zeno let me make one of these GORGEOUS BABIES in exchange for a snap and they have been my current obsession for a while now

-they/it (sexless)
-juvenile doppelganger
-bizarre, invidious, standoffish
-multi-existential cosmic shapeshifting lizard
-exists to collect knowledge about the universe
-travels between the different layers of reality and exists in any space or time they choose in order to do so
-8 eyes, two of which were taken out by another doppelganger a very long time ago
-filled with glitter and space and stuff

even as she knelt before me—

(— and gave me all your secrets. i probably should’ve slept instead of writing this.)

      The Brigmore manor was bright today; harsh sunlight came in through the east and radiated through the windows. Delilah stood in front of them, her head tilted back as she relished in the warmth. Black powdered eyelids shut, and thin, claw-like fingers brushed against the windowsill. She was smiling, and it was hard not to. Dunwall may have been collapsing like a mound of sand, but at least the mansion was still intact. Among the rats and oozing blood of weepers, there was still beauty. 

      Her eyes flicked open. She was no longer alone. Lurk was quiet, but she could not disguise her arcane presence. 

      Delilah turned her head. The assassin was wearing her mask, as ever. Gloved hands were held together in front of her, but she was guarded. Her blades could be drawn in a moment’s notice.

      “Oh, you frightened me, Lurk,” Delilah said, turning around and placing a hand over her heart, “Such a quiet little mouse you are.”

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I cerdte a new  girl ocs snk rp I may  use them  in    snk rp group emma a 18 year  name  emma she has long blond  wore in pony tail  green eey or blue idont  remebr could  etojer way  she   tiney like    histstiora are annnie   she  she  ich taller then histosra not she not r eiss she  brave girl who in suvery core   she just whant save humnty  she  form wall shina  and  she just wanted figth and help humnty she would weiling to died save some one  a wonderful girl   she has odler sister  11 year older then who married and has kids    her sisther  a crazy wall cult preosn marrid to another she dosnt get along with her sister  I orrnaly  creteid  a   flash  chahcer ofr  rp   who is died but  ican  use alive  and now  in rps    her sister she     horrrbile for not whaitng stay in wall shina witht the walls she  may be blond   and  short but she dosnt  look l ike  annnie  or     histria  but she still  very  beafuile  like them


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Cx5G__eiss)


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Cx5G__eiss)