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Hello graphic makers!! You’re probably aware that there is a huge problem on tumblr with whitewashing. Or maybe you’re not. As a predominantly disney-based blogger, the whitewashing I personally see are from the disney fandom, so I’m going to use screencaps from those movies to show you several quick techniques so you’ll see just how easy it is to have your pretty bright and pastel colour palettes and not whitewash characters of colour.

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College AU. Oliver is on the baseball team and needs Felicity to tutor him to stay on the team. Or established Olicity watching baseball and Felicity is feeling frisky and distracting Oliver from the game.

(Went with the first idea–thanks!)

Only an ungrateful douchebag would throw his equipment around.  But after that meeting with his coach, Oliver Queen was ready to start throwing bats.

Why did it matter if he was flunking his computer science class?  He didn’t even know why he had registered for it in the first place.  He was a ballplayer and wouldn’t ever need computers to do his job.  Because when he got to the majors, there would be interns to do all the computery stuff for him.  

But if he didn’t pass his class with at least a C, he would be benched.  And with the draft coming up soon, he needed all the playing time he could get.  

So … he would meet this tutor that the coach had set up for him, and he’d find some way to get the damn C, and then he was gonna get drafted and go pro and be done with college.  A year was more than enough.

His hair still wet from his post-practice shower, wearing jeans and one of his jerseys, Oliver walked into the library with his backpack.  His tutor was going to meet him here–some nerd named Felicity.  Man, it was like she was destined to be a nerd with a name like that.  

“Oliver Queen?”

The voice was soft and feminine, making Oliver’s mouth quirk up.  Maybe he had gotten lucky?

“That’s what the name on my jersey says,” he began, turning to face his tutor.  Only he had to immediately look lower by about six inches, since Felicity barely came up to his shoulder.  And his hopes were quickly dashed when he took her in.  A sweater vest?  Glasses?  Couldn’t Coach have gotten him a girl who was actually pretty?  Although maybe he was worried about Oliver being distracted–or seducing his tutor.  

Well, no danger of that here.  On either score.  

She held her hand out to him.  “Felicity Smoak, your comp sci tutor.  Do you have a computer with you?”

“No …” he said slowly.

“How did you expect to work on assignments for a computer science class without a computer?” Felicity asked, a disapproving note in her voice.  

He shrugged and she rolled her eyes.  “Great.  I guess we’re going to the computer lab.  Follow me–I’m sure with all the work you’ve done taking care of your bat, you’ve never even been inside the library.”

Was she … ?  Oliver shook his head and stared after the sarcastic little blonde.  He hadn’t expected her to come out with an innuendo like that–especially not one that doubled as an insult.  With his long legs, he easily caught up with her.  

“So what’s your deal?”

She eyed him without really looking at him.  “My deal?  I have to tutor guys like you in order to afford eating and having a roof over my head.  When it’s someone who’s really struggling, I actually enjoy tutoring.  Getting to help someone improve, seeing them get more confident about the material.  But someone who just doesn’t care?  Excuse me for not thinking that’s cool.”

“It’s not like that …” he said, not even sure why he was protesting.  

“So what is it like?”

Oliver looked down at the tiny annoying thing, how her hands were on her hips and her chin was jutting out.  This Felicity wasn’t like anyone he had ever met before.

“I want to go pro.  So I need to play.  And to play, I need to pass this comp sci class.  So … give me a hand and help me pass the damn class, and then I’ll be out of your hair and you’ll never have to deal with me again,” Oliver said.

Her lips pouted a little, her face thoughtful.  Oliver had a fleeting through that her lips looked very kissable, but he shook it off as he waited for her answer.  

“Okay, I guess,” she said grudgingly.  “But next time, you need to bring a computer, okay?  I mean, would you show up to a game without your glove?  It’s the same thing.”

“That makes sense,” he admitted.  “Okay, I’ll bring it.  But for now, can we get started?  I’m really behind.”  

Something about him saying he needed her help made her face soften.  “Yeah, all right.  Let’s get to the lab so I can see how to help.”

Nodding, Oliver followed her the rest of the way, adjusting his backpack.


When he left the lecture hall on the day of the final, Oliver looked around the quad, searching for the only person he wanted to see right now.  

A slow smile grew when he spotted Felicity, tapping away at a tablet and squinting.  With how smart she was, she had finished their comp sci final well before him, but he had known she would wait for him.  The sunshine fell over her, bringing out her hair and making her the brightest thing he had ever seen.  

Over the course of the semester, Oliver had gotten to see beyond her tart tongue and feisty attitude, to the brilliant, tender, caring girl underneath.  The girl who had gotten hurt and had developed a mask to protect herself.  

The girl who had totally changed his own attitude and approach.  The girl who had opened his eyes to so many things.  The girl he had fallen for.  

“Felicity!” he called out, hurrying towards her.

She looked up and a huge smile appeared on her face.  “Oliver!” she said, waving to him.  “How did it go?” she asked as he approached.  

Instead of answering her, Oliver wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off her feet in an all-encompassing, swing-in-a-circle hug, just like in a movie.

“Pass or fail, it doesn’t matter,” he said softly into her ear.  “Because meeting you is the best thing to ever happen to me.”

“Oliver,” she said, pushing at him.  He stopped moving and loosened his grip enough for her to be able to look at him.  “I know you passed, with how hard you worked.  And now, you’ll be able to play and make a good impression on the scouts and get drafted number one.”  

Hesitantly, he reached out and stroked her cheek.  “I’m not going to be the number one pick.”  

Slowly, she licked her lips.  “You are to me.”

“Felicity,” he breathed out, just before he kissed her.  

It turned out that Felicity was right on both counts.  He did pass and he did get drafted number one.  He missed what would have been his third major league game in order to see Felicity graduate.  And then, six years later, he missed his nine hundredth game in order to graduate himself.

And cheering as loud as she did whenever she watched him play was Felicity.  His wife.




this ~sensitive content~ thing is the worst. you’re effectively blocking a TON of kids (mostly LGBT+) from getting sex education as a bunch of sex ed blogs are being flagged. of course theyre being flagged, they’ve got the word “vagina” in it! we can’t have that!

“oh but you can turn it off!” you say. the hell you can, not until you’re 18. by that time, a lot of kids will already have had sex, and if they can’t get resources, unsafe sex. 

“oh but there’s other websites!” you’re telling me that you want children to be put at risk when abusive parents pick through every single website their child visits? for some kids, their saving grace is a dupe account where they post “appropriate” content they can give their parents their email and password to. you know how when u click a blog, it opens up in the side without changing the URL thing at the top? That can seriously be the only way kids have to get any form of an education!

and even for kids like me, who aren’t necessarily in abusive homes but have no other way of getting information easily; do we not matter either? my mom died 4 years ago, literally all of the information I’ve gotten about my body and what’s normal and not normal has been online, and 90% of it from tumblr. Do you know how hard it is to find information on “regular” health sites? I’m either bombarded with health stuff like “the obesity epidemic” (more on that shit in a minute) or sites talking about abstinence. 

do you expect me to just go  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  at anything odd that my body does (idk like funky discharge or a weird feeling in my boob) because there’s no way to contact a health website owner with a specific health question? because my dad doesn’t really have the ability to take time off work to take me to the doctor to ask, which would take all day waiting for, and also would put me in the worst position (”SO what does this discharge mean, doc?”)? because I can’t access health and sex ed tumblrs to send an ask usually answered within a week because they’re “sensitive content”?
why exactly are we fucking over kids in abusive enviroments and girls without sisters or a mother to ask health and sex questions? and especially LGBT+ sex questions: you really think a kid is gonna wanna out themselves to their doctor (and basically their parents if their doctor is conservative :) ) when they want to know if (in a cis lesbian relationship) fingering their girlfriend can give them an STD?

on that note from earlier, about obesity? yeah, a lot of fat-positive blogs post nude submissions; not for people to jerk off to, but to normalize fat bodies; fat tummies, fat butts, fat boobs. As a fat 16 year old girl, stuff like that seriously helped me learn to love my body, that my body isn’t weird or nasty or disgusting. I have not once in my entire life seen a fat girl portrayed as sexy and/or in lingire on TV or in a movie. i have seen plenty of skinny ones, though! and before seeing blogs that exist to promote loving your body, I never realized that I could be that person when I’m older. I’d see my skinny friends and could picture their lives; wearing crops tops, bikinis, whatever they wanted and being sexy AF. I never had the ability to even wonder if I could be that too, until I found blogs that post some NSFW content picturing fat bodies in “sexy” situations; women with cellulite on the beach, women with stretch marks in lingire, women with rolls and sagging breasts as art

blocking “sensitive content” and blogs that post it hurts more people than it helps. if you truly want to help out some people who don’t want porn on their dash, enable a fucking blacklist instead of making people download extentions and shit!! or at least give under-18 people the option instead of cutting us off from thousands of body positivity and health blogs because you decide it’s too sensitive for us when our president talks worse than these blogs are. 

This will probably get ignored, but this is the first time something has upset me this much. You do not get to rip away stuff that, for some of us, was vital in being able to accept ourselves. and for other, vital in being able to access health information without being threatened by parents who keep their kid away from any mention of sex, let alone LGBT+ness. 

Some of us don’t want to abandon our support systems and follower counts in favor of lying about our age on a new account. Blocking sensitive content for underage kids makes absolute 0 sense; we can access porn if we wanted to no matter what, so why impose gross restrictions that don’t do what you want, but instead hurt kids who aren’t doing anything wrong or dirty. 

tl;dr, We don’t want porn, we want body positivity and health and safe sex information without having to abandon our followers and image; so at the very least, stop not letting kids under 18 see sensitive content. give us a choice. 


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Prompt: #16 with Shiro comforting pidge after a mission that scared/upset her. Gen

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

It was the sounds that caught Shiro’s attention.

