Murder on the Tres Spade Cruise - Part 2

I don’t recall falling asleep but I wake up to the sun in my eyes. I roll over and Eisuke is no longer there. The bed is still warm though and I can hear the shower start in the background. I get out of bed and head to the kitchen to make his morning coffee. I have some breakfast and jump into the shower when Eisuke finishes.

I kiss him goodbye and head off down the stairs to go to work. Just as I go into the hallway leading to the elevator, Mr Kenzaki comes running down the hall past me and straight into the penthouse. He looked almost scared. I wonder what’s happened.

I meet Chisato at the first suite on the 5th floor. “Lily” she calls when she sees me. She too also seems very nervous.

“Hey Chisato. What’s wrong.” She looks around to see if anyone is there and pulls me into the room.

“You mean you haven’t heard what’s happened.” I look at her questioningly and she continues “Someone was murdered last night on the ship. They found him this morning in the staff closet near the ballroom. You know the one.”

“Umm… yeah….I know the one.” I’m so shocked I don’t know what to say and as if on cue the penthouse pager goes off. “I’m sorry Chisato I have to go. I’ll talk to you later.” I race out of the room and up to the penthouse to see Eisuke. I can’t believe someone got murdered on our cruise. This is just terrible. Who could do such a thing.

I reach the penthouse lounge and find everyone there except Mamoru. Mr Kenzaki is standing next to Eisuke, talking to him. Eisuke looks up when I come in and there is a brief look of relief on his face. I sit down next to him and he turns back to Mr Kenzaki “This needs to be kept quiet amongst the ship and the crew, I don’t want to cause a panic. Call an emergency staff meeting in 30 minutes.”

“Yes Sir.” Mr Kenzaki bows and leaves the penthouse.

Eisuke lets out a sigh, leans back on the lounge and puts his arm over my shoulder. “You are to stay by my side at all times.”

“So it’s all true. How did this happen?” The bidders have all been sitting quietly since I arrived, watching Eisuke and to see what he wants to do next. He explains that the person was found this morning by the cleaning staff, he was covered in bruises and had been stabbed in the chest. They don’t know who the person is yet but Mamoru was on the case.

“We will find out who did this Eisuke, my men are watching everywhere.” Soryu says but it does little to reassure him.

I put my hand on Eiskue’s leg and smile at him. “We will get through this together.” He leans in and kisses me.

Just as we break away Mamoru suddenly runs into the room with a laptop in his hands. “Mamoru, what did you find. Who is he?” Eisuke says calmly.

“Umm…there’s a big problem…” Mamoru pauses.

“What!?” Eisuke snaps.

“The person is Hiroshi Kato and…”

I gasp loudly feeling the blood suddenly drains from my face.

“What!” Ota exclaims.

“Eisuke, didn’t you almost do business with him?” Baba says.

“This isn’t good.” Soryu utters.

“Lily is the main suspect isn’t she.” Everyone looks towards Eisuke and he has a blank expression on his face.

“How did you know that?” Mamoru says.

“Because she argued with him last night during the party.” I hang my head and tears begin to form in my eyes. Eisuke takes my chin and makes me look up at him. “Weren’t you the one who said we would get through this together. I’ll find a way to prove you’re innocent.” He is so calm and determined I start to believe it.

“I’ve got the video footage for you.” Mamoru sits down on the other side of Eisuke and brings up the video.

You can see Hiroshi walk up to me and we are talking but you can’t really make out what’s being said until I say “You stay away from him and me.” Most of the conversation is audible from then on. Hiroshi grabs me and I slap him then take off. That is the end of the video, apparently there aren’t any cameras down the hallway, so that was the last time we see him alive.

“Lily, we found what we assume to be your shoes in the hallway as well. I’m sorry but I need to take you for questioning” Mamoru says solemnly.

I go to shakily stand up but Eisuke grabs my hand. “I’ll go with you” he states.

“Thank you Eisuke but you have the emergency meeting in 10 minutes with the staff. Also I don’t think you should be seen with me during the questioning. This is your cruise ship after all.” I don’t want people to think he is biased on this matter, Hiroshi did threaten both of us and I don’t want him to get pulled into this.

He looks at me and pauses. “Fine.” Eisuke lets go of my hand and watches as I walk off with Mamoru.

