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As you may have noticed, BTS are now having a huge time in America and a great impact in te world’s music industry. That has brought to them a big bunch of new stans. The A.R.M.Y family is growing huge, and if you are new to the fandom of course all of your unnies and oppas will welcome you with a smile. BUT there exist a bunch of rules and behaviors us, A.R.M.Y, need to follow if we want to keep up with the tag of «most loyal fandom» and the peace, order and good connivance.

Well, so let’s begin.

Rule #1:
You WON’T start fights with other fandoms. Avoid fandom wars.

As you may notice, A.R.M.Ys have a delicate relationship with our EXO-Ls sisters. Most of us are tired of the ones in the fandoms that start fights. So PLEASE be careful with what you say. Praise all groups for their hard work. If you don’t come to like EXO or any other K-Pop group, you don’t have the right to express disapproval by insulting them or their fans. Be mature. Let’s show the K-Pop community that A.R.M.Y has grown up.

Rule #2:
You WON’T call BTS kings or gods unironically.

BTS are a great group that has come too far by themselves. Yes, they tend to break stereotypes and be different, and yes, they may be one of the bests boybands out there. BUT that doesn’t make them any superior to other groups. What we want is to have a harmonious community, and avoid fandom wars. Fandom wars regularly begin when proud and egocentric stans call their groups the best in the industry. All groups are doing their best and have done their best. There is no king, no queen, no god or goddess of K-Pop. In a subjective point of view, BTS may be the bests for you, but just remember there exist variety of opinion in the community and you shouldn’t try to convince anyone of your own truth.

Rule #3:
You are NOT going to compare the members.

BTS is a group that has been outstanding because of the unbelievably great relationship the members have, plus their humility and sincerity. They love each other as brothers and are a true example of brotherhood and team work. As well, us A.R.M.Y have to appreciate their hard work by equal. In this band, there is no rapper better than other, or singer better than other. They all have their talents and stand out for their own unique skills. I beg you to please don’t compare the members ever.

Rule #3:
Avoid talking about BTS everywhere.

Some fandoms are tired of A.R.M.Y bringing up BTS in every topic. It’s not surprising since we are known for being loyal and passionate to our boys. However, this tends to tiren up other fandoms. Let’s say that right now the A.R.M.Y community doesn’t have a very honored title among the K-Pop stans because of that. Much of them hate the fandom and even hate our boys’ success because of the fandom itself. I know it sounds ridiculous. But let’s try to change it. If another group is in the highlights, let’s congratulate them and their fandom. Let’s not fall in haughtiness.

Rule #4:
Defend the boys.

Up there I mentioned to avoid fandom wars. And yes, avoid them. BUT defend the boys in a good manner whenever you see someone insulting them or the fandom. If you are A.R.M.Y you’ll soon fall in love with the family, and as a strong family we protect each other. Actually, A.R.M.Y are known for being protective, so lets keep up on that. If you are having trouble defending the boys or the family to someone that is being missbehave and rude, call other A.R.M.Y to stand out in defence WITH GOOD MANNERS. Cease to fight with anyone who is being stubborn, better leave them in their own ignorance.

Rule #5:

BTS are a group well known for caring a lot more about their art than their visuals. If you want to be a true A.R.M.Y you should clearly listen to all their albums, the tracks they’ve developed outside the BigHit label, their mixes, read their translated lyrics, realize how poetic and beautiful their music is. If you gotta show off something about the boys, its their talent, trust me. Sure they are handsome and charismatic, but they are real for their music. Sure they may have called your attention at first glance because of their great looks, but know there is more about them than just pretty faces and expensive clothing.

Rule #6:

This is very important: your bias does not belong to you. It hasn’t happened yet, but if one of the boys ever decides to have a public relationship with whoever, you must not insult their partner or hate on them even if the jelousy is killing you. Realize how immature and ridiculous that is.

Rule #7:
Don’t take the ships too far.