Peering down the other hall, Shiro frowned.  At this time of night, there shouldn’t have been anything that cause strange noises like that.  From the rec room, Shiro could see just a sliver of light on the bottom, flashing and changing colors rapidly.

Something on TV, then.  Shiro sighed and made his way down that way.  Hopefully, Lance and Hunk hadn’t gotten distracted during one of their movie marathons again.  Neither of them had kept track of the time, and so when Shiro walked in on them at 4 AM, they’d been stunned. And the next morning, they’d both been utter wrecks.

As he moved closer, Shiro realized the odd noises were old school video game sound effects.  When he tapped on the console, the door swung open quietly, and Shiro could see the tops of a couple curls poking over the top.

Pidge, then.

Leaning over the back of the couch, Shiro tapped on the top of her head.  He hadn’t thought he was being particularly stealthy, but the noise of the game must have covered his footsteps, because Pidge jolted and tried to throw the controller in sheer reflex.  It was yanked to a stop from the cord to the console, and instead it fell right back down into the couch.

“Good reaction time, but I’d prefer to see it in the morning,” Shiro joked, lips curled up.

Then he finally met Pidge’s eyes, and saw how red rimmed they were.

Oh, no.

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A/N: This sounds like something my brother would do. Likewise, it also sounds like something Damian Wayne would do. Also, this post has been screen capped because the original post no longer exists.

Tim had long ago learned to trust his instincts. Yes, there was plenty of other training that went into him becoming a nighttime vigilante, but when it came down to it, if you planned on living to see the light of another day, you let your instincts be your guide.

After being holed up in his room for nearly forty-two hours, trying to catch up on the aspect of life known as college dissertations, Tim’s instincts were telling him to follow his nose and eat the source of that tantalizing smell. Never mind that the scent told him it was popcorn and the salt content would be counterproductive to his overall work schedule. More salt meant more water. More water meant more bathroom breaks. More bathroom breaks meant more chances for him to lose his train of thought. But right now, his stomach didn’t care.

The light coming in through the windows was slated, indicating it was either early morning or early evening. Tim wasn’t worried, though. He had set his alarm to warn him when he had four hours before the paper was due.

Creeping quietly into the kitchen, his eyes zeroed in on the black microwave snuggled up next to the fridge, the words ‘YOUR FOOD IS READY’ scrolling across the display screen.

All higher brain functions switched off as Tim practically stumbled forward, yanked open the microwave door, and tore into the bag with a dignity that was more an instinct for self-perseverance when in Alfred’s kitchen.

The popcorn tasted of a brand of pure heaven that had Tim moaning and licking his fingers after each bite. He even went as far as to suck on each unpopped kernel to get the most of the salted, buttery taste. When he thought back over his years in college, he would remember this as the most defining of moments. Nothing would ever top this. Nothing could bring his happiness down right now.

“Don’t start the movie yet, I need to get the popcorn.”

“The popcorn beeped five minutes ago. It’ll be cold and stale. You need to make a fresh batch”

“It was the last bag, Damian. You’re just going to have to deal if you want any popcorn at all.”

Tim’s eyes widened. He lied. His happiness disappeared pretty fast at the sound of his little brother’s voice. Damian’s vice for popcorn during movies was an anal one that none of the boys dared to try and break him of.

Trying not to panic, Tim looked around, trying to think of the best way to dispose of the evidence. He decided on the path of pure denial and quickly reclosed the bag and stuck it back in the microwave, dashing out of the kitchen via the back hallway entrance.

He was already up the stairs and nearly to his room when he heard Damian’s angry voice demanding an explanation from Dick.

He was softly shutting and relocking his bedroom door when the bangs and crashes began.

Eleven hours later, Tim’s warning alarm went off and he printed out three copies of his paper, then emailed one to Bruce, one to Dick, and one to his professor. Two hours later, Tim was gathering up his belongings feeling well-rested and ready to face his class.

Until he opened the bedroom door.

There, pinned to the varnished wood with a modified Batarang, was the popcorn bag from the other night, with the words ‘I KNOW’ scribbled in dark, angry pencil lines. Eyes widening and good mood vanishing once more, Tim’s gaze darted up and down the hall where he swore he saw a sliver of light disappearing from Damian’s bedroom door as if it were being shut.

Not taking any chances at this point, Tim pulled out his phone as he headed down the stairs and sent a text to Jason, asking if he could come visit for the next few days.

…Or weeks.


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Do you have any head canons?

I have literally written 2000 words on the mogami arc alone. If I posted every single one of my headcanons i’d kill everybody’s dash but here are some of my favorites:

-Autistic Mob!!!!

-Autistic Reigen!!!

-Autistic Tome!!!

-Ritsu is afraid of thunder (The sound reminds him of ???% explosion)

See also: Ritsu has seriously sensitive ears and he can hear lightbulbs going out, he can hear dog whistles, and literally a third of the reason why he doesn’t like Reigen is because Reigen has a plug in roach killer in his wall and it makes the most annoying ‘buzzing’ sound ever.


-Shou bribes Ritsu with candy to be his art model among other things

-Shou is very, v e r y touch deprived so he’s constantly trying to hug his friends

-Shou never realizes when he’s actually really fucking sick. He could vomit and still blame it on his allergies making him queasy.

-When Dimple was alive, alive he was a B-List actor who never made it truly big and he’s salty that he never got the recognition he deserved so thats what fueled the ‘i wanna be a god’ thing

See also: Reigen owns…every single one of his movies because thats Reigen’s favorite type of movie….Dimple will never e v e r tell Reigen that hes in all of them.

-Shou is afraid of the dark because bad things happen in the dark. (suprise attacks, bugs, ect…) and he sleeps with a nightlight

-REIGEN!!!! CAN!!!! SING!!!! (three separate links) and he wanted to become a singer when he grew up, but because children are awful little shits he stopped liking his own voice….buuuut….when Mob was getting sleepy on the way back from exorcisms Reigen would hum him a little lullaby so he could sleep easier!!!

-Shou has never ever been to school. Hes had some tutors before but He never got the chance to go to an actual school with actual people and sometimes he spies on Ritsu in his school because he’s kinda interested in the school life.

-Shou has no idea how to interact with kids his age. He talks about kids like hes an adult but really hes a kid too.

-Teru cannot dance. If he says he can hes lying. He can DDR but he c a n n o t d a n c e

-Mob still hangs out with that ghost fam!!!! Also the Saint hoshino girls!!!!

-Teruki never got the talk…..He accidentally saw an ecchi and was so traumatized he avoided girls for a month before he actually tried to figure out ‘wHA  T THE FUC K DID I JUST WATCH’

-Teruki’s favorite series is ____ Precure. He thinks magical girls are cute and he used to want to be one. (He also watched the magical boy anime)


-Shou never got taken to the fucking eye doctor and he needs glasses, and the first time he gets glasses hes like ‘oh…..vision isn’t supposed to be all fuzzy?’

-Teru is a theatre gay™

-When asked what dances he knew Seri did the caramelldansen and asked if it was still relevant….Reigen lost 10 years off of his life because of that.

-Shou doesn’t eat food unless hes has either watched it being made, or made it himself. This behavior concerns Reigen. He’ll eat prepackaged foods but only if he himself buys them or Ritsu or somebody else he trusts gives it to him.

-During the Mogami arc Mob had to eat his food fast or risk it be taken away, and also He didn’t have food at home very often so he’d often be very hungry…This causes him to eat really fast in the real world. He’ll eat an entire plateful of food in less than 5 minutes because hes subconsciously afraid it might get taken away again…

-Seri and Shou have an odd relationship. Sho had a mild distaste for Seri because he was his father’s lapdog…but also Seri has patched him up and cared for him a great number of times….Their relationship improves tenfold once Seri leaves Shou’s father

-Shou hates being in his actual house because its too large and too empty to be a home. 

-Shou started art because it was like therapy.

-mob got into baking and cooking during the mogami arc because he felt like it was something he could do and profit from; however, mogami made sure none of it turned out great. it was always just half decent. but when he tries again out of the arc its actually really freaking good. it isn’t perfect. but its great and everybody who eats it is like ‘holy shit’ where’d you learn this but mob doesn’t know, because everything he’s ever made has been shit


-she’s impressed with muscles because she respects the hard work and determination behind gaining them. and everybody can get muscles right?That’s why she stopped caring about mob’s powers because it really was like impossible for other people to get it and so it grew boring to her-she doesn’t think just 'being great at something’ without the hard work behind being great is great at all idk

-She doesn’t like being forced into situations that’s why she’s so reluctant to be a dimple follower because 'what the fuck, who even is this guy. it’s just a tree. chill.

-hc that she thinks muscles are so cool that she actually decides to work out herself and she does judo 

#secretlyablackbelt jkjk

but she’s pretty good and she likes the productivity of working hard for a goal.

-Tsubomi wears shorts under her skirts.

-Tsubomi is super touchy feely with her friends and she’s always holding hands or leaning on them or hugging them and sometimes she even kisses them!

-somebody asks her out randomly and her response is 'why’ because she’s never even met the dude before



|| MY FIRST POSTED SCENARIO AaHHHhhHH!! please let me know what you guys think pleaseee. ALSO, please request anything, i promise ill do it! - Liz ||

Genre: fluff~

Word count: 2.5k

[(Jjajangmyeon - Korean noodle dish with vegetables along with pork or chicken and very black sauce made from black beans) it can get quite messy because of the dark sauce so when little kids eat it they usually have the sauce all over their shirts and faces]

Originally posted by chimtae

You: Tae, I just made jjajangmyeon and there’s a lot left over so if you and a couple of the boys want to come over and eat it I’m inviting you

Tae: ok I’m omw :)

Once he saw his phone screen light up and realized it was you, he responded immediately.

