zeno let me make one of these GORGEOUS BABIES in exchange for a snap and they have been my current obsession for a while now

-they/it (sexless)
-juvenile doppelganger
-bizarre, invidious, standoffish
-multi-existential cosmic shapeshifting lizard
-exists to collect knowledge about the universe
-travels between the different layers of reality and exists in any space or time they choose in order to do so
-8 eyes, two of which were taken out by another doppelganger a very long time ago
-filled with glitter and space and stuff

Tal Eiss, South Aleppo

In the long winter nights when we did ribat surrounding Tal Eiss, I used to wonder how we were going to take it back from the Kuffar, what was the plan of the military commanders. Tal Eiss was a strategic point with good defences and hard for the Mujahideen to penetrate it.

Alhamdhulillah Allaah made it very easy for the Mujahideen. A single martyrdom operation and the Shia militias had already begun their marathon. It’s not our firepower that gives us victory rather the fear Allaah puts in the hearts of the kuffaar.

  • Katrina:elli if you were an elment
  • Katrina:which do you think you wiould be
  • Katrina:I was thinking darkness
  • Katrina:what do you think
  • friendly neighborhood necromancer:probably
  • Katrina:I mean the whole necromancer thing
  • Katrina:clearly darkness
  • friendly neighborhood necromancer:i'm also inclined towards nature
  • Katrina:wait wait
  • Katrina:what ELLIEment
  • Katrina:would you be
  • friendly neighborhood necromancer:AHAHAHAHAHA