either and or both

are you a strudel cabin pressure fan or a cheesecake cabin pressure fan? cheese tray or fruit tray? carl or karl? marlas or skipthur? birling day or summer christmas? GERTI or gertie? terrific or brilliant? sing the theme tune or say the credits with b-cumbs?

One of the social/political publications on campus is calling for short essays on social justice issues we’re passionate about and I’ve been invited to submit some writing but I don’t think a pro life virulently anti abortion, anti death penalty, anti euthanasia and assisted suicide article on the inherent sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, and classicism of these institutions is what they have in mind…. nor the fact that free speech applies to everyone, including people you don’t like (and arguably to hate speech? Even though it’s shitty and morally wrong? That’s kinda the whole thing about free will and the nature of sin? Though that’s a whole other can of worms I’m just too tired to open rn)

Moana AU where everything is  the same except when you try to watch it with CC on everything just says [speaking in English]

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me: hey i like dear evan hansen it’s rly relatable and a big comfort for me
everyone: dear evan hansen PUNCHED me in the face, PISTOL WHIPPED my mother and MURDERED my cat


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