         Taehyung and you had a thing almost. He liked you so much, and you knew this. You liked him too but you guys weren’t exactly in a relationship. It wasn’t a friend with benefits deal either, you guys weren’t like that (although Taehyung had tried quite a couple of times. Yes.. he was intoxicated to some degree each time but hey, drunk words are sober thoughts huh?) you guys knew you would never see other people right now, you each were each others.. just not labeled as it.

The rest of the boys were off doing whatever they pleased. Jungkook was probably playing video games in his room, Jin and Hoseok were watching tv in the living room, Namjoon and Yoongi were most likely in the studio, working on new pieces for the group. Jimin was probably with Jungkook trying to beat the maknae at overwatch but of course Kook would never let that happen.

The dorm’s atmosphere was a quiet pleasant one. But then it was disrupted.

  As taehyung scrambled in his room to put on a better shirt and clean socks. He always wanted to be presentable for you. Scurrying out of his room and slamming the door behind him, he dashed his way to the front door practically falling over trying to get his shoes on in timely fashion.

     "Where are you going?“ Jin asked, appalled by Taetaes actions. Hoseok joined his hyungs look in amazement.


the boy was in such a hurry it seemed like he was cutting himself off from speaking


“She made jjajangmyeon”

“But you just ate an hour a-” Jin was cut off

“Hyung, I don’t care, I’m hungry again and I want-”

     "Y/n cooked?“ Jungkook peared his head around the corner from his rooms door looking back and forth between his elders on the couch and Tae at the door.

"You can’t have any there’s not enough for another person.” Taehyung stated and before anyone could talk back, he was out the door.

Man, this boy had it in for himself because of you. This caring sweet selfless Taehyung wanted you all to himself and only himself. So much so he almost snapped back at his hyungs. He wasn’t going to share any aspect of you with the rest of the boys or the world, even if it included your cooking.

   Couple minutes later, he arrived at your apartment building and let himself in (he had a spare key he made for himself hah) and as he reached your apartment, he ajusted his clothing, combed his fingers through his hair and checked his breath.. even though he was just about to eat.

                          *knock knock*

“Coming!” You said with a raised voice, just enough for Tae to hear. It was 10 o'clock at night in fact and you, being the sweet thoughtful thing you are♡, always tried your best to not disturb your neighbors.

  Opening the door to a precious grin and a tall handsome boy was always a great feeling.

“Hey.” He cooed looking down at you.

     "Hello.“ You say returning the smile.

You were absolutely beautiful in his eyes. Even though you had your hair up messily, wearing a big t shirt with comfy shorts and walking around in your fuzzy slippers, barefaced, he was in awe.

     He’s seen you so many times like this. All the movie marathons you’ve had. All the times late night adventuring and you both ended up falling asleep when you got back to your apartment. All the times he would wake up on your sofa and you’d be in a outfit just like the one you were in now, cooking breakfast for you each.

He loved it.

As he followed you into the kitchen, a question sprung from your lips and let him out of his gaze and back to reality.

"So were the other boys not hungry?” You wondered. Although you had an answer in mind. You knew how Taehyung worked.

   "Oh, uh- yeah. They were all either alseep or busy practicing.“ He looked away, scratching the back of his head.

  "Ahh I see. Well, I guess it’s just you and me tonight,” you scooped out some noodles into a bowl for him and did the same for yourself.

You sat at the stools at the kitchen counter, it felt too formal to sit at the dinner table, it was more cozy here. You both sat on one side of a corner, he was to your left, not right next to you, but not across from you either. You each took your chopsticks and mixed the noodles up, when a big chunk of sauce hit Taetaes cheek whilst another one landed on his shirt.

     You started giggling and once the surprise was gone from his face he joined you in the laughter.

   He wiped off the black bean paste from his face but went over to the sink only a few feet away from you to try and get the stain out before it could actually stain. He turned on the faucet and you sat there, head resting on hand, elbow resting on table, watching him scrub at the spot. A faint smile brushed along your face watching this etheral boy concentrating so much at his clothing. Good thing it wasn’t one of his Gucci shirts.

“Do you want me to throw it in the washer real quick?” You suggested. “Nah, I don’t have another shirt here anyway. I told you keeping my clothes here would come in handy,” he chuckled.

       Rolling your eyes playfully and answering him , “Who cares, if you wear a different shirt you will probably end up spilling your food on that one too” you joked

  “Yah!! How many times do you have to remind me I eat like a baby whos eating this for the first time. I can’t help that it’s so messy!” he sillily scrunched up his face at you, “besides… I haven’t been working out lately… so I can’t let you see me with out a shirt on. It’s not gonna happen. Nope.”

       You sighed. “I guess you’ll have to scrub at your shirt for a good 20 minutes then.”

“If you help me we can get it done in 10.”

“Wow Tae, that’s not how it works. We can’t clean a tiny spot at the same time.”

   Regardless of what you just said, you got up from your seat and grabbed the towel from his hand before reaching underneath his shirt to bring the stain closer to your other hand. You start caressing the fabric with the cloth, hoping the stain will come out with the right finesse. Now he’s the one observing you. You didn’t know he was, you were the one concentrated, but with you standing so close to him and him looking down at you (you were quite a bit smaller than him) all he could think to do was watch you intently. Even little moments like this were breath taking and he cherished them. After a minute or two of being under his gaze, you finally felt his eyes on you and you suddenly looked up. As this has happened before, meeting eyes that is, he would always turn away quickly, but not this time. This time he stared back into your eyes. You could feel the piercing yet loving feelings behind it but all you could do was freeze when he stared at you like that. The intense staring contest seeming to drag out for what felt like forever. All you could think about, if you could think at all, was about the look in his eyes and how they seemed to stare into you. You felt speechless.

      “Why don’t you sit on the counter” he interrupted

“Huh-” you said, having your attention being brought back to the moment

    “Sit on the counter. You can reach the stain better but you don’t have to keep standing.”

You put down the rag and place your arms at the edge ready to hoist yourself up when his hands met your hips before you could realize and he lifted you up onto the countertop.

   Great. Now your heart was racing and you could feel your cheeks burning. You were definitely blushing alright. Rather hard by now probably.

He didn’t bring attention to it but there was no doubting he saw it.

   Grabbing the rag and quickly looking down towards the floor working on the stain again, you tried to calm yourself. You could feel his eyes still on you with that same intense feeling. Fuck he really knew how to tease you. Wether he was teasing you on purpose or not was always a toss up with Mr. Kim Taehyung. He was a wild card so you never quite knew if he was doing it subconsciously or not.

      He didn’t even know if he was doing it subconsciously or not, he was just doing it. He couldn’t make up his mind wether it was purposeful or not. He just continued his stare.

Time felt so slow. It’d only been 20 seconds since you got on the counter but it felt like 5 minutes. But you liked living in the moment, even if the moment was making you awkwardly nervous.

    A couple seconds later he reached both of his hands and placed them on yours, pushing them down signaling you to stop and look up. He didn’t let go, he kept them huddled in his own hands.

You gathered your breath quickly and once you looked into his eyes again, they changed. They were soft again and he had a faint smile on his face. You honestly were kinda astonished at how quickly that look made you calm down and relax. Seemed like at the snap of a finger your composure changed immediately.

“You ok?” He questioned.

“Yeah, I’m good,” you let out a deep breath and gave him a warm smile, that smile gave him butterflies in his stomach. It felt like hot cocoa on a snowy day. It made his stress and worries he didn’t even know he had melt away. He loved you for that. Yes. He loved you. He knew that before, but he never really truly focused on the statement. It never fully clicked in his mind to the point where he was so aware he was in love. Until this moment.

  As your legs dangled off the counter, he took a step closer in between them to your torso and both of you could feel the emotional warmth radiating from both of your bodies. Your souls even.

You both figured that’s what love felt like. And indeed it was. It was kind of funny to both of you. You guys still weren’t in a relationship. There wasn’t even a good explanation why. You both knew your feelings for one another. You both knew you had a thing. You both knew you belonged to one another. You were his and he was yours. You each never ever thought about being someone else’s and it was a known yet unsaid thing. It was crazy, yet it was the best thing anyone could ask for.

He reached under your chin just ever so slightly and lifted it up in his direction. “You are so perfect.” You closed your eyes and laughed through your nose in response to that remark.

   "What, its true.“ He leaned in just a tiny bit closer to you. Tossing the rag out of his hands into the sink he clasped his hands around the small of your back low enough so they were basically resting on the counter. Safety and comfort were the only words your mind could fathom with his arms around you. He tilted his head to the side, not changing his loving expression and looked back at you.  It’s like you were talking with your eyes. You didn’t quite know the lines but you each knew it was about your love. He broke the silence.

"You are gonna be a great wife. And a great mom. You can already cook and you know how to clean our kids’ clothes when they spill their food on themselves too.”

“..our….kids?” You became alert. “Mhhmm. Our kids.” He responded. “Huh, our kids…” you thought out loud.

      It didn’t take you by surprise as much as it should’ve when he said that. You technically weren’t even dating. Let alone had either of you even said a word about having a future together. Big or small. Not even talking about your mutual feelings out loud. Not that you needed to though.

      As you pondered the thought quickly in your mind you felt Taehyungs fingers back under your chin, bringing your gazes together once more. He leisurely leaned down until his lips were centimeters from yours. He only stopped for a second, long enough for you to feel his breath brush on your lips and register the situation. You didn’t move, not like you were frozen but as in you weren’t running away from it. He pressed his lips ever so slowly against yours. After a couple seconds passed he puckered and actually initiated the kiss. It was so peaceful, so serene. You were such a serene tranquil person to start with but you never knew this amount of peace could be felt in this world. You fell into his lips and returned the action. The kiss was so simple. Neither of you moved your lips. No one tried to deepen the kiss. It was like you were trapped in time, but neither of you wanted to escape it. No one moved and it felt like the entire earth was still. Everyone who lived was stuck in this everlasting moment with you. It was magical. It was perfect.

