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Top 5 sexy characters in Haikyuu!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thirsty anons are gonna be my legacy I’m so proud of all of you really. Come on, LET’S BRING SEXY BACK!  

1. Kuroo. Well, of course. Try to find a person who’s immune to his charm…right….YOU CAN’T. I’m repeating myself for the umpteenth time here but…I mean…look at him. He is not the most beautiful boy but sure as hell he was designed to be the sexiest. The illegal bedhead, the smirk, the cat eyes, the long neck, THE ABS, THE LEGS…EVERYTHING. He does…things…to us…don’t lie to me…

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I know I’m always using this gif but honestly everyday is a good day to use this gif

2. Iwaizumi. ARMS ARMS ARMS. GIVE ME ALL THE ARMS. Damn the boy truly is the definition of gorgeous and I’ll never forget that iconic night we all lost our shit over him in casual clothes. Oikawa you lucky bitch keep him close before they’ll steal him from you. (Special mention to fic!Iwaizumi and his abs and his caramel skin and his insane…skills…)

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3. Bokuto. If you though I wouldn’t put my favorite owl even in this top five you’re delusional. I know he’s not the canon definition of sexy but there’s something in the harsh way he speaks, in his always demanding attitude, that smile that is somewhere between boyish and wolfish that make him truly irresistible to me (plus he canonically has the best ass in Haikyuu he deserves to be on the podium)

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that strip of exposed skin is why I don’t sleep at night tbh Akaashi my guy my dude how do you cope

4. Semi Eita. That tongue thing he does. Thank you for you attention. 

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5. Akaashi. On a complete different way from the others, I find Akaashi not only to have an outstanding beauty, but he has that glacial sex appeal that could intrigue honestly anyone…and he truly did…I mean…look at what he has done to all of us 

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I could look at this gif for the rest of my life 

- bonus: I feel like we owe a special mention our boy Terushima, I’m sure he’ll provide us with great emotional satisfaction next year…(boys with rolled up sleeves are my ultimate weakness don’t judge me ok??? same with boys with undercuts. and boys with tongue piercings. ok I’m in deep) 

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Thank you for your message and keep the thirst alive! 

Ask me my top 5 things!

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wakatoshi; have you ever run into doors? I mean, even you has to have your ungraceful moments right?

Ushijima: There are moments we do not speak of.

All I could think of was that birds can’t see glass. RIP Ushijima 2k17.

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For the prompt thing, may I request UshiTenSemi? Anything except angst is good. Thanks!

“Move over.”

“I can’t, Wakatoshi’s in the way.”

“Then tell Ushijima to move.”

“I can’t, he’s sleeping!”

“I’m not, actually,” Ushijima interrupts the heated whisper-debate without opening his eyes. He’s tired, but the kind of tired that keeps you awake instead of dragging you off into dreamland. Though, that might be because of the two extra bodies in his bed. Which was definitely not built for three people.

“Look what you did, Eita,” Tendou says, jabbing his elbow into Semi’s side. “You woke Wakatoshi up.”

Semi doesn’t reply, but then Tendou releases a pained grunt, so. Ushijima wisely keeps his eyes closed. 

“Seriously, I’m going to fall off the bed,” Semi says after a few seconds of blissful silence.

“Aw, does Semi-semi-kun want to cuddle?”

“Sh-You shut up, you brat.”

“It’s okay, we’re all friends here. We won’t judge you~”

The next few moments are filled with scuffling, muffled cursing, and more than a few pillows being used in a way they definitely shouldn’t. Sighing heavily, Ushijima sits up. The other two immediately freeze, Semi half on top of Tendou while the latter has a fist full of Semi’s hair. Ushijima gives them his best disappointed look.

“Sleep,” he musters, and the other two reluctantly let go of each other. Tendou smoothes down Semi’s hair for good measure. 

Two minutes later, Tendou and Ushijima have switched spots, and Semi is no longer in danger of falling off the bed. Ushijima still isn’t very used to sharing his bed with other people, but as he closes his eyes, feeling the comforting warmth from the arms flung around his middle, he counts the steady breaths of the other two, slightly off-sync, and slowly but surely, drifts off to sleep.

I hope everyone who are seeing this had a good christmas, and today a happy new year! telling you this with Tensemi!! remember to eat 12 grapes and wear yellow underwear or any tradition you have for a good 2017!!

And, Tensemi are bunnies ‘cause as i know that’s their zodiac sign (Japanese zodiac)…i’m not really sure BUT! bunnies are cute


I am 90% sure that Ushiwaka has actually killed a man with his spike but the team convinced him that the person was just unconscious and buried the body on their own somewhere while telling Ushi that they were taking him to the infirmary and he should just continue with the practice.

Bonus: Tendou, Semi, Shirabu, Reon and Taichi were involved. The calmness with which Reon handled everything was very creepy and everyone decided never to get on his bad side. (also tendou looks like someone who will murder just for the fun of it)

Title: A not so awkward encounter
Pairing: Tendou Satori/Semi Eita
Rating: T
Word count: 1181
Read on Ao3
Notes: This is a birthday present for eicinic!! Happy birthday Gin!!
Summary: Tendou thought Semi was his friend so he slapped his ass in greeting only to discover it wasn’t Suga. 

Tendou was walking through the halls to the university cafeteria once he got out of class. He was almost there when he saw his friend Suga walking in front of him so he jogged forward to reach him before he got there.

“Yo Koushi!” Tendou said when he caught up. He slapped his friends ass in greeting.

“Hey!” Suga shouted, aggravated. ‘Wait that didn’t sound like Suga.’ Tendou turned to the side and his eyes fell on a stranger.

“Shit.” Tendou whispered.

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