damien is amazing and i needed to draw him with some dogs goodnight

(also MC dad probably gave him that shirt. and took this photo who knows)


oh, Legolas, your time will come

Thranduil Has a Type

Gavin Reed: Tattoos

Headcanon: As we all know Gavin is a very prideful idiot so he’s not ashamed if someone happens to catch sight of his tattoo when his t-shirt sleeve rides up. He paid good money for it, he’ll even show it off if he like the person…

But both Connor and RK900 observe his subtle change in reaction if someone comments when his shirt lifts and reveals the edge of one on his hip. Slightly raised heart rate and defensive/dismissive attitude. Usually claims that it’s a continuation of the one on his shoulder which both android’s conclude is a lie. 

It remains an intriguing mystery…until Gavin’s bedded and they both eventually come to learn that the hip tattoo is a cat tattoo which while very lovely and detailed, Gavin keeps a secret to preserve his tough guy persona.