   Finally, he slowly and steadily backed his face away and looked at you. Your lives intertwined at that moment and all became gentle. Your shared existence left your minds in a placid place. He smiled at you and you smiled at him. All was perfect. His eye smile made your heart skip a beat. He rubbed your back softly with his thumb and you two stayed like that for however long, you both unable to grasp time in this moment. You wrapped your legs around his waist and gently pulled his body closer to yours so there couldn’t be any way to break you apart. In life, in mind, pyshically and mentally. The air was still but a welcoming still, no sound but the ticking of the clock could be heard. Blissful. Blissful.

Stretching your neck up to his face you waved your hand for him to lean down. “Guess what” you breathed in his ear. He shifted his head “hmm?” He hummed.

  “I love you” you whispered.

He kissed your nose in response and placed his forehead against yours.

    “I love you too.”

Avengers Chatroom: Princess Clint

Requested By Anon

Scenario: The Avengers and co. discuss their Disney equivalents.

A/N: I meant to post this sooner, but the Wi-Fi decided to pull a Loki.

Vision has created a chatroom.

Vision has invited Wanda, Scott, T’Challa, Clint.

Vision: Kindly send assistance to Y/N’s room right away. Make haste.

Wanda: What happened?!

T’Challa: On my way, I may or may not have pushed Bucky out of the way and he fell quite hard. Minor casualty.

Vision: You cannot inform the others. I fear for their sanity as well.

Vision: Y/N is making me watch Disney movies. Thor has managed to escape. The coward!

T’Challa: That’s what you need help with?!

Wanda: T’Challa hurt Bucky because we thought you and Y/N were in danger!

T’Challa: I would’ve pushed him either way so it’s not a problem really. Gives me an excuse actually.

Wanda: Oh. Okay then.

Clint: I’m sorry Vision, but we cannot help you. We’ve all been through the whole Disney movie marathon. SUFFER LIKE THE REST OF US!

Scott: I thought you liked it! I did…

T’Challa: Luckily I do not have to go through it.

Vision: You’re next.

T’Challa: … I have duties to my country. I will not have the time.

Scott: That’s what we all thought. Y/N will find a way to make you watch the movies.

T’Challa: Oh, look at that. The Dora Milaje have decided to be near me at all times. Hahahaha. Who could have ordered that?

Vision: Magical flying carpets are a terrible form of transportation. First there is the health risks and then the possibility of dead insects on you. I do not understand why it would be used.

Scott: R.I.P my children …

T’Challa: I thought you were only fond of ants?


T’Challa: Not when he starts throwing funerals for them.

Wanda: It was a mistake Scott. I really did not see Antony The Second.

Scott: He was so young…

Vision has added Loki.

Vision: You have a strong resemblance to Scar.

Loki: I am nothing like that mutt! Who told you that?! Was it Y/N?

Scott: He’s having “The Marathon.”

Loki: I may have caused the New York incident, impersonated Odin, killed Phil, faked my death, tried to murder my brother, decimated a small town, annihilated tons of people and let the Frost Giants into Asgard but I would NEVER wish that upon anyone!  I would rather make love to a bligesnipe than endure that.

Wanda: I thought the God Of Mischief would be a better liar. You loved watching the movies with Y/N, Pietro and I. Also, don’t you father a child from a horse? Seems like you wouldn’t hesitate to love a bligesnipe.

Loki: Silence, you blasphemous wench!

Wanda: I won’t hesitate to inflict pain upon you.

T’Challa: I see your training with Natasha is paying off. This is a new side to you.

Wanda: Thanks. Nat suggested I specifically target Loki as part of my intimidation training.

Loki: Ohhhh, I am SO scared!

Vision: I would not test her, she sent me through several layers of the Earth’s crust. It was like descending to Hell.

Loki: My apologies.

Clint: Doesn’t Thor remind you of Mufasa?

Loki: A bit, yes.

Scott: And Scar is his brother. Yup, definitely you and Thor.

Loki: … Does Scar not kill Mufasa?

T’Challa: He does. Why?

Loki: Oh, no reason. I suppose I don’t mind resembling Scar.

Loki: Now if you’ll excuse me. I must attend to pressing matters.

Wanda: Lurking around the base eavesdropping on everyone and then cackling when you think you have something to blackmail them with is not pressing matters.


Loki has left the chat.

Clint: Which Disney character would I be???

T’Challa: You are too excited about this.

Scott: Robin Hood.


Scott: Merida…

Clint: Better.

Clint: Oooh T’Challa would be Bagheera!

T’Challa: I’m not surprised. Couldn’t you have come up with a more in-depth character?

Clint: Shh. Shh. Just accept it.

Scott: What about me?

Clint: One of the ants from Antz.

Scott: How come you get to be a princess?!

Clint: We should match the others!

Scott: Do that without me!

Scott has left the chat.

Clint: There can only be ONE princess.

T’Challa: It is times like this that I am grateful for my long stays in Wakanda, far, far, far away from you people.

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: Oh we actually plan on accompanying you on your return to Wakanda.

T’Challa: I knew this day would come, I just did not expect it so soon.

Tony has added Steve.

Tony: Hello, you left your glass slipper outside.

Steve: What?

Vision: He is indicating that you are Cinderella.

Steve: No. No way.

Tony: C’mon! First you were, well… you. Then you transformed! Just like Cindy.

Steve: How many times did your dad show you pictures of me before and after the serum?

Tony has added Bucky.

Tony: Why don’t you give Steve here a kiss to awaken him from his slumber? Since he’s not Cinderella, he must be sleeping beauty. You know, by being frozen all those years.

Wanda: That’s actually a good match.

Bucky: Why don’t you kiss him Tony? Isn’t it true loves kiss?

Tony has left the chat.

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: I forgot. I would totally be Tadashi Hamada.

Tony has left the chat.

Vision: We are watching Finding Nemo now. Fish do not have the mental capacity for such actions.

Vision: Hello, It’s Y/N. I’m taking Vision’s phone :)

Vision has left the chat.

Wanda: Poor Vision.

T’Challa: If we are continuing to find our Disney equivalents, may I suggest Violet and Dash from the Incredibles as Wanda and Pietro.


Wanda: Ohhhh no!

Steve: Who are they?

Clint has banned Steve.

Bucky: That wasn’t very nice.

T’Challa: Why don’t you go join him?

Bucky: … but I want to know my equivalent. Also, I’m still upset with you!

T’Challa: It was a minor injury!

Bucky: I HAD A CONCUSSION! SAM DREW ON MY FACE WHILE I WAS UNCONSCIOUS AND IT’S NOT COMING OFF! Who draws plums and sausages on someones face?!

T’Challa: … That’s not what the drawings are.

Bucky has left the chat.

Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: Who here can offer me safety from Y/N? I have managed to evade them for the past three hours.

Clint: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Thor: Who is this Rapunzel?

Clint: You, of course. You know, the Disney princess with long hair, like yours.

Thor: No! Y/N has turned you too! Snap out of it Clint! I shall do what Lady Natasha did for you when you were under my brother’s control! It’s the only way to free you from this curse!

Clint: No Thor wait!

Clint has been disconnected.

Thor has left the chat.

T’Challa: What did Nat do to Clint?

Wanda: She punched him really hard.

T’Challa: … I see Thor as Hercules, don’t you?

Wanda: I do actually.

Y/N has joined the chat.

Y/N: Why was Clint screaming? It stopped so abruptly.

Y/N: Oooooh.

Y/N: Cool, can I match the others too?

T’Challa: Of course.

Y/N has added Nat, Bruce.

Y/N: Nat is Mulan, Bruce is the beast or Stitch.

Nat: Yes I am.

Bruce: The characters with anger issues. Makes sense.

Nat: Bucky would be Buzz Lightyear.

Y/N: Why?

Nat: I blame Tony for this. One second.


Loki has joined the chat.

Loki: Y/N, stop cackling so loudly! That’s my thing, not yours!

Loki: Oh I see why, carry on.

Loki has left the chat.

Y/N: Excuse me, there’s something I have to do.

Y/N has left the chat.

Vision has joined the chat.

Vision: I have been spared! Although I wish it was after I was done watching Snow White.

Wanda: I’ll finish watch it with you.

T’Challa: Me too.

Vision: That would be appreciated.

Bruce: Can we watch Bambi afterwards?

Nat: And then Pinocchio?

Vision: Do not tell Y/N, but yes, I would love to watch more Disney movies.

T’Challa: Our own Disney movie marathon.

Wanda: I’ll get snacks.

Bruce: Should we invite the others?

Nat: No. Tony will throw popcorn at Steve resulting in Steve giving Tony a lecture and we know how boring Steve’s lectures are. Sam and Bucky will bicker every 10 minutes, Loki will think it’s funny to hide all the snacks, Thor will try to eat all the snacks and get angry at Loki, Clint may be dead, Y/N has already seen the movies and Peter has an exam tomorrow.

Nat has left the chat.

Bruce has left the chat.

Wanda has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Bucky has joined the chat.

Bucky: I’m back! I got the stupid drawings off. Hey why does Y/N keep asking me to give them a hand? I ask what they need help with but they just start laughing and run off.

Sam has joined the chat.

Sam: I love Disney! Why wasn’t I invited to this chat?!

Bucky: Maybe because nobody likes you.

Sam: This is why I drew dicks on your face, because you are one.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

loudlyvalentina  asked:

I just saw the otp questions post! can you do 2 and 14?? xx

thanks for asking, @loudlyvalentina! I’ll answer 14 in another post.

