. Short adorable girl who can kick the asses of other badass characters. (FYI Monty even stated Neo could beat Mercury in a 1v1 fight. Miles said Neo is more dangerous without Roman). So perhaps, PER-HAPS Neo is being built up to be used for something incredible in the long run. Vol.4 is only half-way done. We still got a few more episodes. Practically anything can happen.

My guess is that Neo’s voice is being saved for when it counts. For when she’ll actually prove to be important enough to the show to actually hear from her. It’s just not her time to talk yet. That or her character is just naturally silent and doesn’t talk much. Again, who knows. This is just my theory and explanation as why we all think Neo is mute and why I think she really isn’t. Take it as you will however you want. If Gray Haddock says she will talk, she’s gonna talk. We just need to wait and see when, where, and how she does it. Don’t let this post demean your own headcanon for Neo. I know a lot of y'all prefer Neo to be mute, and that’s okay. That’s perfectly fine. You go and do that for as long as you want. And guarantee nobody will judge you for it. ;3

People that can’t handle the truth due to fear of their delusions being shattered or of the fear of being wrong, will do everything they can to distort what you say or put words in your mouth. Their only defense is a ‘play on words,’ because they are not intelligent or courageous enough to come up with their own. They bother people that are trying to achieve their own dreams by having negative thoughts instead of being happy for them. Never explain yourself to anyone who seems jealous, intrusive or committed to misunderstanding you. They purposely want you to trip on your journey. Let them know that they need to focus on bettering themselves. The nicer you are to them, the more they either will hate you for it or love you for making them see a new perspective that could help them in their future. Encourage them as much as you can without losing site of your journey. The more you feed into the negativity and argue back, the more you will loose focus on what is important in your life and what will help you maintain balance and inner peace.
—  Joanna Stafford (Becoming Joanna Strafford: The Collected Quotes and Writings, Vol 3)

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED 500 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY WILL BE SOON Alright so as the title says ive decided to hold a little giveaway for hitting this milestone, because honestly i never thought i would get here. I just want to say thanks everyone for following me and putting up with my crappy blog!

Tbh i don’t know if anyone will participate but i still wanted to do a little something 

Ok so because this is my first giveaway ever (hopefully i wont screw this up) i will only be doing one prize, so no runner up prizes unfortunately (future giveaways im sure will have many many more, but as i said this is my first)

Make sure your ask box is open! I will need to know where to send the prize after all!

So with that all said the prize will be:

- A preorder of the Dragon Age Inquisition hardcover artbook AND your choice of either: The Stolen Throne, Asunder, The Calling, The Silent Grove Vol. 1, 2 or 3 or The Masked Empire (so have fun deciding)


1. This giveaway is for followers only. New followers are more than welcome to compete, however don’t follow me just to go in the running. GIVEAWAY BLOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED

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So yea thank you again everyone and hope this ok as a giveaway! P.S. This is worldwide so go nuts

sage and scarlet slowly accept that they’ll be cardboard cutouts in the background of all scenes for the rest of their lives. (yes another bridesmaids ref) 

….and of course, adam is waiting for his turn to shine in vol 3 very patiently. 

anonymous asked:

I don't want to put you in a bad position, but this question is again about scanlation sites. I make it a point not to read anything that I think is going to be/is being brought to the west, but there are some titles that I've found that interest me that just will never be made for sale legally in English. Is it still considered such a bad thing to read these online when they've been fan translated? Has fan interest online ever compelled a publisher to go back and take a second look at a title?

Whether “fan interest” from scanlations hurts or drives sales is a much-debated topic. Here’s my personal opinion as an editor who’s involved with making licensing recommendations here. Though others may disagree, I think it does represent a significant set of people inside the industry. You should ask vertical-inc​ and other publishers for more insight into this topic, as well. Click to read the rest, as this is rather long.

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Tom’s Monday Meta Digest, vol 55: 10 Nov 2014

Essays on Tumblr

Meta Projects

Still want more? Be sure to check my recommended follow/reading list and past issues of the digest. And as always, feel free to recommend articles, authors, project, and events!

What I hope to see in Vol 3

-What Summer, Qrow, Taiyang, and Winter look like

-Why Yang’s Mom left

-That Raven is Yang’s mom and Qrow’s sister

-More stuff/history about the WF and Blake’s past

-More about all the girl’s past


-Sage and Scarlet 

-More diversity (non-cis, non-straight (i would love either ace, demi, or grey charater) and non-white)

-Less Jaune development, more development on others, mostly team rwby



-That’s neo is a selctive mute 

-More about Grimm


that’s a alot but hopefully a few of this happens.

I wish they gave a little more backstory to TeamSSSN.

I mean I know most of them are comic relief and are based off a K-Pop group. But it has got to be an interesting story.

Did they become teammates the same way Beacon students do? How did people react to Sun, a Faunus, leading them? Did he get backlash? Was either Neptune, Sage or Scarlet uncomfortable having Sun on their team? Why do people like them? Why do humans like Sun physically? Isn’t there racial tension in the world?

Beleg's Bow and Arrow: Belthronding and Dailir

Sure! And weapons aren’t only named because of a battle they’ve been in (Balin’s quote from An Unexpected Journey isn’t necessarily canon.) Some weapons are named just because they were owned by somebody important, and others were named because they were made of an unusual material, etc.

But, anyway, the bow and arrow. The most famous archer in Tolkien’s stories, Beleg Strongbow, named his bow and one of his arrows.

Beleg’s bow was called Belthronding. I don’t think Tolkien ever translated the name for us, but we do know a bit about the bow itself. It was made of black yew wood. It was Beleg’s weapon of choice, and in fact his epesse/surname “Strongbow” is a reference to Beltrhonding. When Beleg died, Belthronding was buried with him.

Beleg also named one of the arrows he used, Dailir. Tolkien didn’t translate this name either, but some of the more linguistically inclined readers think that the name could mean either “shadow song” or “cleaver.” Beleg named the arrow because every time he shot it, he would find the arrow again unharmed. But he finally broke it by accident, only minutes before he died.

Tolkien really loved swords, so he doesn’t give as much attention to bows, but I see no reason for why they would be named less often than swords.

SOURCES: The Silmarillion, The Histories of Middle Earth vol. 3 (“The Lay of the Children of Hurin”)