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let’s talk about that “I love you”

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Why is the “I love you” admission in S12E12 Stuck in the Middle (With You) such a big deal? Oh, he’s not looking at Dean when he says it, you say?

Let’s consider this. For 8 seasons, we’ve seen Cas’s eyes burn holes into Dean’s. Even non-shippers can admit to the aggressive eye-sex that goes on between Dean/Cas (Jensen/Misha, chicken/egg) in nearly every episode they share together.

Cas has never had a problem making eye contact with Dean when he’s talking to him, when he’s not, and regardless of the subject matter. There’s nothing he’s uncomfortable with telling Dean.

But an admission of love…for either of them, it’s a taboo concept. Dean loves Sam more than anything in the world, and you can tell..but he won’t say it. He’s never said it.

Cas looks down, says “I love you”, then up at Sam and Mary, and reiterates “I love all of you.”

Cas thinks he’s dying, and the most important thing to him is telling these people he loves them. These people who do not and will not throw the words around willingly. Or in Dean’s case, at all.

Cas is uncomfortable telling Dean he loves him, because he knows this. He doesn’t look at him, because he knows Dean better than anyone, and he knows looking at him would make Dean uncomfortable. Would make him shut down. But he has to tell him, because he’s dying, and Dean deserves to know.

The lack of eye contact, to me, is telling. Notice he had no trouble making eye contact with Sam and Mary when he says “I love all of you”. The lack of eye contact tells me that something is out of the ordinary here, because I am more than used to Dean and Cas eye-fucking each other. It was a red flag to me. It was one of those “Hey, what just happened there?” moments. Where something was off, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.

We know the bond Cas and Dean share in canon. If their relationship was completely platonic, eye contact shouldn’t have been a problem (as it hasn’t been for the past eight years). But yet, here we are. The one time Cas isn’t able to hold Dean’s gaze, and it’s when he tells him he loves him.

That seems like an admission of romantic feelings, if you ask me.

Alright, so my other sorting post was a little unnecessarily complex, but here’s my final say on the matter:


  • Zuko
  • Toph 
  • Ty Lee
  • Ozai


  • Aang
  • Katara


  • Mai
  • Suki


  • Sokka
  • Azula
  • Jet

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So is the Corner Witch the only witch allowed at Elsewhere? Is there some kind of witch quota? Do they have to be Corner Witches, specifically? I ask because I may or may not be totally down with Elsewhere U, but I may or may not also a witch with more herbs and rocks than any one person really needs, and I don't want to step on anyone(thing?)'s toes. Maybe there's a part time attendance option?

Given that the student make-up of Elsewhere U isn’t too far outside of what it is for the average university, there’s a handful of witches in every year (although at Elsewhere U they’re perhaps more powerful, either bc of the proximity of the Elsewhere or simply the knowledge on offer). No quota!

The Cornerwitch (more a title than in individual) is an entity bound by choice to a place with iron in its bones. Acts as equal parts oracle (speaking to the city on behalf of others, and speaking for the city) and local magical pawnbroker (the Gentry avoid places built on iron, usually, but the Cornerwitch will be there in their place if you need to make a deal). Unlike the Gentry, they tend to deal almost exclusively in items of invented value; stories are what gives a thing power. Also unlike the Gentry, they tend to be precisely, brutally fair. They’re in-between creatures themselves, and balance is of utmost importance. Above all else it’s a mantle you take up out of love for a place and the people in it, and the place loves the cornerwitch back - no harm will ever come to a cornerwitch in their city.

What this means in Elsewhere U is that at any given time there’s two or three fledgeling cornerwitches arguing out behind the gym over whose turn it is to man the designated Witch Corner this week in case anyone comes with questions.

more manga/anime recs that I forgot to mention before


  • Love Lab: this series is so. absolutely. funny. It’s about a prestigious all-girls middle school, where the showy main character, Riko, gets roped into helping the student council president, Maki, simulate fake dating scenes. Maki, who gives off a very proper, lady-like vibe, is secretly obsessive, boy-crazy, and WEIRD; meanwhile Riko, who gives off a “cool girl” vibe and likes to boast to keep up that image, is actually incredibly naive. While this series does make fun of a lot of tropes in the yuri genre, it doesn’t mock them either. I’d say it’s actually more genre-savvy than anything else. And mild spoilers, but the ending of the anime culminates in the two main characters confessing feelings for each other after mild jealousy and awkwardness over boys. Whether or not it’s romantic or platonic, their relationship and honest feelings for each other are very genuine and has good development despite being a comedy series up until the ending.
    I’ve never read the manga so I don’t know if it’s as good, but I will say the cartoon animates the skits and gags really well and had me rolling on the floor from laughter.
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Eng: Monthly GIrls’ Nozaki-kun): I know this is already really popular, but here’s another amazingly hilarious series. Despite it being a comedy anime, this series might have my favorite straight ships. It’s about a high school girl who falls in love with a handsome but really weird manga artist, learning about his job, and all the odd people who are involved with helping him produce manga. The dynamics between all the characters are so hilarious, and the gags in this are also very relatable to artists. They have a character named Kashima, who’s this thick-headed prince-type girl (potentially non-binary/demigirl?) who doesn’t fall into the shitty typical “I want to be treated as my REAL gender~” trope used in so many anime that invalidates androgynous and gender non-conforming people. Again, there’s a comic too, but I’ve never read it. I hear the anime is a very accurate adaptation though!