I know a lot of fans that get really obssessed with ships. It happens in every fandom. But please, remember that being too obvious about the ships can make the boys uncomfortable and also other stans. Don’t insult your fellow unnies and oppas if they happen to ship anything different from you. Don’t start ship wars in the fandom. Don’t make yourself any illusion that your ship may be canon, because by now we are not sure about the boys’ sexuality and we’ve only see their brotherly love side. They are adorable, I know, but don’t make yourself any wrong conception of what they really think about each other. Also, you will notice that in this fandom specially there is… hum… how can I say it… Poligamy? xD Kind of, there are tons of ships. Basically you can ship every member with every other member, even outside the group! You’ll find some crazy shippers, some multi-shippers (as me), and some rare species that only happen to ship one thing (I don’t have a clue of how they manage to stay loyal to their only ship omg). However, you can have fun with this, but just don’t take it to insanity. Please.

Rule #8:
Learn which kind of jokes may result offensive.

I’m not going to lie, A.R.M.Y is a dope fandom. The best thing I love about this family is its humour sense. The jokes, the memes, the crack vids, its all fantastic. BUT as in everything, you need to know what is accepted and what is not. For example; don’t call Seokjin a princess. He doesn’t like being called that way, its disrespectful. Instead, why not call him a charming prince? or an egocentric bitch, I don’t know xD (Also realize that Seokjin is a very sarcastic person and he may seem arrogant if you can’t catch the joke, but he’s just very funny and his humour tends to be ironical. Just a little fact here) and also, don’t call Taehyung an alien. He doesn’t like that either, and I don’t want to talk to you about the scold you will receive from a V biased if they ever hear you call him an alien. I, myself, am an example of that. Don’t call him stupid or dumb either, he is not. Don’t call Yoongi lazy too often, if you do that sure there’ll be some Suga biased claiming to you he is not lazy at all (tho that may be a lie and we know it xD). Don’t EVER dare to say Namjoon or Hoseok are ugly. Ever. You’ll get hurt, trust me. I mean, I don’t even know why someone would joke about that, they are like the most beautiful creatures I’ve seen in my freaking life ???  I’ve been a long time on this fandom, and I think by now some very acceptable jokes that have always been funny are jokes about Jimin’s height and Jungkook’s bunny looks. However, these are jokes that the boys themselves started and tell, so we assume its correct if we use them. Whenever the boys end a joke, we stop making fun of it.

Rule #9:
Guide your new sisters and brothers into the fandom.

Help people know well their new family. More important: get people interested in BTS! Show your friends the MV’s, tell them about the crazy theories and how charming and talented the boys are. As good A.R.M.Y our work is to help them gain recognition, and guiding new people to their concepts and music is a way to make it. 

Rule #10:
Don’t be a koreaboo.

We know Korea is a very interesting country and the mother of one of the greatest cultures, but a lot of people will find annoying and even racist if you get too obssessed with South Korean’s popular culture or Hallyu. I may have to admit that me myself was a koreaboo for a long time and have been sometimes. South Korea its fantastic and its media culture its very attractive, but know that there also exist other means of comsumption and markets around the world. Also, please, don’t create yourself a fetiche around asian people. That is racist. Control yourselves, fam. Don’t get me wrong; support the hallyu, but don’t take the obssession too far. Also, don’t trust the website named “koreaboo” because it’s bullshit.

I think that’s it for now. Those are kind of the important points I think of. Thank you for reading this and please reblog! If you want to add anything please feel free to do it.

A good portion of the Sonic the Hedgehog tag is already Game Grumps related and filled with constant mockery of the character and the series. Only like 2 episodes into Black Knight. And I actually like that game.

And this, kids, is why I dread Game Grumps playing any Sonic game ever. Because then I can’t go 4 posts in Sonic related tags without my favorite video game series being mocked to death. I mean, hell, Arin even doesn’t like Sonic 3 & Knuckles or really ANY Sonic game, why do they keep playing Sonic games? Just to mock them?

It’s just obnoxious to go in the tags during a GG playthrough and seeing all this “LOL GOTTA GO FAST” or “hey, it’s about a cartoon hedgehog and it tries to have stakes in its plot, isn’t that funny, AMIRITE?” or “90s ATTITUDE LOL EVEN THOUGH THAT WAS ONLY THE MARKETING AND THE CARTOONS AND SONIC DOESN’T EVEN ACT LIKE THAT IN THE GAMES AT ALL” or just whatever stupid jokes they make about Sonic.

