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I had the funniest thought about your Bill comic. Like, since Ford got to see so many variations, if he kept coming at Bill with hateful comments about him being with Dipper... Maybe that would put a clever little strategy into Bill's head, and Bill starts jokingly 'going for Dipper' but then that could either create a hilarious situation where it actually does happen in his own world (once Dipper is a nice age), or it LOOKS like it actually happened (but hasn't), sending Ford into distress. XD


Dipper doesn’t agree, but of course that doesn’t stop Bill from doing it anyway…

“PS yes those are fangs on the stem and it will develop a taste for human flesh if it bites you. Be careful, my love! <3”

Ford doesn’t take it well

The Move

Author: @thebeautifultimesofladybrooklynn

REID X READER Written for a prompt! Spencer is either scared or upset and the reader comforts him. I gave him a little of both :) Feminine pronouns used, my apologies if that’s not correct. Happy reading!

The Move

Spencer was shaking. He tried to regulate it as much as he could, but his mind had lost its ability to control his body.

As he watched Morgan sitting on the edge of his girlfriend’s desk, smiling and laughing, Spencer felt the urge to get up, walk over to them, and publicly announce his relationship. The rules against fraternization were the only reason he hadn’t told anyone already, but those rules didn’t seem to stop Morgan from fraternizing with (y/n).

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Daisuga (NSFW/Omegaverse)

I told myself to get over my embarrassment, finish this fic and post it. Might as well get over it, right. 

Don’t read this if you don’t like nsfw and omegaverse and breeding kink and fluids and unbeta’d works. Srsly. 

So sorry. I’m on mobile so.


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A Barson Valentine's Day by A Magical Shipper

Title: A Barson Valentine’s Day
Author: @amagicalshipper
Rated: T
Prompt: Tease
Summary: Barba struggles to create the perfect first Valentine’s Day for he and Liv.
A/N: Written for the Barson Valentine’s Day Fic a Thon on Tumblr. This can be read with my other Barson holiday stories or as a standalone.

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Yo. this is BLOWING my mind. If you actually read ACoTaR and were like “omg sexual abuse”, I am going to assume  you’re either exceptionally stupid or haven’t looked into ANY of the characters NEARLY enough. Rhysand NEVER abused Feyre in any shape or form. He had her dance for him so she could get out of her cell. He had her drink the wine so she wouldn’t have to remember doing those things in front of Tamlin. He had her do it in front of Tamlin to work up his rage so he’d be angry enough and powerful enough in that rage to take down Amarantha when the time came. He literally states this. He never touched her beyond her arms and waste. And again, he literally states that even though he wanted to, he didn’t. I’m defending those actions, but I really shouldn’t have to, since none of those would even be considered sexual abuse in real life.

This next one is the closest to sexual abuse as it gets, but should be the easiest one for people to figure out. Of course, it seems to be the hardest. The forced kiss. Amarantha would have killed Tamlin AND Feyre if she had caught them kissing in that hallway. Rhysand knew this, just like he knew that Feyre was their only shot at being free of Amarantha’s reign. He shooed Tamlin off and when Amarantha came, and started kissing her himself so Amarantha would think that the smudged paint was from him. She wouldn’t care or be surprised that the “whore” was kissing the human. 

The only time that he ever came close to abusing her was when he twisted that piece of glass into her arm, but if you think about it, that was the only way to show Feyre that he was serious, that he meant business. She wouldn’t have been persuaded to take the deal that would later save her life (and the lives of many others) if he had coddled her.

Y’all SERIOUSLY need to look into your characters more. READ RHYSAND’S DEFENSE POST BY XNIGHTWOLFX!! PLEASE!! And read her post called “The Difference Between Rhysand and Tamlin”. They explain what I just did and more. I know how you guys are feeling. I felt the same way about him at first. But you cannot just trash on characters you obviously know nothing about. After I looked into Rhysand further, I realized how good and complex of a character he really was. Either research him as well and THEN form your opinion, or stop making posts about him.

A message from a Neutral Party

Everyone who comes across this, please just take a second and breathe. Think. Clear you mind or something. With all of the discourse that’s been going on, you could use a few seconds to yourself.

Now, onto the point of this post.

This is going to be about the Pewdiepie discourse, so you can either keep scrolling or, if you want to read it, please read the whole thing. No matter what side you’re on, I would never take just part of your opinion.

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reading this 1972 letter from john is making me angry at him all over again. He could be such an unmitigated fucking cunt sometimes. “Who shat all over us in public?” uh, you did, John, or were you too fucking whacked on heroin to remember? You drags the shit out of Paul for umpteen paragraphs and then “no hard feelings to you either.” Oh fuck you, John. And that bit, “two years is the usual time it takes you–right?” Like that was not necessary. Oh, my bff didn’t take this terrifying and literally mind-altering drug with me for two years even with me constantly bitching him out for it, my life is so hard! Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get the fuck over it, John.

Also I love how oblivious you are to your own bullshit hypocrisy. It’s totally okay for you to read into RAM and find hidden digs from Paul. But the minute Paul starts taking the most blatant “fuck you” written into song seriously, it’s all bluster and bluff and “don’t take it so literally.” Paul took “How Do You Sleep” literally because that’s how you meant it, you fucking small-minded fool. Stop acting like such a child and own up to your bullshit.