  • Paradise Kiss: high fashion and high drama! This is an older series by Ai Yazawa that I’ve always loved, about a girl who gets pulled into the world of fashion modeling and starts a passionate affair with the mysterious designer, George. The main girl, Yukari, is actually my favorite character, as she has some incredible character growth that takes her through inspiration and excitement and also ugly parts of her own personality. The ending is very bittersweet but realistic, and I personally came out of it really enjoying Yukari’s self awareness.
    I really love the relationships Yukari develops with the other female characters too. While yes, there are jealous feelings typical of romance stories, she has a very close and healthy friendship with one of the other main girls. There is a trans girl in this story too, who is wonderful but sadly only gets a chapter (at most) dedicated to her. Warnings for one of the side stories, which has very abusive and manipulative undertones. Even though it has a resolution, it always made me uncomfortable. Some of the issues in this series can be chalked up to being a product of its time, but please tread with caution!
  • Collectors: by Nishi Uko, is about two women in a relationship, but unfortunately have clashing interests. Shinobu, a teacher, is an avid reader with an apartment overflowing with classic and contemporary literature. Takako, a businesswoman, is a stylish fashionista who always has to buy the latest trends. Needless to say, their lifestyles don’t always mix well, and they bicker like an old married couple. The framework of the series is short 4-panel comics with very subtle humor, but despite the bickering, they have a good relationship. I really like this series for the humor, sense of realism in their mundane lives, and also the occasional touching moments between the two of them. There are also a pair of fun side characters that add some good diversity to the humor!
  • I’ll Send Her Home On the Last Train: a collection of short wlw stories by Amagakure Gido. Super cute and a little bittersweet, with very memorable characters. It leads with a two-chapter story that doesn’t chalk up the characters’ romance to “platonic feelings,” they legit have a kiss and confess to each other and just overall have a really cute relationship. There’s another story that is kind of vague, but ends with a general polyamorous vibe that I really loved. This author tends to pack a lot of subtle but layered emotion into her stories, so you might have to read through it multiple times to get everything. but the stories all have a really great feeling around them.
    A lot of these stories revolve around high school girls and their experiences, but the author has done another one-shot yuri story (not found in this collection) called “I’m a Fool” that’s about adults, if that’s more your cup of tea!
  • Clover: another collection of short stories, this time by Otsu Hiyori. This collection revolves around four sisters and their different relationships with other girls. The relationships range from platonic to romantic, one of them even lasting beyond high school and into college/adult life with talks of marriage. In general, Otsu Hiyori’s work has a light and carefree feeling to it, but somehow subdued in delivery. They have a mature air about them despite sometimes the characters being very immature, and always have interesting relationships. Clover is my favorite work from her, but I suggest peeking at her other work too!

hey it’s 4:30 in the morning & i kno a lot of ppl aren’t going to see this so i’ll reblog it later but piper (my cat) is having a bad night. she was making weird noises at the foot of my bed so i looked over to check on her & saw her laying on her side with her legs splayed out & her head in a small puddle of vomit. i picked her up right so she wouldn’t choke on it & she started wobbling away but she seemed drunk or something bc she couldnt seem to walk straight & then she fell over again & started to vomit a bit more. i’m worried she may be getting worst & i don’t have the funds to get her back into the vet. i’m going to make a new campaign post w the updated donations & less text so maybe more ppl will share it, please share either one so it can reach as many ppl as possible!! we need less than $200 to get her back in to see her doctor & start her on meds!! please help!!

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Do you have any advice on drawing omnics? I've been seeing a ton of cool omnic OCs (including yours!) and I was wondering how you design them and such.