It’s not like I can block Game Grumps tags during it either, I’m stuck on mobile. And I’m not saying I hate the Grumps or anything, they’re cool. I just DESPISE the constant “Sonic is bad and always has been” circlejerk that happens during their playthroughs of Sonic games.

noctowl  asked:

Hi. I just want to say that I know that I am only a fan. I find it a bit funny that people act like /I/ am the one who thinks I know Louis. In reality, stalkers (your term, not mine. I am not a stalker) are not stupid, as you all think. We just simply accept what we are told because we know it's none of our business either way. Who Louis is dating (whether it be Danielle, Harry, etc) doesn't effect me. So why question? I know I'm not his friend & I LIKE being a fan xx

I also just want to add that One Direction is not my entire life :) In fact, I’m not even in LA at the moment! I’m going to school literally all the way across the country. I go on my update account in my freetime (much like you probably go on this blog..however I go on my update account considerably less so not sure how me having it makes my life revolve around 1D?) I am a fan of lots of other things. 1D isn’t everything. Please learn this and please stop talking about me.

Oh Jordyn, hello there.  You sent these messages late last night and I was going to leave well enough alone, turn the other cheek and ignore you.  But against my better judgement I am responding because you decided to once again be gross on twitter today by saying that older Larries should go spend more time taking care of their children. So here I am breaking my own rules.

I have so many points to make but I think I’m going to just go about this in the order of things you brought up.

1) “I find it a bit funny that people act like /I/ am the one thinks I know Louis.”  

Honey. Please. You go on and on about how Louis knows you and how he recognizes you and how he chooses to talk on the phone to you over taking pictures with other fans, even if you don’t think you know Louis you most certainly want people to think that.  This is all your doing.  Sadly I do think Louis knows you since you stalk him, but it is because he is probably terrified by you, definitely disgusted by you, and without a doubt using you to spread the lies he needs out there.  

2) “In reality, stalkers (your term, not mine.  I am not a stalker) are not stupid as you all think.  We just simply accept what we are told because we know it’s none of our business either way.”

See the thing is stalker isn’t a term I’ve made up, it’s a part of the English language and you fit the definition to a tee.  So lets review.  A stalker is a “person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person” or “a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.”  So yes you are without a doubt by both definitions of the word 100% a stalker, and I will continue to call you as such.  

Ahh the ability to blindly accept what one is told in the face of all evidence to the contrary.  What a problem to have.  The fact that you simply accept what you are told when you have been slapped in the face over and over again with evidence to the contrary only shows me how stupid you actually are.  I would be so incredibly embarrassed if I just accepted what I was told, yet that is the thing you choose to hang your hat on.  

I find it interesting that you chose to bring up that it is none of your business.  Because that is an interesting point coming from you. Please clarify for me where exactly your business begins and where it ends.  Does your business include stealing Louis British Airways account number?  Does your business include then using that information to be able to track his flights and letting your friends and paps know when he will be arriving/departing places?  Does your business include announcing the birth of the child you think he fathered?  Does your business include stealing his friends phone? Does your business include Oliver? Does your business include updating other people on his whereabouts?  Does your business include hiding out to spy on him and following his car around? So please do tell what exactly covers your business.  I’ll wait.

4) “Who Louis is dating (whether it be Danielle, Harry, etc.) doesn’t effect me. So why question?”

If that is true does the same standard apply to Harry?  Because if it does why did you need to talk to Xander to question what his relationship with Harry was?  Was the dick pic you got in return reward enough for you? 

5) “I also just want to add that One Direction is not my entire life :) In fact, I’m not even in LA at the moment! I’m going to school literally all the way across the country. I go on my update account in my freetime (much like you probably go on this blog..however I go on my update account considerably less so not sure how me having it makes my life revolve around 1D?) I am a fan of lots of other things. 1D isn’t everything.”

Good, I am legitimately glad you have other interests.  That is healthy.  How about you don’t passive aggressively judge the amount of time you think I spend though?

6) “Please learn this and please stop talking about me.”