2: Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

betty was, needless to say, exhausted. it seemed everything had been building up to take a toll on her, and surely her lack of sleep wasn’t helping. insomnia was also a side effect of her new pills, and during the daytime it practically felt like weights were tied to her eyelids. betty was hardly paying attention in class. jughead had noticed. 

“hey, betts, are you sleeping enough? you look…tired,” he noted, hoping he wasn’t offending her, as she pulled books drearily from her locker.
“well, I am. remember the article we were doing for the blue and gold? well, my mom gave me an editing job for the register, and meeting both deadlines had me up all….” she yawned. “night.” she said, finishing her sentence with a huff. “don’t worry about me.”

“come on, you know that whenever you say that, I end up worrying. meet me in the blue and gold room during free period, okay?” he said, smiling a little. 
“of course.” he kissed her temple softly and they went their respective ways to class.

for once, betty was more than thankful to hear the typically abhorred sound of a school bell. she walked as quickly as she could to the blue and gold room, looking over her shoulder to see if archie or veronica had followed her. they hadn’t. the crowded hallways were filled with students going this way and that, a beehive to various classrooms. but neither the ginger boy or the “raven haired princess” (jughead’s description,) had seemed to wonder where she was disappearing to.

she liked archie and veronica, they were two of her closest friends. but something was different about jughead. the way he treated her like royalty, and wouldn’t pass her up for anyone else’s company. betty tried not to take it personally, but it stung when the two bailed for a surprise date night, or veronica went out with the cheerleading squad on a night where betty was swamped with schoolwork, or editing articles for the register. even though she was a river vixen too, veronica didn’t even bother to say, “hey, the vixens are going out tonight, want to come?”  even though Betty was contractually invited as part of the squad. she definitely didn’t like tapping on her screen only to see more and more snaps of veronica with all the other girls, as she sighed and went back to modifying and swapping words for others out of written articles to be in print within less than 24 hours.

it felt less than good when Archie cancelled on not just her but jughead too, when they had their monthly movie nights in the coopers’ living room, trading his childhood friends’ company for his football jock-friends. as jughead had put it,

“being mr. popular-football-guy means putting childhood friends on the backburner sometimes,” he said, laughing humourlessly. he didn’t like Archie’s flaking any more than she did, but he definitely tried to hide his disappointment much more than she did.

but she smiled at his sarcastic humour, lightening the otherwise annoyance-filled atmosphere. it was one of the things she liked most about jughead. “but is it so bad? being alone without archie here?” he whispered, leaning in to kiss her. “hmmmm…guess not.” she said, smiling against his lips. maybe archie wasn’t always missed, but the cancelling wasn’t forgotten. especially when three monthly movie nights were skipped in a row with the same excuse.

but jughead would never do such a thing. he was a man of his word. and if anything concerned betty, all other things could be damned. jughead stood by her in happiness and sadness. they could laugh together, cry together, and simply spend time in comfortable silence together. jughead would defend betty to his dying breaths and he knew just as confidently that betty would do the same. he smiled at the memory of how she once walked out of a river vixens practice, suffering cheryl’s side eye practically burning into the back of her head just to do so, because he was upset. it was nice, to be someone’s number one for once.

jughead was so thankful for the worn couch in the school paper room. while it wasn’t pristine, the old leather had some cracks on the surface and a rather stiff armrest, it had a perfect nook to settle himself into when typing, and it wasn’t horrible for the occasional power nap. he pulled up the throw blanket betty kept on the floor next to it for just that purpose. he sat next to it, typing some aimless ideas floating around his brain all day into a new document as he settled into his typing nook on the couch. at this point, it had practically shaped itself to fit his slouchy posture.

“hey juggie,” she said with another yawn. “hey back, you seem so exhausted Betty, relax for once.” she overworked herself to the bone sometimes, and he hated it. he loved seeing her at peace.

she walked in right after, practically stumbling. drunk on the feeling of sleep deprivation, she dropped right onto the couch and threw her legs up. jughead looked over at her, and was reminded how betty seemed to be the most beautiful girl he had ever met. she was effortlessly beautiful, because her personality was. sweet, kind, loving, and far from perfect, he fell a little more in love with her every day. jughead loved her eyes when they looked at him, her lips when they kissed him, her hands when she held them. and when you fall for someone’s personality, looks are simply a bonus. Betty seemed so pretty, even with the shadows under her eyes, those blue eyes hidden from the world under her now dropped eyelids. 

her head was resting gently on his shoulder, but she seemed less than comfortable. 

“come on, move up a little,” he said closing his laptop and placing it on the armrest. this was a risky move, it had fallen from there once and nicked the corner, but it seemed jughead hadn’t learned his lesson as he perched it precariously once again. he hadn’t realized how tired he was either, resolving to take a nap as well once betty was asleep.

upon the sound of his voice, she opened her eyes a bit, and shifted herself over his lap, settling comfortably with her head on his right arm. jughead looked at her, moving a bit in his place to make himself more comfortable with betty’s new sleeping position. not that he minded. 

it seemed as though her previous stresses slipped away, as her lips parted to let air in and out. her previously stress-induced erratic breaths were now replaced by slow and steady rises and drops of her chest. no one could tell how tired or stressed she was now, she seemed…peaceful. he pulled the blanket out from under her as gently as he could, willing himself not to wake her. he spread it over her. one thing seemed off even still, the ponytail her hair had been forced into seemed less than pleasant. it was practically pulling her hairline back.

he felt his hair unwind the little band keeping it in perfect form, and watched as her golden tresses loosened. he wove his bony fingers into her hair, caressing it absentmindedly, until he too fell asleep, the girl of his dreams still settled comfortably on his lap.

and so once again, the school bell became a despised noise once more to the resting couple. Betty woke with a jolt at the harsh ringing noise, but not standing, as she noticed her position. she was juxtaposed across his lap, him in a seated position, and her lying across his lap with her head resting on his arm. Betty pressed a kiss to his jawline, as his eyes fluttered open. she noticed her hair down, and smiled, deciding to keep it this way for the rest of the day.

“feel a little better?” he mumbled, sleep not having left him quite yet.
“yeah. come on, let’s go to class.” she said, rubbing her eyes. the nap had been no substitute for her week of bad sleep, but it was enough to keep her going until the end of the day. “thank you juggie,”Betty said, standing up and off his lap. he whined at the sudden lack of her presence.

“jughead, we have classes now!” she said again, as he stood up and mumbled something about the school system having no consideration for tired students and how an exhausted teen couldn’t produce quality work anyway. she laughed.

“don’t you remember what happened last time you left your laptop on the armrest? need I show you the corner again?” she said, picking it up and clutching it possessively. he glared at her, only half jokingly.

“sorry, now give it back! my life’s work is on there!” 

“if you want it, you’ll have to catch me!” she said, her voice just heard over the late bell, as she dashed out of the room, laptop in hand, the beanie clad boy chasing after her.

(A/N: I did not mean to make that so long! whoops! I think it came out pretty fluffy though. I'll answer 14 in another post as I hadn’t accommodated for how long this would turn out to be.)

There are days that I’m grateful that I started writing on paper, for myself and my friends. Days that I’m grateful I ventured into the internet when fic communities were still fractured and spread across hundreds or thousands of sites, when there were curated archives to show me how amazing and good fanfiction could be. And I’m also grateful for the reverse effect: that no one cared what I posted in those early days in the Pit. The Pit was the Pit because everyone knew the quality was questionable, and it didn’t even have a good tag or warning system. I was able to make mistakes and learn to see the world differently, and grow. I met people who were willing to teach me, or give me more resources, or encouragement, or co-write with me, or beta, or simply let me be.

No one shouted me down or attacked me for being an angst-ridden teen, confused about the world and playing with “forbidden” topics before I had the knowledge to really engage with them. I had room to expand and learn for myself that I’d been doing them wrong. And yes, some things I’ve written in my life are cringe-worthy. Some things I know why I wrote them but I would never write them now. My first attempt at a novel draft was riddled with stereotypes I couldn’t see until I was over a year out from it. My first fics were wildly immature approaches to weighty canon-related topics beyond my ken.

But I learned from that writing. Writing more is literally the only way someone can learn to write. By writing hard things badly, I learned to do better. In my own time, I learned to look at my own writing critically, and that helped me make it better. That’s a continual process. This thing I see fandom doing so frequently now, attacking creators, especially young or new creators, for their misconceptions and missteps, for their attempts at hard topics, for the lack of an awareness they’ve had no time to cultivate, is incredibly disheartening. And sometimes it doesn’t stop there. Sometimes I see creators attacked for their interpretations of a character, or a relationship, or because they’re writing something close to their heart that doesn’t quite fit the canon, or because they write an AU for a situation they want to explore with familiar characters as a touchstone. 

Us yelling at each other, taking out our frustrations with the world at large on each other, accomplishes nothing but more hate. Yes, there are terrible, hurtful, toxic and genuinely horrific things in the world. But in this space, we get to define what our world looks like. This world, this collection of words and art and passion wrapped around books and tv shows and games and movies that we call fandom. We define it. And we define it by what we create. That goes both ways. That’s the good and the bad. But here’s the thing about the bad: If you don’t like something in a canon, you can change it. If you don’t like what another creator is doing, you can make your own things. And in addition to art and writing, or even simply creating a cleaner dash for yourself by blocking someone, one of the things you can make is a better person. Be a friend. Be an offer of education and encouragement. Show people how to do better. Recommend resources, or stories that illustrate your point well. Give each other tools to improve. If they offer counter arguments or reasons, do them the courtesy of engaging in the same self examination you asked them to undertake. It doesn’t have to change anything. Maybe it will help you understand yourself better, or them better. Maybe you’ll know more about how to talk to each other, after. Maybe it will take one or both of you years to change, maybe it will only take a minute or two. But try it, so that both of you can see that everything is a process. That there is space to change and grow. And if they’re not ready, accept that that’s just where they are. You tried, and that does make an impact. You need never interact with them again. You have the power to create the community you want, either by curating your own exposure to content more closely, or by aiding in the creation of people you want to exist alongside.

