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Daily Mail:

“Finishing touches: Eitaro adjusts his wig as fellow geisha check their kimono - there are still male geisha who dress in men’s kimono and usually perform as drummers and singers alongside female geisha”

Those “male geisha in men’s kimono” are called taikomochi and they play an obvious male role at ozashiki, some kind of ringleader. However, Eitarou is extraordinary man - he plays the female role, in female kimono, dancing female dances. He has nothing in common with taikomochi as he is a regular geisha in Tokyo.


Daily Mail:

“Eitarou gets instruction on geisha wig styling from professional stylist Terafumi Shigemori, right, at the stylist’s studio in Tokyo”


Eitarou is now in popular demand as a stage performer and television personality. Following the death of his mother, he took over his mother’s role as geisha house master and with his sister, Maika, oversees a group of six geisha performers.


Eitarou, the male geisha, performing a dance (maybe it’s called Yoizakura?)

I think I’m in love with him.


Ozashiki asobi - Male Geisha Eitarou (blue) from Shinagawa, Tokyo

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