How about we make a deal?  You stop treating Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall like they are zoo animals to be observed. You stop misleading people. You stop stalking people or enabling other people to stalk them. You stop demeaning groups of people. When you do all of those things then I will stop talking about you.  Until then I will continue to make it clear how disgusting your behavior is and how it should in no way be condoned.

Shingeki no Kyojin: Chapter 53; my thoughts about what I think is important and what others think is important.

This is driving me nuts.

There are a lot of remarkable things in SnK’s latest chapter, and I have read a lot of comments about this matter, and now I want to write my own thoughts on the chapter and about other people’s thoughts. So here we go, this is going to be pretty long so I will organize it by subject with numbers, no order.

1. The title

“They are idiots, but they are MY idiots" 눈w눈 Heichou has faith in his idiots. Not important, just cute.

2. Eren’s abs


I saw many posts about them and it is like, seriously, of ALL the things that happened in the chapter this is what impressed you the most? 

Get over it. They are not important.

And Levi’s are better _

3. Cowboy Jean

 Haha not really important I just wanted to bring it up. He looks funny ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Oops, I see no difference ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

4. Sleeping Beauty Eren

 I feel you.

5. Eren can’t get hard

Hahaha, very funny 눈_눈 and this only works in English, I read the chapter in Spanish first and I didn’t get the joke until I saw all the comments on tumblr about it.

6. Levi’s vision of the world and Hanji explaining it

Wow, I believe this is important in Levi’s character. He is talking about himself; he is talking A LOT about himself, his feelings and his vision of the world, and his desire of freedom. And Levi’s thoughts are a lot like Eren’s. I think this means Levi is more confident with these people, especially with Eren; he is basically talking to him. Levi is talking about this because he wants to remind Eren that THIS is their goal, this freedom outside the walls, and he also wants Eren to know that although it’s a shame that he can’t harden his titan skin like Annie, it is NOT his fault, and that he is still being helpful.

"Do you understand? Everywhere inside these walls, a cistern smell hangs in the air…. but the air I smelled outside the walls was different…. There is a freedom there which is unlike the walls that surround us” Translation: “We HAVE to get out of here, Eren, this isn’t our place; humans don’t belong inside these walls. We need to achieve this and you are our hope. You can’t crystallize your skin like Annie? That’s ok. And it doesn’t matter that you’ve tried, because you CAN’T do it and there’s nothing you can do about it. Now we have to focus on what you CAN do to help.”

And then this:


Look at Levi’s face…. “Yeah but I was talking about my feelings too, you know?” I just love how expressive he is in this chapter ◤◡ᴥ◡◥

7. Grisha was eaten by Eren

 What Eren writes as a titan strongly suggests that he ate his father. That would explain why Grisha is missing. He is or was an important medic, and he traveled through the walls, if he is still alive someone must have recognized him. He just disappears without a trace. So he is very good at hide and seek or he is dead. 


 Here in English we can complete the sentence like “My father was eaten by me” and then it makes sense that Eren looked very sad about it.

 Maybe in his titan form he has access to memories that are normally blocked. Maybe the more he transforms, the more he’ll remember.

 In Spanish is the same… Here the phrase can be completed like “Mi padre fue comido por mí” and it’s exactly the same meaning. I’m comparing it because this could mean that it’s not a translation coincidence, this is meant to be like that.

 This is also linked to the theory in which all titans are humans and they eat humans looking for a titan shifter so they can regain consciousness and become titan shifters. Ymir said that she was unconscious for about 60 years until she ate Berik, who may or may not have been a titan shifter. And then it makes sense that Eren lost consciousness when Grisha injected him, and then Eren ate Grisha and regain the control of the titan body and became a shifter. But what about Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt? They ate a titan shifter too? And what about the very first titan shifter, who did he ate to regain his consciousness after the transformation? There are lots of holes in that theory and I think we can’t speculate more for now.

8. Historia

Another non-important thing but I wanted to talk about it.

She has been so grim without Ymir! I hope they will have a beautiful reunion. And I pray to any god, or angels, or demons or whatever that could listen to me: that Isayama don’t kill one of them and make the other watch it.