FIRST OF ALL THANK YOU SO MUCH!! im glad you like my designs enough to come to me for advice its super nice of you!!!

but as for ur question: be ready . long omnic design musing under the cut. im very passionate about character design lol

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Used book haul! There’s a used book sale behind the cathedral in town and they had at least two boxes just with historical romance. These beauties were 1.50£ each and I could easily have walked away with many more. I haven’t read either of the Baloghs but the other two I read years ago from my mother’s collection, which I haven’t had access to in a while. I’m very much looking forward to all four!

Things that irk me about fandom in general include but are not limited to:

1. Fans that claim that the thing that they like is the end all be all of what ever category of media it falls into.

Like seriously. It is okay to like something. It is okay to hold the opinion that that thing is the best thing. It is NOT okay to argue down another person just for disagreeing with the previously stated opinion. Sometimes you just need to calm the hell down.

2. Fans that think that their way is the best way to enjoy something.

So anon like Pliroy more than Otayuri or whatever other arbitrary either/or a fandom might waffle over. It is their right to believe that, and you have absolutely NO RIGHT to chastise them for such just like they have NO RIGHT to chastise you.

At no point are you allowed to berate another person for not having the same fave as you.

3. People that post an unpopular opinion, usually to the tune of: “I don’t see what’s so great about this thing that everyone else enjoys. That’s just my opinion.” And then tags that shit so that fans can see it.

It’s antagonistic as fuck, all you’re doing is asking for someone to slide into your mentions and start harassing you. That person isn’t going to be right, but neither are you.

4. Fans that like a super popular thing, but put down that things fandom because “That fandom is crazy; I don’t act like that.”

I’m going to start by saying, SOMETIMES IT IS TOTALLY OKAY TO DO THIS! (I.E. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CALL MYSELF AN EXO-L BECAUSE EXO-L’s DOMESTIC OR OTHERWISE HAVE A WRITTEN HISTORY OF DOING HEINOUS, INVASIVE SHIT TO THEIR IDOLS.) However, there are other times where someone says “This fandom is so obsessive” just because it’s full people that just REALLY LIKE THAT THING. The fandom has never hurt anyone or had major harassment issues; it’s just fucking huge.

So you personally don’t check the “Yuri On Ice” or the “Stalking Killing” or the “Steven Universe” or whatever tag everyday. So you don’t have 19 different tabs of fan fiction or doujinshi or whatever for a particular fandom open at the same time. So you didn’t take the time to try to piece together an outfit for a cosplay that doesn’t have an official reference sheet yet. That doesn’t make you any better than people that do.

As long as a fandom isn’t hurting anyone, I’m proud to be a part of it not matter how involved I am or not.

5. Fans that can’t let other fans be.

Holy shit, it is not anyone’s job to police the way someone enjoys something. At all. (I know this one sounds just like #2 but that because this kind of shit irks me so fucking much.)

You’re allowed to not like something about this thing that you like, but still like it as a whole. You’re allowed to not like certain characters. You’re allowed to not like the way certain characters are treated. You’re allowed to not like certain plot points or rising actions. You’re allowed to enjoy this thing however you choose as long as you’re not hurting anyone or ruining it for someone else.

This has been a PSA by 3ros

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I totally understand if you can't answer this, but I thought you might be able to help me out. The Lovers, the Moon, and the Wheel of Fortune always seem to find their way as the card that is at the bottom of my deck. Whenever I'm shuffling, I sometimes absent-mindedly look at the card on the bottom of the deck, and that card is either the Lovers, the Moon, or the Wheel of Fortune more often than not. Does this mean anything? I love your blog btw!!!!

I would ask that to the cards themselves, really. That’s what I do whenever a message seems unclear. Give them the opportunity to explain themselves.

Some readers, including me, associate the bottom of the deck with subconscious or hidden messages, so it’s no wonder you’re puzzled by those stalker cards.

Hope this helps!

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In the last episode I swear I thought Walter was going to walk back to the group and remember his memories from space, but the writers STILL haven't brought it up. At all. It would of been perfect to integrate it into last episode. But I guess what I'm trying to get at is, when do you think Walter's memories will come back? Also, do you think that Paige will confront her fear that she had of Walter being with another woman?

Actually I don’t think it would have made sense for Walter to remember what happened in 3.03 in this ep, because he didn’t know he was hallucinating then, and hypoxic hallucinations are different in both cause and type than hallucinations from ergot.  

Whenever those memories come back (if it happens in ep as opposed to us just finding out that he remembered at some point) it’s more likely to either be hazy memories becoming clearer i.e. “Paige did you and I ever dance to Isaac Hayes?  Why do I feel like we have?” etc or there will be a trigger - someone will say something he heard during that period word for word, or they could dance again, or Paige will casually walk into the garage wearing the shirt she wore in 2.01 (because no one knew that’s what she was wearing in his hallucination since it was the hallucination that explained it to the audience, not Walter himself, so no one in the show heard it) and that will make the lightbulb go off.