The only thing any of us learns from this shouting, this gatekeeping of communities, this creation of hate and derision, is fear. And fear can be a terrifically effective limiter on behavior, but it doesn’t help people learn, it doesn’t help people be people, and it doesn’t coexist well with the sort of creativity we join this community for. Fear is a creation that eats at more than just the person who is hated on. It touches everyone. It touches brand new creators who were debating whether to post their first story. It touches experienced creators who sign off and never come back because they just don’t have the energy to deal anymore. It affects people within the conversation, and people who only see the ripples. All fear does is beat us all down until there’s nothing left.

▌a review: Book of the Atlantic

~read after the jump at your own risk~
Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic
劇場版「黒執事 Book of the Atlantic」

Alright, this post contains very specific spoilers for the new film! 

I’ve watched it twice during the premier weekend. I’m writing this as a personal keepsake for myself, but am allowing others to read, share, and discuss. For the love of all things kuro, read at your own risk!! 

I recommend you bookmark all reviews, and wait to read them until after you watch the movie yourself. 

I promise you it will be worth the wait when you can just enjoy the experience yourself first!!

If you want a tl;dr basic little review, see the first point. If you want to spoil yourself rotten with each and every specific detail that stood out to me in whatever way, skip down to the second point. Your own risk!! 

basic review

The movie was beautifully animated despite having spare brief moments of questionable budget. It moved in a steady pace without feeling too slow or fast, and felt like a creepy thriller. It is packed with violence, gore, and a threat of danger. All of the major scenes and moments that make the Campania arc complete were included in the film, and I loved it enough to watch it multiple times in one weekend. I would watch it a third time in theatres and will definitely preorder the bluray and soundtrack!

a very detailed spoiler review

warning: there are spoilers after this jump & it is a long read. bring tea.

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30 Best Mellow Frames

Recently I passed 2,000 followers so to celebrate I decided to post a list of my 30 personal favorite Mellow Frames that I made. Why 30, well I was going to do 20, but there were some painful cuts so I decided to extend it to 30. If you want to check them out then just click on the titles. Enjoy. 

30. Where Did It Go?:

Starting off is a short one about an alternate ending to the Kindergarten Kid. Imagine if this actually happened. Might have made that terrible episode worth it.

29. Claire Bites Back:

Honestly, most of my non SU Mellow Frames aren’t that popular (with some exceptions), which honestly makes more worried about what will happen after the show ends, but I digress. This is my favorite movie Mellow Frames since I get to take down the awful sexism of a divisive blockbuster. Honestly I need to make more movies Mellow Frames because movies are my first passion (I am the Mellow Filmmaker). Just ignore the grammatical errors.

28. Steven, Your Aunts Tried to Kidnap and Murder You:

What makes this Mellow Frames is the ending. It’s actually a joke that I had in my head for a while, but I felt like this episode was perfect to have it end on that joke. The one thing that did cause me to go nuts about this is my dialogue. I used “Oh” way too much here. I feel like dialogue is the thing that I need to improve the most as a writer.

27. Garnet’s Rocket Fist:

This is the first Mellow Frames that used photo editing and it was before I had Photoshop. Garnet really should use this power more often, though now the show should really use Garnet more often. I really could’ve come up with a better ending for this though.

26. Episode Choose Your Story 1:

I was inspired to make this because I got tired of always seeing those “Episode Choose Your Story” ads on my Tumblr dash. There are a few funny things that happened after I made this comic. So many people messaged me thinking that these were real stories. I also am 99.99% sure that the people who made Episode Choose Your Story saw this parody. One is that the scenarios in the ads became way more absurd after I released these comics. Two is this ad right here. Notice how one of the options is exactly like one of my parody options. It was not like that before. If my suspicions are true, that’s pretty awesome.

25. Possessing Lars:

I never really thought about this comic that much, but many people told me that this is one of their favorite Mellow Frames. Looking back, it is pretty funny. I like the idea of Rose being able to talk to Steven, but giving him terrible advice (the mentor character giving awful advice is one of my favorite comedy tropes). The ending changes Steven’s motive for possessing Lars, but the funny thing is that it makes too much sense.

24. Fusion Cuisine:

My best Mellow Frames are the ones where I’m making fun of episodes I love, but there is a certain satisfaction in making a Mellow Frames of an episode that I hate (like this one). It just feels good to make your own version of an episode that fixes the flaws of the original. I thought about either including this one or the one I did on The New Crystal Gems. I decided to go with this one because this is my only Mellow Frames that was accompanied with a video (I really should be doing more of those). If I had any regret about this one, it’s the fact that it was made during the time when I tried giving each character a special font in the editing software. That was a mistake. 

23. Why Lapis and Jasper Stay Fused:

This comic is definitely a product of its time. People don’t remember, but Peridot was getting a little annoying as a Villain (at least for me). If you ever wanted to see Malachite call Steven sweetie, this comic is where you can see that. I do apologize for the coloring of Peridot’s font though. This might be the first Mellow Frames where I grab screenshots from SU clips on Youtube instead of using photos from the Steven Universe wiki. I love doing that because it gives me the ability to pick perfect screenshots for my Mellow Frames.

22. Attract:

I’ve made quite a few Pokémon comics. Only two made this list. This one came up after I saw Salandit’s ability to attract the male of any species. I thought that an opportunistic trainer could abuse that ability, so I made a comic about it. The ending of this comic is an example about how what’s portrayed in these comics doesn’t always reflect my personal opinions. I don’t actually mind Ash’s design in the Sun and Moon Anime (I don’t have any investment in the Pokémon anime since I haven’t watched it since I was 10), but I noticed a lot of people did so I decided to drag him at the end of this comic.

21. Hot Times in Snowy Weather: 

I love writing Problematic Pearl. One of my favorite aspects of her character is her crush on big buff women, especially Jasper. Since Gem Hunt didn’t have them interact, I thought that I should have them interact. Sort of…

To Be Continued…

Hey everyone! I recently remade my blog and I’ve decided that this is a good opportunity to no longer be ashamed of my interests and just enjoy them. I can handle some dash deadness, but I’d like to have a dash more tailored to my interests. Please like or reblog this if you reblog a lot of any of the following!

I don’t mind if you only like, but if you reblog it, please put in the tags what you post from this list, it makes it easier for me. Also, if you reblog it, yours followers will be able to see it and that’ll be nice.

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• Bands like The Antlers, the Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel/the Music Tapes, and AJJ

• Legos, especially the Lego Movie and Lego Batman

• Steven Universe (preferably shying away from constantly criticising the show just because I don’t want to deal with all the negativity, although I definitely agree the show has gotten a lot worse)

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I’m okay if you’re a kin blog. Also, feel free to message me if you know any blogs I might like

My entire dash is posting Tony discourse so here’s mine:

+ I didn’t like Cap in Avengers.  I didn’t like Cap in Captain America (whatever his first movie was).  I thought he was boring.  However, Cap is 100% all about getting shit done and he understands that means people dies and maybe he dies and maybe we all die but the man has already literally committed suicide to save people.  It’s not even a little bit shocking that he wouldn’t like Tony when they first met.  Tony rolls onto the scene brash and arrogant as he usually does.  These are things I like about Tony, he’s confrontational and he’s a trouble maker and YES he also is a genius and he has recently dedicated his life to trying to better the world and that’s are admirable but their core personalities still aren’t people that would get along without effort.  This doesn’t make either of them villains.

+ For that matter, they were supposed to have reached a point of mutual respect for their very different but equally important skill sets.  That was the point of the whole final battle (In The Avengers).

+ There’s no telling how many missions they did together as Avengers, or how much time they spent hanging out together.  We don’t get to see them getting along because the MCU doesn’t show us that.  We only get to see them when they’re at odds; maybe that’s because in the MCU Tony and Steve aren’t pals or maybe that’s because Age of Ultron was predominantly a clusterfuck.

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How I’d Ruin It: MST3k

Inspired by @tyrantisterror‘s post on breaking the Batman universe, here’s an outline of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode that I (and probably no one else) would like to see.

Kinga’s version of the Forrester experiment differs in one major way from Clayton and Pearl: the primary goal isn’t to drive Jonah insane. She tells us her real plan in the first episode: revive Mystery Science Theater 3000 (which was an in-universe television show during the days of Deep 13) and eventually sell the rights to Disney for a billion dollars.

This episode would take place a few years into Jonah’s imprisonment on the Satellite of Love. With the help of his robot friends, his riffing is as sharp as ever, but the ratings (we’ll ignore the Netflix format) are in a tailspin. Everyone makes fun of entertainment these days; MST3k no longer stands out in the comedy landscape it created. So Kinga decides it’s time for a mid-season shocker: she’s going to show Jonah a movie certain to break him once and for all. Not an abomination like Manos: The Hands of Fate or Invasion of the Neptune Men – Joel and Mike endured them both and kept on trucking. No, she has a different approach in mind to make her father and grandmother proud. Her confidence in its success is such that she’s already set a trap to lure the next host: a Moon 13 internship. Unpaid, of course.

“I’m sure they’ll cause a flame war or twenty, but the fans always get over it.”

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  ❝ Can you believe that skyline – ? Ah, well, perhaps you all can’t, you haven’t seen it yet ! Believe me when I say its beautiful, and I’m a man who knows beauty  ! 

      ❝ I know, I know, ‘ Laslow don’t be wasting time ’, but I assure you, you’ll LOVE what I have to say this time  ! I have excellent news regarding our schedule of events  ! Er, that being we have one. Tentative as it may be, myself and Robin squared ( talk about weird  ?? ) have agreed that this will give you all the basics of the week’s layout, so you all can plan ahead  ! Considerate, right  ? I know, you can thank me later for being so thoughtful.