9. How to train your titan

 And again, this isn’t important. It’s just cute ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

10. Horse face

Yeah…. not much more to say about it.

11. Levi is an idiot, he said it himself

 So… he thinks that those who believe in Erwin and his plan are idiots. He believes in Erwin’s plan, therefore HE is an idiot. He knows it, and he accepts it. I just wanted to say that ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

12. I don’t get this, somebody please explain it to me

This scene. I don’t get it. Is this important or random?

In this point Levi is clearly not listening to the man talking to him

And he pays attention to this woman. She has a skirt so I assume she is a woman but she’s also really ugly or old and maybe is a man in drag, I don’t know. …why? Does he know her? Is she important? Does she remind him of something? Does he pity her? Does her presence mean that the horse cart is coming? I really don’t get it. I have no theories for it, just those vague speculations. I do believe that Isayama puts everything for a reason, and that every detail has its meaning, either subtle or important, so she must mean something, I just don’t get it because I’m stupid

13. Ships

I don’t mean to offend anyone with this part, I respect everybody’s ships, but you all have to admit that ships causes pretty funny reactions in their fans and even some of them are almost ridiculous. And I include myself here. This is part of what makes it funny and enjoyable ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Let’s all just accept that ships are very stupid, but we all love them anyways. And everybody’s ships deserve to be respected.

  • Let’s talk about Ereri

I saw this post more than once. OMG HE’S ON EREN’S BED OMGOMG. 

I do ship Ereri, and I don’t understand why Levi sits on the other bed to talk… maybe to be closer to Eren’s face when he talks to him, I don’t know.

But all ships aside, Levi really cares about Eren; he cares about all of his idiots, but specially Eren. Not just because he is humanity’s last hope, but also because he is almost Eren’s guardian, he took full responsibility for him. Levi and Eren act different around each other than they do around others. I’m not going to start talking endlessly about this ship, I’m just going to say that Levi never talks about himself, and after this scene he explains to Eren all his thoughts about these walls and the outside world just like that. Levi cares about his shitty brat, not romantically, not yet but he cares a lot I know it and he would be devastated if he ever have to deliver on his promise to kill him if he loses control of his titan body.

  • Let´s talk about Rivamika

 Same here. OMG SHE CARES ABOUT HIS WELL BEING SHE LOVES HIM!!! Before I continue, I don’t ship this, but after reading the chapter for the fourth or fifth time I noticed that this is not all. In fact, in Trost they are side by side, even when the horse cart came Mikasa didn’t leave Levi’s side and she jumps to the same side that he does. So there is more than just this for you to ship them.

 Now, ships aside, it’s obvious that they are going to be almost always close to each other from now on, because Mikasa (being the strongest after Levi) is now practically Levi’s right hand. Levi is humanity’s strongest and Mikasa is the best of her generation and a real prodigy in battle, they make a fearsome team. And in this particular scene is not that she cares about him (well, of course she does, but not in a selfless way), she asks him about his ankle because maybe, MAYBE SHE FEELS GUILTY BECAUSE IT’S HER FAULT THAT HUMANITY’S STRONGEST SOLDIER IS INJURED NOW AND NOT AT HIS 100%

  • Let’s talk about Jearmin

How about NO?

This is not funny.

They are both terrified, and this is not a laughing or shipping matter. If it ever crossed your mind that this is arousal on Jean’s face then you are disgusting. (I say this because I saw a post about that)

Don’t make jokes about this.



And for those who think why Jean isn’t helping Armin? : Seriously? But… SERIOUSLY? He can’t fucking do anything, as soon as they get discovered they are dead. He is powerless here.


14. Little Levi

I guess they thought that humanity’s strongest soldier was more imposing.

 I would do this very same thing if I could. But I can’t, because I’m shorter than Levi (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

He looks like a kid and I just love it ◤◡ᴥ◡◥

15. Erwin and that guy’s conversation (Nile? Nail? Whatever…)

“Do you know about that incident?” about Nick’s death…

He knows

He fucking knows everything

So basically Erwin is trying to convince him to cooperate with them. An ally in the military police would be very helpful.