I honestly have no idea WHEN it’ll happen - I knew it hadn’t happened as of 3.17 because Kat said that it hadn’t yet when they were filming that ep (and she also seemed a bit impatient herself to get back to it) - but I hope it is this season.  There are so many ways Walter could react to it, he could be angry, he could be excited wondering if she meant what she said, he could just assume that she just said whatever was necessary to save him and be perfectly fine with it, etc. 

In terms of if Paige will do anything, not immediately and maybe not directly. Unfortunately.  The writers seem determined to drag this on as long as possible (though Kat also says she feels like something has to happen with Waige this season and has implied that the fans have waited long enough so maybe she’ll put in a good word for Waige with the writers? haha)

leeetle rant

tbh it’s getting kinda hard? To enjoy the game without diamonds? It seems like every two minutes now there’s a diamond choice and more often than not it’s either really insignificant or PRETTY DANG SIGNIFICANT and idk… I’m kinda moving away from Choices cus of this reason. That and the stories are getting kinda bland. I might come back for TCATF 3 but for now… probably won’t be drawing for awhile :/

So, you’re all enablers* and you (either high-key or low-key) encouraged me to open this up to more people, so I present to you: ALYSSA DANVERS, Alex’s twin sister. 

occupation & education: Researcher at the DEO; Double PhD in Bioengineering & Biochemistry 

overview: Alyssa was born 24 minutes after her sister Alex and has felt second to her ever since. Growing up, she was prone to temper tantrums and, even as a grown up, she has been known to walk out of a room in a huff if things are not going quite as expected —she can get easily overwhelmed.  

traits: bookish, indecisive, overachiever, timid, anxious, honest, nurturing, efficient, practical, optimistic, open-minded

relations: very close to Eliza, whose approval she has always sought; close to her sisters but she is somewhat jealous of their special bond; loves Jeremiah, but she knows Alex was always daddy’s girl.

muse available upon request to all mutuals

* enablers, in case you’re interested: @biologicalengineer, @eliizadanvers, @drsncw, @danversxsisters, @girlcftomorrow, @agentharrisonofshield, @red-hemlock, @praclic, @specialagentlivingston, @duvessamiyashita, @roltikkonn ☆

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How hard was it for you to go vegan? Like did you crave non vegan stuff at all?

Honestly not very hard at all. I educated myself really well when i first went for it, which made me not want to eat anything not vegan because i knew how it got to me, what the animals went through so that i could eat it, plus its negative effects on both the earth (which is so important to me) and also just on my body!

The first month or so is hardest because i kept having to remind myself to look at labeled. and think about what was going into things and just getting out of habits i had formed but after that i didn’t have a hard time with it. I got excited to cook and try new recipes which helped too, plus if you are really craving something there is always going to be a vegan alternative for it (even if you have to order it online). So obviously i craved things but i would either find an alternative or educate myself more/watch more videos so that i wouldn’t want to eat it.

It is obviously going to be harder or easier for different people but i personally thought it was much easier than what i thought it would be. I have been vegan for  over a year and a half now and i don’t really ever crave things that aren’t vegan!


Florence’s round was quick, simple, sweet, and drama-free.  It was a lot of fun to play, even if not all that much happened. Next time will be more exciting, I’m sure.  In the meantime, enjoy these pictures that didn’t fit with Florence’s letter. 

Florence kept looking at the camera while on her date with Herb, as if to say, “:Isn’t he the cutest?  Can I keep him?”

Herb is pretty cute (especially looking out at the weather), so I will definitely let her keep him.  

I don’t know much about Herb yet (I really should have had Florence ask him some questions but I forgot), but I know that (a) he loves to sing and (b) he’s not very good at it.  That didn’t stop him, and since Florence isn’t too good at karaoke either, she didn’t mind. 

I wanted to have Florence say a bit more about Gilbert and Breanna, because their relationship really does seem to be an odd one, but I don’t think Florence would want to go into too much detail writing to her parents. Gil and Breanna had a pillow fight at Flo’s house, but then Gilbert had coffee with another girl on the boardwalk while Breanna was there, but THEN he let Breanna sit on his lap while they were hanging out later. I need to remember this weird relationship for the Jacquet round. We’ll see where it goes then, I guess. 

Anyways, the Tinkers are up next, so let’s end on a picture of Wanda in the flower shop.

I hope you guys enjoyed the Delarosa round, brief as it was. I’ll meet you at the Tinkers!