We walk towards a conference room, “I’m sorry kid, but my hands are tied.”

“I know, you’re just doing your job.”

We walk into the room and I’m greeted by a short stumpy man. The atmosphere is so intense you could cut through it with a knife.

“Miss Yoshida, this is Inspector Tanaka. He will be in charge of this case. Please take a seat” Mamoru says very formally. I suspect the Inspector doesn’t know that we are all friends. I bow towards him and take a seat.

Mamoru and the inspector sit down across from me and start the voice recorder. “Miss Yoshida, can you please tell me what happened last night”

After watching the video from the security camera, everything comes back to me so vividly. I tell them everything that happened as they sit there staring at me.

“So, no one knew you went outside, is that correct?”

“Yes, I didn’t want to worry Eisuke that I was unwell”

“You admit you threatened him?”

“Yes, only because he threatened Eisuke and myself first.” I start to feel that this is not going to end well.

“You are mindful we found your high heels at the crime scene?”

“Yes, because I was trying to run away from him, I kicked off the heels to go faster”

“And you are aware that you had the opportunity to kill Mr Kato?”

“Uhh, I wouldn’t say that. Once I ran back to the ballroom I went to the powder room so I could catch my breath”

“But we have no record of you entering the powder room, only that you left the party with Mr Ichinomiya. There is a 10 minute window between when you are seen on the deck to when you left the IVC”

“No, I didn’t kill him! I…I only slapped him because he grabbed me. It…it was self-defence!” I start to wobble and I feel light headed again. There are tears in my eyes and Mamoru looks at me with sorrow and sadness. “The first time I stand up to someone and defend myself and my fiancé, they end up…dead.” I can no longer stop the wails from coming and break down.

The door to the conference room suddenly opens and Eisuke is standing there. “Mr Ichinomiya! I cannot allow you to barge in here. We are in the middle of a private investigation here. You must leave at once.” The Inspector is stunned at Eisuke’s actions.

“I will not allow you to torture one of my employees much less my fiancé!” He says sternly.

“Eisuke” I whisper. His figure is blurred by the tears. “I don’t want to drag you into this, you have your reputation to think about”

“To hell with my reputation! You are much more important to me”

“Mr Ichinomiya, I must insist that you leave. I understand that you are the owner of this cruise ship but we are trying to do our jobs. Mr Kishi, please escort him out”

Mamoru who has remained silent this whole time, stands up and walks over to Eisuke. “Come with me” Eisuke reluctantly follows him out of the room and shuts the door.

“Well Miss Yoshida, back to our questioning”


KBTBB deserves more people playing it and honestly, this is one of the best otome games I’ve played. It’s paid but the stories are extremely cheap and come with a bunch of CGs along with A+ storylines for all of them… I mean, just look at this presentation. Thanks to @kiserusmoke and @catchthespade for ruining my life and helping with this.

letsmysticmeessenger  asked:

Jumin reacting to an MC who left him and he sees them 1-3yrs later with twins.

Broken Promises 

“Why are you doing this to me? What have I done for you to treat me like a piece of garbage Jumin” 

You ran upstairs after your fleeing boyfriend begging for him to answer you. He come home late again but you didn’t care. You were happy that the man that owns your heart came home to you every night. However, this night was different than the rest. 

You had dinner and wine prepared for him to come home to so he can relax after his long day at the office. You made sure that Elizabeth 3rd, or what you like to call her Lady Elizabeth, was fed first and that her fur was brushed. You gave food to the guards because guilt entered your blood stream every night because they get little to no sleep. 

You were folding laundry when you heard the door open. You dropped what you were doing and followed your heart. Laying your eyes on him, you jumped on him hoping for a passionate kiss. Sadly, you were met with him taking your arms off him. 

“We need to talk” he walked to the living room and sat at the edge of the sofa “I need you to sign the confidentiallity agreement stating that you will not reveal our past relationship to the public nor to other businessmen” he pushed the stack of papers that were highlighted for your initials and signatures. 

You grabbed the papers and you weren’t sure if it was heavy because it was a lot or because this is how much you relationship weighed to him. You got up and tried to find answers in his eyes but all you saw was winter. You stepped closer to him and he stepped back afraid that your rays of light will melt away the coldness he has formed around his heart. 