Trying to make him think…

“I’m just a pawn”

Now… this is interesting…

Oh my god! Erwin is straight! This is very, VERY meaningful. This could mean two different things: 1° Erwin is trying his very best to manipulate Nail. Reminding him of their friendship, of the things they shared. He is trying to sound desperate, this really sounds like his last confession to his old friend, like <I’m going to die soon if you don’t do something right now>, this is the most obvious thought, we know Erwin, we know he is capable of anything. 2° Isayama is trying to make us feel empathy for Erwin, this is not my theory, I read it somewhere but I can’t remember where, sorry. But basically Hajime Isayama is a cruel god, we know that, he wants us to care for Erwin, he is telling us that he is just a human, that he can love, that he can suffer, that he isn’t the cold blooded man that we have seen until now, he wants us to care about him just to kill him mercilessly. And if that’s the case, Erwin himself knows that his time is close. 

 I don’t know what to believe right now, it’s too soon. We need to give it time. For now I leave this unanswered.

16. SHE

This is IT. The newest mystery (as if we needed more)





 If I’m completely honest, the first time I saw this page I immediately thought that this was Eren. Now, before you make fun of me, I have my reasons. In the first place, you can’t deny the resemblance between them. 

I don’t know whatwhy or when this happened (and I don’t know which of these questions is the most important) but for several hours I firmly believed that this beautiful lady was in fact, Eren Jaeger. 

 I have seen a lot of theories, and I think about 3 of them: 

  1. She is an unknown girl from the Reiss family
  2. We are looking at a young Carla Jaeger
  3. She is, somehow, Eren.

 Now, for the first one, the arguments are that Eren himself thought about Historia when he remembered this. The girl does look like her, the eyes precisely. The Reiss family is proven to be even more important than the king himself, so believing that this unknown girl is a member of that family is very reasonable. So the girl looks like Eren and Historia at the same time, this could mean that Eren is somehow related to the Reiss family. If they are all relatives they must look alike in some way, right? Historia and the girl have the same eye shape, we don’t know if she has blue or green eyes, but let’s not forget that Historia got his hair and eye color from her mother, which wasn’t a Reiss, so as far as we know the Reiss family could be characterized by people with dark hair and green eyes. As far as we know, maybe Historia doesn’t look like a member of the Reiss family, and maybe Eren does.

 For the second one, we continue on with the thought that Eren is related to the Reiss family, and this time we believe that Carla Jaeger is a Reiss. Maybe a bastard child like Historia, forced to run and change her name. This might be a really early memory from Eren, a memory of her young mother living as a Reiss.

 And the third is just based on the resemblance and the fact that this is Eren’s memory.

 I desperately tried to find something in that image that could give me a hint, anything. God, I can’t wait a whole month to know more about her. For the things in the background you can clearly see that this is a rather rich girl, probably living in the center, inside of wall Sina, this just helps the theory that this is in fact a Reiss. After a long time of looking for something that isn’t there, I realize that the most important, the most meaningful thing about that picture, is the first thing you see, the most obvious thing, that thing that is not there just for whim (I already told you that I firmly believe that Isayama puts everything for a reason). The most important thing about this is, in my humble opinion, the fact that this girl is looking at herself in a mirror. Perhaps you have already realized this, and now you think I’m an idiot for taking so long to see it. (I mean, I immediately realize that she was looking at herself in a mirror, it’s no mystery, but it took me some time to realize how important that is) But let me tell you why I think this is so important.

 This is a memory. This is in Eren’s memory. And the girl is looking right at her eyes in the mirror. So this means that she could not possibly be Carla, or anyone besides Eren. If this is Carla, or anyone else, and Eren remembers to be looking at the same mirror in which this woman was looking at herself, then the girl would have been looking away from “the camera”. But she is like, looking right at you, the reader, which means that the owner of this memory must be the same owner of this reflection on the mirror.

 This is NOT Carla.

 So this could actually be Eren, I don’t know how, but it’s a possibility, as stupid as it sounds. After all, it’s Eren’s flashback about looking into a mirror, and this girl returned the gaze at him. 