  • Simon: *reads Baz' thoughts*
  • Baz internally: Kiss him or kill him? On one hand I could kiss him, on the other hand I could bite him... I don't want him to die, but he looks so delicious but I also want to kiss him maybe he doesn't mind it but oh, who am I fooling, he'll kill me either way... oh he's looking in my direction, now what? Kiss him or kill him? Haha as if I'd kill him, but biting doesn't sound so bad... so bite or kiss? Kiss or bite? KISS OR BITE? WHAT DO I DOOO??
  • Simon: WHAT THE FUCK
  • Baz:
  • Simon:
  • Baz:
  • Simon: K I S S M E
Baking Cupcakes

   author: Alexa

warnings: Gabe’s a pretty bad baker in this one.

A/N: So I know that I have been pretty inactive lately, but I had to take every single standardized test in Pennsylvania ( Keystones and PSSA’s). Then I have to study for finals, and help out with counting the money from our school’s Mini-thon (which was in like March, but we are still collecting it). But, my science fair is over, and I got a 99 on it, so that’s really good.


           You should have known that baking cupcakes with an archangel was going to get messy. You also knew that there was no way around it. He would have probably just read your mind and pop in demanding to help you. You wouldn’t have been able to win either way. At least this way you could make him clean up afterwards. Honestly, you had never seen such an all knowing being be so confused.

              Already, you had stopped him from adding the salt instead of the sugar, and instead of adding   1 ¾ table spoon baking soda, he almost added 1 ¾ CUP. If you hadn’t been there it would have been a disaster.  Gabriel would just play it off and somehow find some way to blame it on you. It would have been exhausting if you didn’t find something amusing. This thing just happened to be the varied baking ingredients on his face.

              You were pretty sure he knew that they were there and just kept them there for your amusement. No matter the case, it kept you happy and smiling.

Gabriel loved your smile. Most of the time, you smiled with your teeth and it made your entire face light up. It was a truly beautiful sight and he couldn’t help but to stare. Sometimes you caught him, and he would quickly laugh to himself before going back to the baking. Twice now he made mistakes that you had to stop him from adding. How was he supposed to know that it wasn’t sugar he was adding when he was paying attention to you?

You were having the same problem. You couldn’t focus and you were sure you would have read the recipe wrong if you didn’t have it memorized. You baked these cupcakes so many times before that you could have made them in your sleep if you wanted to.
              After a few more mix-ups you finally got the cupcakes  baked and on the table. Now you just needed to frost them when they cooled. Of course, Gabriel was super impatient and just snapped his fingers so that they were cold enough to put the icing on. Gabriel probably would have cheated with that to if you hadn’t stopped him from doing so.

Gabriel thought it was cute that you hadn’t noticed the icing on your cheek. He knew that he had ingredients on his face too, but he had read your mind and knew that you found it adorable. The things he would do just to see you smile.  He would make fun of himself twenty-four seven if it meant you were smiling at the end of it.

Sure, the cupcakes might have almost been a disaster, but you were laughing and you were happy, and there is no possible way that that is a disaster. The world might have been ending, but your’s (and his) was just beginning.

Long SU Prediction!

Hopefully everybody was able to see the titles for S4 of SU. Here are my predictions as to what the plot lines could be (excluding Kindergarten Kid and Know Your Fusion):

🛇Buddy’s Book: Steven finds a book/diary belonging to somebody in Beach City and tries to give it back to them.
•🛇Mindful Education: Steven learns more about either the Gem War, Rose’s past, Homeworld life, etc.
•Future Boy Zoltron: Ronaldo watches a new anime.
•Onion Steven: Two Possibilities, Steven reads/controls Onion’s mind like he did with Lars or Steven and Onion find ways to relate more.
•Lion 4: The Prequel: Hopefully we’ll finally find out who/what Lion is.
•Unbubbled: Corrupted Jasper escapes her bubble and causes havoc.
•Mindception: Steven controls the minds of characters within his own dreams.
•Steven’s Army: Knowing Homeworld will send more soldiers to attack, Steven makes sure the Crystal Gems will have reinforcements.
•Gal Pals (my favorite title so far): Either an episode focussing more on Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship or Periodot and Lapis’ relationship.
•Gem Harvest: I’m not entirely sure, but we may learn why Peridot was worried the gems would do this to her.
•Gem Grade: We learn about the Gem’s placement on Homeworld.
•Keep Beach City Weirder: Ronaldo “accidentally” predicts more Gem Heirarchy facts.
•Last One Out of Beach City: The Crystal Gems are caught/taken to Homeworld.
•Monster Crew: We see how Centipeedle has been now that she’s with her fellow crew.
•Space Rubies: NERDS IN SPACE
•Camp Pining Gems: Lapis and Peridot have different opinions on the show they both love and fight about it (sound familiar).
•Capture the Wag: Honestly, I have no clue. Maybe something to do with Dogcopter.
•Home Run: Another Earth v Homeworld Baseball episode?
•Cellmates: After the events of Last One Out of Beach City (since episodes after that sound like they don’t focus on the Crystal Gems) we see the Gems in prisons at Homeworld. Maybe Jailbreak 2.0
•Kindergarten K-625: Homeworld begings colonizing Earth again.
•Era 2wo: The new Kindergarten succeeds.
•Howlite of the Hour: New Gem!
•Escape to Mask Island: The Gems break free of Homeworld’s prison (with help from Howlite?) and hide on Mask Island (which is also Watermelon Island).
•Shattered: Two dark scenarios, we get more insight on Rose’s betrayal or one of the Crystal Gems gets shattered.

Remember, some of these episodes could be fakes, my only source is from a post here on Tumblr, I hope you enjoyed these none the less!