“Jumin, I need you to explain to me whats going on! Why are you treating me like I’m some kind of business partner. I am your fucking girlfriend Jumin.” 

“You mean was. Now stop being complicated and sign the papers so we can both go our separate ways. I’ll pack your belongings for you so you don’t need to worry and reminisce on the way to my room.” His long legs were going up the stairs and you cried out for him but he didn’t stop. You were running after him hoping to still hold on the love that the both of you once shared. 

“Why are you doing this to me? What have I done for you to treat me like a piece of garbage Jumin” you cried out not noticing you missed a step. You prepared to feel a different type of pain but you felt coldness on your skin. You looked up and notice he isn’t the man that you fell in love with. 

“How pathetic are you? Im telling you to leave and yet you are practically begging for me. Get it through the thick skull of yours (y/n). I mistaken my loneliness for love. I thought I loved you but I just liked the feeling of being wanted.” 

*5 years later* *Jumins POV* 

I took my wife’s hand while we made our way to her brothers dinner. His family lives in the United States so I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her dearest brother. I only know the basics of him that he owns a company and that he has a wife and two kids. 

We rang the doorbell to be greeted by the maid and butler of the house. They took our coats and led us in. Their home was impressive to be quite frank. The decorations does seem rather familiar. While I was examining the decor and familiar fragrance led me to look at the stair way. 

“Eisuke!!” my wife shrieked and ran up to him. I don’t blame her it must be hard not seeing your brother for over 10 years. He gave a cocky smirk and my wife led him to me. He was seizing me up and scoffed while giving me a handshake. I tighten my grip to wipe that smirk off his face and he tighten it as well. “Eisuke, where’s my sister in law and the babies!” 

He turned his head to the side and pouted “She’s not done yet sister. She just loves making me wait” he sighed. My wife laughed and touched his shoulder “You don’t like waiting Eisuke, you must really love her” 

“He does” I heard a voice from the top of the stairway. I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I blinked a couple of times and it really is her. The woman I pushed away for my own selfish reasons. I looked towards Eisuke, my dear brother in law, and notice a sincere smile plastered on his face. She made her way down the stairs and went towards Eisuke and not even batting a single eyelash my way. “Im sorry I’m late my love” she gave him a peck on his lips. 

He pouted again and she playfully slapped his shoulders. They both smiled and he brought her body closer to him “You know you are the only woman I would wait for” My heart gave me a sting and my wife noticed the sudden change in expression. She asked (y/n) to take me to the restroom and I followed her up the stairs. On the way to the restroom, I heard children laughing that was easily contagious. (Y/N) looked at me with her lovely eyes and motioned for me to follow her. 

I entered a room covered in mint walls with stuffed animals and books perfectly place. I looked at the center of the room to see two children, fraternal twins in fact, playing with each other. We were staring at her kids play with each other and my body unconsciously moved closer to her. She stepped to the side to create the distance I once put. I then notice hands snake around her waist pulling her closer to Eisuke. He kissed her cheek and my thoughts were interrupted with my wife linking our arms together. She gave me a kiss on my cheek but I couldn’t stop my mind thinking that (y/n) is living the life that I’m suppose to live with her. Eisuke and my wife walked in front of us out of the children’s room and (y/n) looked at me “Crazy how I thought I was going to be your wife and now” she giggled “Im practically your sister in law. Life works a funny way.” 

Her words stunned me. Yeah, life does work in a funny way. 



Eito likes to have his mom (aka MC) sleep in the bed with him at night, but after he falls asleep, Eisuke brings her back to their own bedroom. So Eito gets mad at his father for ‘taking Mom away’. So this ⬆️ happens all the time.😊

Voltage Inc. Developer Interview!

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Part one of our new Developer Interview series is here, featuring the creator of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, Scandal in the Spotlight, My Last First Kiss, and many others!! 

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@pixelpirate7said:What would the bidders wear/do at a masquerade ball? What kind of mask would they wear? (I can see Luke wearing a hella fancy plague doctor mask)

I loved this request! I decided to make it a post instead since it’s very image-heavy. @catchthespade @maidofstars @bolt8826 you guys will love this

Mc and her problems
  • Bidders: *does something dangerous/irresponsible*
  • Mc: *opens a 400 page book called 'Things I wish to say but haven't said' and writes a new entry*