 This doesn’t mean than this girl couldn’t be an unknown Reiss member. But this would imply that somehow Eren has a fragment of this girl’s memory. It would imply that they somehow managed to bottle the memories of this girl, and injected them into Eren’s mind. Or it could imply that there is a kind of people who has their own memories database, and that anyone in this group can access to this base of memories. Maybe she is or was a titan shifter, and all titan shifters could have some kind of base of information, and they are all connected in some unknown magical way. I don’t believe this. I don’t like to believe this. It’s too complicated and magical. How is Isayama going to explain that it’s possible to implant someone’s memories in somebody else’s mind? We are talking about humans, not machines; you can’t just download information to a brain. 

 So I choose not to believe that, I don’t like to believe that, it bothers me that the answer is so overcomplicated and magical. Is easy just to say “she is an unknown Reiss member”, but it’s not that easy to explain why the fuck Eren has this memory if it’s not his.

 There is no solid theory about this girl, in fact, every possibility about her identity are highly unlikely. I already said why I don’t want to believe that this is an unknown Reiss member, but the hypothesis about her being Eren is much more confusing than it seems. Think for a moment that this is actually Eren. Now, the why of this situation is a very disturbing thing to think of, but I think that the when is more important. She is clearly not a child, she is a young woman, Eren spent two years just with Armin and Mikasa, then they join the academy and now, at his 15, he is part of the Survey Corps. So, WHEN does this happened? No answer. And at first I thought that she was exactly as Eren with long hair and long eyelashes, but if you look closely, her eye shape and her eyebrows are slightly different from Eren’s.

 Is this really Eren? Why is he looking at himself as a girl? Another life?  A parallel universe? A twin sister who has a mystical connection to Eren so that’s how he can see her memories in his mind? If it’s not Eren… who the hell is she? And why does Eren has her memories? As I said before, every possibility about her identity are highly unlikely. But this is what I got for now.

 I could be wrong. I could be TOTALLY wrong about EVERYTHING. But this is my situation now, sanity: almost lost.

There. It’s done. Now I’m relieved. Now I can survive until next chapter.

Unexpected Things The Signs Do
  • Aries: Raising of the voice ('I'm not yelling!')
  • Gemini: Talking until eternity.(sleep talkers are all Gemini. I don't care if you're another sign and you sleep talk. You're secretly a Gemini. They can't stop and they won't stop.)
  • Cancer: The judgement is real. Idk if you're really judging me or not but that look says otherwise js.
  • Leo: Snapping at you. I swear people are like Aries is scary but then you get Leo and I'm like whahhhttt? The lion is true they're def King.
  • Virgo: Never lose an argument. They're legit so smart and make great for the debate team.
  • Libra: They're kinda scarily intimidating. I've mistaken like 10 libra males for Aries cause they're so scary and I'm like stahp. Please.
  • Scorpio: Death Glares out of no where. Killer bitch face.
  • Sagittarius: THE COME BACKS ARE ACTUALLY REAL! Sometimes they're so stupid they're funny and other times they're puns and then it's just like oh shit she went there.
  • Capricorn: SASSSSSS!! It's scarily beautiful. Put a cap, a sag and a Virgo together on the debate team. It'll either be hella good or like "NUH UH!! I'M RIGHT, YOU BITCH!"
  • Aquarius: If they don't like you, they will have like 0 respect for you so like it's kinda scary. They will be salty af and like killing you.
  • Pisces: When there's a fight Pisces has 3 levels depending on your other signs, "CHILL!!", *laughter*, or *cries* idk which is more unexpected but uhh...
  • ~sag girl (and like Scorpio boy for Aquarius over FaceTime and he just really wanted his name on here so bam bitch you know I love you cause your name is here)

Day 31: All-Time Favourite Pokemon



I remember seeing it when it was first revealed and thinking it looked like a funny rocking chair and it even rocked back and forth in its animation. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, even though it felt like a bonus over Togetic. I never liked Togetic’s design very much. 