                     SNO CONE SOCIAL.

     Cabana check-in, but save the unpacking for later  ! Complimentary sno cones are served all day long as we, the mods, spend today welcoming guests to the luxury Hotrealms resort! Grab a sno cone from the cabana bar because today is the day to get to know your fellow resort comrades! Walk around the resort and view the boardwalk, and as always, I am ALWAYS available for any lonely adventurers. Take a stroll on the beach and wade in the water, go for a swim if you’d like  ! This is just a day to get a feel for your surroundings and explore everything the resort has to offer  ! Kick back, relax, and socialize  ! or don’t, if that’s what you prefer.


      Did someone say ladies in bikinis – AHEM – er, swimsuits all around  ? Surely you’ve already procured a swimsuit, why not show it off  ? We are now taking reservations to walk the stage for this Summer Scramble’s Swimsuit Showcase  ! Handmade or commissioned, if you’re interested in the opportunity to earn bragging rights about being on stage, then this is for you  ! Come in your bikini best – or, your best in general I suppose, whatever your preference, we have room for you on the catwalk  !

    Also, Robin and Reflet have given me word of a sandcastle contest  ! I personally will offer you bonus points if you manage to build your sandcastle on someone. I would assume they will have more information on this later  !



     The boardwalk is NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN. All shoppes have been open for a while now, we realize, but now there’s more to do  ! Vendors have all moved in and – is that lemon cake  ?? Anyway, there’s going to be a whole big stretch of gift booths, and leis are available for purchase  ! You may see some familiar faces running booths of their own, so be sure to give them your support and stop in  ! Avoiding having to walk all the way into town for something small for your love interest has never been easier! Well, except if they need a new shirt, or a sunhat, but you get the point. Also, along with the boardwalk vendors, we’re excited to announce the dunk tank among many other activities! Yours truly will take the first seat ( more like forced into it ) and the other two will follow suit. No ticket necessary, just jump in line until time limits are cut short, as will the lines. But this is your chance to show no mercy, and get your game face on for Wednesday  ! And have I mentioned the sunset from the view of the boardwalk  ? Not even a beautiful girl could distract me – er, alright, alright, maybe she would a little.

      And I’ve also heard word of a crushing watermelons contest  ? What in the Gods’ name . . I suppose some of these people can crush watermelons with their bare hands. Perhaps that’s something someone can enlighten me on later.


     Is your team ready to take the trophy home  ? Is your body beach ready ? Wednesday is being spent on beach front territory  ! The volleyball nets are going up, the referees are ready to call the shots. Gather up your teams and play to win ( you’re joining TEAM LASLOW, right ~  ?) . Trash talk is always fun, but don’t get out of hand, now  !Nobody likes a sore loser, especially when you already know you’re going to lose ~. Compete to defeat, my friends, lay on that sunscreen thicker than faceless skin  !

      For those uninterested in volleyball  but still wishing to compete and hone their skills: maybe beach wrestling is good for you  ! Go up against other strongmen, or women, in a test of physical strength. Nobody likes a face full of sand so come prepared to knock your opponent to the ground. Try to keep rough physical harm such as actually making someone bleed all over the sand to a minimum . . we’re really trying not to have any casualties . . please don’t turn this into a death match. I’m begging, I’m not a very good nurse.

     Not the sporty type  ? Grab some goodies and flags to wave from the boardwalk and cheer on your favorites to victory! They’ll love hearing your harmonious cries ~, even when you’re cheering for me.

***Volleyball teams ARE ENCOURAGED. There has been talk on the dash about potential teams and this is to organize all of those. Matches will be generated ala ‘ hunger games simulator ’ style. We will be posting a call for captains very soon, are we’re looking for 4-8 teams to compete gauntlet-style. If you are interested in forming a team of 10-12 players, be on the lookout. Ground rules and more description on this to come  ! All ‘ teams ’ will get a special treat!


      Seems like Anna has some new ‘ weapons ’ to share with us  ! Only these come in the form of pelting your enemies without mercy! I daresay no one is safe from the attacks of those who even they think they can trust. All of you sitting ducks in the umbrella lounge had better watch out! Oh, it would proooooobably be wise of you to not wear your Thursday best for this, ladies and gentleman, it’s about to get messy  ! Water guns and paint balloons will be available at checkpoints for pickup, only one weapon per person but balloons are unlimited  ! Let’s see who can avoid getting hit  ! No holds barred and no one’s off limits – w-well except for me of course  ! You wouldn’t hit your humble host now would you  !?


     Spend your day how you like, my friends, but you have to join us for the bonfire  ! Anna has told us she’s providing the makings for uh, s’mores I believe  ? Chocolate and marshmallows on graham crackers  ? Sounds good to me  ! I’m certain a few candy-loving souls will melt at the taste of one! Also, yours truly will have an extra little treat in store for you  ! In addition to this, once nightfall is upon us, we can partake in SCARY STORIES. Bring your most terrifying stale to hold the attention of your comrades and really scare us  ! Make us so paranoid to walk back to our cabanas without holding someone’s arm afterwards  ! Top three scariest stories get prizes ~ Good enough to give it a go, right  !? C’mon, don’t be so afraid to give us a fright  !

*Scary stories can be SUBMITTED to the EVENT PAGE INBOX. These will be compiled into a compilation post for other followers to READ and VOTE on which one they think is best! NAMES WILL NOT BE ATTACHED to give fair chances and rule out ‘popularity’ votes. DEADLINES FOR SCARY STORIES ARE BEFORE THE 30TH !!

** Scary stories MUST be original. Any submitted may be subjected to be cross referenced for copy/paste. Obviously be as creative as you want, and as in character as you can be with this! Names/URLs will not be posted with them to again, avoid popularity vote, so being ‘ in character ’ is encouraged  !

*IN ADDITION, we will be planning a movie night rabb.it stream  ! A poll will be going up to vote on a movie to be shown FRIDAY NIGHT. Time is still TBA once we are able to figure out an ideal timeframe. So pop some popcorn and join us  !


     Ah, the end of a vacation can be so bittersweet. The final day is always the hardest, is it not  ? Having to pack up all of your things and shamefully realizing you’ve bought too many souvenirs . . wait, that isn’t just me right  ? Fear not, my friends, this wonderful week shan’t end with an upset, but with a bang  ! Preoccupy your day with whatever you would like but join us Saturday night for FIREWORKS  ! Anna is helping me put together a great lineup of a lightshow for you all  ! We’re hoping you’ll enjoy it and that will wrap up a breathtaking and relaxing week up nicely with a bow as we all return home  !

       ❝ And I, your humble host, will be most everywhere during this week. If we bump into one another, do join me for a smoothie, eh  ?

   ❝ This is all for now, but if YOU have any suggestions, don’t be afraid to approach me or either of the other two, or drop something into our suggestions box. And if you would rather run something on your own, OUR VENDOR APPLICATIONS are still open ! I would love to see more of my wonderful comrades selling their wares or contributing to this in any way they can  ! It’s been lovely to see the excitement already  ! We’ll see you soon  !

** Many of the main events will have their own ask meme to coincide with it  ! Activities and other roleplayer’s booth events are taking place everyday, but of course, people are busy and threads and ask prompts can be continued on other days, and even past the event week  ! We are actively working to make this schedule work and be fun for everyone  ! We hope you’re as excited as we are  !

Okay so I saw this gifset on my dash today:


with appended commentary about how Steve doesn’t seem to care about Tony’s pain

and I’m like… nah fam?

(At first I considered attaching this rant to the post itself, but then I decided not to because 1) personal experience tells me that this sort of stuff is hell on the OP and 2) there’s nothing particularly uniquely atrocious about the commentary I’m referring to – it’s tiny and I’ve seen many versions of the same claim, it’s more a widely-held fandom belief than anything else at this point, it seems to me, and there’s no reason for me to attach a gratuitous wall of words specifically to that version because idk that just seems like a bitchy thing to do. I’m not like. Attacking it specifically. I’m just linking to the gifset as context bc I think I refer to it a couple of times)

ANYWAY! I’ve been trying to stay away from this shit but everyone has a breaking point and even as (or honestly, *especially* as) a hardcore Tony Stark fan, I’ve been troubled by the post-Cap 3 line of argument that generally holds that Steve “doesn’t care about Tony’s pain” and the more broad “where is his guilt?” etc

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Pairing: Hamilsquad x reader

Prompt: First off, I LOVE your writing, you’re one of my favorite writers in the fandom. You make me wanna start my own imagine blog, even though I’m already a Hamilton writer on AO3. Second, I wanted to request a poly sick fic with Alex/Herc/Laf/John x reader that’s a lot of fluffy goodness please. Also, #southgotitmadeintheshade I’m from Tennessee homie! Neighbor states ftw

TW: Vomit mention, the reader is ill, allusions to Alex’s mom dying.

Word Count: 1662


It’d started with a cough. An innocent, meaningless cough. One that you thought was just a tickle in your throat. It made Alex, and this was a rare occurrence mind you, look up from his laptop.

“Are you getting sick?” He looked ready to gather his things, and vacate the premises, should you answer that question with an affirmative. He didn’t deal well with illness.

“No, hon, relax.” You laughed a bit, shaking your head. “It was just a little cough. You know, like your body does natura-” You started coughing again, this time harder than the last, but you still felt fine. By the time it passed, Alex was already getting his things together.

“Well, I’m headed to the library, I’ll see you tonight, okay?” He said this so quickly, you almost didn’t catch any of it, out the door with his laptop before you could even respond. You pouted a bit. Rude.