ANYWAY I always had bad luck with togepi/togetic/togekiss. I wanted girls, but I either got boys or got girls with Hustle. And that went over my head. I was SO STUPID about natures and abilities and EV-training. NEVER EV-trained in my life, it’s something I want to fix for X/Y. I only saw natures as just.. a thing a Pokemon had. It didn’t affect the way it battled, it just meant I had a “naughty” Pokemon or a “jolly” one, and it was just.. “oh that’s cute my Pokemon is a bit timid, I’ll try to take care of it so it’s not so timid anymore”, I was that dumb. And it extended to abilities. It was just.. a thing that was there I guess. That’s cool! Sometimes they create sandstorms! Cool!!

I assumed Togekiss was a relatively weak Pokemon, but I felt too drawn to it that I wanted to have it in my team. AND I FOUND OUT YEARS LATER THAT IT WAS APPARENTLY A BEAST????? 

I looked at my Soul Silver and finally noticed.. hustle. I remember being traded a girl Togepi once and I was excited and the person was apologetic because she had Hustle and I was like i DON’T CARE IT’S A GIRL TOGEPI I’M SO FREAKEN EXCITED.


I didn’t know! But I realised that I just.. wanted it SO BADLY in my team. I think I have two girl Togekiss, BOTH WITH HUSTLE. FROM DIFFERENT GAMES. 

I want to get a proper serene grace girl Togekiss one of these days >8( 

But augdhgkdfhsd it’s so great. ITS LITTLE CRY. ITS LITTLE EVERYTHING. I drew to like it so much more over time and I CAN’T EXPLAIN WHY. IT STILL SEEMS LIKE A WEIRD ROCKING-CHAIR TO ME. 

but then i saw this




awueshfdskdfhsdkf it’s my favourite

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I love how all you 'trans' people live online lol, so fake it's pretty funny. Gender is such a stupid concept, it's just sex and that's it. You're either female or male or you're a genetic error.

I must not leave. As soon as I go offline, I enter the nethersphere, the dark void between reality and existence. I exist, but I am not real. Do I breathe? Do I feel? It’s cold, dark. I can touch reality, briefly, a bare glance of my fingers across a cool, slippery surface, like glass. It gives under my touch and becomes liquid, like dipping your hand into a lake. Crystal clear, like my fingers will touch the pebbles at the bottom at any moment, but I keep going and going. It swallows my arm, my head, my body follows.

I am online. I touch the data streams and navigate to tumblr. I dread the next power cut.

Comebacks against homophobia

-“The thought of two guys having sex, it just makes me sick!”
Well the thought of your fat ass plowing some chick doesn’t get me off either.

-Homophobe: Adam and Eve, not Steve!
Me: its homosapiens not heterosapien 

-dude: “Two girls kissing is gross.”
you: “You may want to rethink your orientation, because it’s very common for straight guys to dig it…”

- “thats so gay”
You: Yes, it is happy, thank you.
Homophobic person: What?
You: Well, you meant happy, didnt you? Because, nothing about _____ points to one’s sexual orintation.
Homophobic person: (Im stupid and confused now)
You: (walk away)

- fuck you nasty dyke !
Don’t be mad just because I don’t love you back.”

-Homophobe saids something:
“It’s funny how gays can spot other guys in public!” or “Your gaydar is very good. 

-Why don’t you like girls? 
Im allergic to nuts

does someone else know something too? Then leave a comment below and maybe I will use t for the next one :D 


Summary: Yoongi and Hoseok both like you. It’s February 14!
Length: 1769 Words
Type: Fluff
Members: Yoongi, Hoseok, Reader, (____)

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You are always someone he decided would be in his vision at any time of the day, or at least, in the few hours that the two of you were at the same place at the same time. He needs to see you there, to make sure you were a part of reality and not just a scrap of his wishful thinking - that he hadn’t thought you, a beauty, from the lyrics in his head or the poetry in the classic literature books, to confirm that he was not capable of thinking up a person like you.

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Honestly, you're not funny. Your video's suck and its like you trying to be like every other youtuber out there. If you want to succeed, do something original. You look awkward and dumb and as funny as you think you are, you're not. So either find something original or just stop. Also, I'm unfollowing you because you started these stupid video's and I don't want to since I like everything else you post, but those videos have to stop...

It’s okay because I know my intentions and I’m not trying to be like every other youtuber. I make videos in the hopes to make someone’s day just a little bit better. I’m sorry that you don’t personally enjoy them but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.