It was about an hour later when you were still on the couch, curled up in a blanket. Maybe you were getting sick…you did feel more tired than usual… Alex, as he had said, was at the library, Hercules was making dinner, Lafayette was working on assignment, and your were currently curled to John’s side as you watched T.V. Well, not so much watch as blankly stare because you’re too tired to focus.

“Baby, you okay?” John asked after a while. “You’ve been so tired lately…and Alex told me he left when you started coughing.” He gently pressed his hand to your forehead, and you shied away from it.

“I’m fine, John, really.” You gave a tired smile, even as he continued to worry over you.

Before he could question you any further, Hercules entered with a bright grin, announcing that dinner was ready. You moved to the table with your boyfriends, only to find your plate covered in a smatter of spaghetti, and the tomato sauce it came with.

Your stomach gave a violet churn, and you decided that…maybe it was better that you not eat. “Actually,” You got their attention, watching as John paused where he was already eating, and Herc and Laf stopped the process of taking their seats. “I’m…going to go to bed, I’m not hungry, and I’m pretty tired…night.” You gave each of their cheeks a kiss, before moving to the bedroom you all shared, which was two bed pushed together to fit all five of you. You curled up in the middle, dragging the quilt Eliza and Herc made for your birthday behind you like a cloak. You bundled up.

You covered yourself up, stuffed your pillow beneath your head, and soon, you were fast asleep, unaware of the hell you were in for when you opened your eyes again.


It was the middle of the night when you woke up again. You had to squint to make out the letters on the Alarm clock on Alex’s side. He slept closest to the nightstand on the right, and you couldn’t help noticing he was absent. Did he really want to avoid you that much?

However, you didn’t have much time to dwell on that, seeing how your stomach gave a painful lurch, and you began tearing yourself from John and Laf’s arms to get to the bathroom. You scrambled into the connected room, falling to your knees and holding the porcelain bowl as you started coughing and hacking up what little you’d had to eat the day previous.

You didn’t even realize anyone was up with you until you felt warm hands pulling back your hair from your face, keeping it out of the way and rubbing smooth circles into your back.

“It is alright, ma petite,” Laf cooed to you as you started calming, “let it all out.” You didn’t want to admit how much of a comfort it was, just hearing his voice, cooing to you while you went through this.

You slowly started to relax, dry heaves becoming hiccuped sobs as he pulled you back to let you rest in his lap, and look up at him.

“I-I’m sorry I woke you…” you sniffled weakly, letting him take a cool cloth to your heated, sticky skin. You felt disgusting, but, even like this, he still loved you, they all did.

“Non, it is alright, mon lapin.” He cooed, letting you curl up in his arms. “John is making tea, and Hercules is remaking the bed…don’t worry, you do not need to apologize.” he gave your forehead a kiss before pulling back worriedly.

“You’re so warm…” he murmured worriedly, cupping your cheek as he eased to his feet with you in his arms. “Come, ma petite, back to bed.” He cooed, making you curl into his protective arms.

You emerged to find Hercules waiting for you as well, arms outstretched, ready to accept you into them. Laf deposited you into them, and kissed your feverish forehead before leaving to see about John, and how the tea was coming in the kitchen.

You whined softly, hearing your phone buzzing on the nightstand. You hid your face, and let Hercules stroke your hair as he checked it for you. He gave a soft, deep chuckle, one that rumbled through your aching body rather pleasantly.

“Here…You may want to read this yourself.” He cooed, giving your head a peck. He’d turned down the brightness, as your early morning, hyper-sensitive eyes couldn’t stand the sudden light. An email? This early?

Ah, it was from Alex, no wonder.

‘My love, I’m sorry I left how I did earlier…and, given what illness has taken from me, I hope that you’ll understand my skittish nature…

This is not against you, never against you, I love you, each of you, more than anything else on this earth, but at this moment, I bet you need to hear just how much, right?’ You gave a sleepy smile, and tapped the attached document, as Hercules read over your head. He lightly rubbed your arm, and hummed to you softly.

A document, completely of the different ways and things he loved about you. The way you woke up in the mornings. How you had special pet names for each of them. He mentioned how his favorite of those was darling. How you kissed them all good bye in the mornings, whenever you had to leave. By the time you were done reading, tired as you were, there were tears in your eyes.

God…they loved you way too much for your own good. Even sick, and gross, and having already vomited once this morning, they loved you so much…

“Oh, baby, what’s wrong!?” John worried as he came back into the room, holding a tray with tea, soup, and crackers on it.

“Don’t cry, mon petit, we’re here.” Laf tried to comfort, not realizing the source of your tears was a good reason. It was only about five thirty in the morning, and here they were, fawning over you like mother hens…you’d be lying if you said it didn’t feel good to be worried over…

“Laffy Taffy, John dear, don’t worry. It’s just Alex. He wrote them a poem, about how much he loves them.” He laughed softly. He had the best pet names… Herc sat you up, despite your whining that you wanted to relax in bed. The tray was placed in your lap, and you pouted, not feeling very good to eat. But you took the tea, and cradled it in your hands. It…felt good. The heat was nice, against your fever chilled body.

You took hesitant sips as your boyfriends kept talking over you. And you suspected it was about you, but you were way too tired to really focus on their words.

As you started slipping further, the tea was taken from your hands, and you were fed a cracker or two, just to get something in your body, before, finally, you were fast asleep.


When you woke up again, it was past noon, and you were swaddled in so many blankets, you looked more like a cocoon, than a person. John was sitting in the desk chair, playing on his phone with his feet up. He did a double take as he saw you moving, and grinned.

“Awww, there you are, baby.” He cooed, reaching out to stroke the little bits of hair that stuck here and there from the blankets. “Sorry, you just kept shivering, and you needed to sweat this out anyway. How are you feeling?”

“Some better.” You murmured, smiling sleepily at him. “Where are the others?”

“Alex is crashed on the couch, Laf is in class, and Herc,” He paused for a sec, listening for the rhythmic sound of the machine in the next room. “Yeah, he’s sewing.” He smiled, and you smiled.

“Good…” You murmured, curling up a bit. This is just how you liked it. Your boys were all home…they may not have been right beside you, but you felt the love all around you. You wiggled yourself around with a pout, until finally, it seemed John felt sorry enough to help you sit up.

A moment later you were asking to watch a movie, and in a matter of minutes, he was curled around your blanket cocoon with you, while the both of you watched the intro to Aladdin. Herc’s sewing in the next room stopped, and he dashed in after hearing the opening to ‘One Jump Ahead.’ Laf sauntered in a moment later, and Alex came in a little while after, while the Genie was singing his song. They cuddled around you, and held you, and each other, while enjoying the movie. You got to see the most heartfelt rendition of A Whole New World, between Laf and John, and truly, you felt honored to witness that.

Sick or no, this was exactly how you wanted to spend your time. You’d have it no other way.

Man, everything about this prompt was speaking my language!! Again, so, so sorry you guys that this is way later than usual. But I will either post another time tonight, or three times tomorrow, in order to keep on schedule. Thank you for the request, darling!!

Love, Rosalie

look, i think it’s p obvious at this point if you’ve been following me for any amount of time that i don’t ship st*cky. the fandom has completely ruined any possible interest i might’ve had for the pairing and there’s rly no going back for me at this point.

but i follow/am mutuals with quite a few st*cky shippers bc they’re reasonable and i have no problems with seeing the eventual fanart or shippy gifset on my dash—i do follow those ppl after all so i know it’s coming, and a lot of the content is rly beautiful from an artistic standpoint. but i still don’t ship it.

but here’s what i don’t do: i don’t post every day abt how much i hate it, how i find mcu!steve an underdeveloped mess, how mcu!bucky is a helpless damsel etc. i may make the occasional post abt it but it’s always in relation to smth the fandom has done e.g. claiming mcu!bucky is canonically flirting with steve with every interaction,‘or that mcu!steve gagged when he kissed sharon, or that steve and sam don’t have chemistry and should never be a couple and that sam should make way for bucky. it’s never out of the blue, it’s a response to either hate or any other ~problematic~ aspect of the rhetoric.

but even when i do that, i don’t tag the characters. i use asterisks, or the anti tags, bc i don’t want fans/my followers to see the negativity. i don’t spend my days sitting here writing essays abt how much i hate this or that character and how stupid the shippers are, even if i think it. it’s just common courtesy.

so what’s the deal with anti sharon/staron ppl? i have never, in all of my years on tumblr, seen a character/ship get so much vitriol. it’s actually insane. anti sharon/staron ppl have consistently, since civil war came out, flat out HARASSING the fans, hijacking content made by fans to criticize it, and creating anti-blogs with confessions that range from “i hate sharon bc steve belongs with bucky” to “sharon and her stans are literal nazis.” and, no, that’s not even an exaggeration. if anything, i’m being generous with my description.

and then when i make my pro sharon/staron posts, *i’m* the one that has no chill, *i’m* the one that’s too sensitive and should just lighten up, *i’m* the negative one.

like, what’s wrong with you people?

i didn’t even give a shit abt staron until i saw how unnecessarily hated it/sharon/emily was after the movie came out. so, really, you have yourselves to blame for me being so extra about it.

the sharon/staron fandom is literally 1% of the mcu fandom on tumblr, and yet we’re supposed to be quiet when the 99% have been badmouthing us for MONTHS?

i’ll never shut up. you brought this on yourselves.

Give a big round of applause for Leo’s Special Interest Discord Server!

Hi there~! *waves* I’m Leo and I’ve created a discord server for people to safely talk about their SpIns! I know that personally, I always worry about being made fun of when I talk about my SpIns, and you won’t have to worry about that here!

Currently, there are 15 channels, two bots, and one mod. If you’d like to be a mod, first join the server, and then PM me on discord!

This server is otherkin/fictionkin, ace/aro, and self-diagnosis friendly!

Rules and how to join are under the cut, as to not clog up people’s dashes!

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