eirynn graf

Chameleon People!

Eirynn is of the race Extemana, (The name is a combination of the latin words for foreign and human.) The true name of her race cannot be comprehended by the human mind!
The Extemana are a race of Chameleon people who have the ability to partially transform themselves to look like the race of the planet they are on, they usually will use the first person they saw as a reference. In Eirynn’s case she saw a fair skinned, red head, with freckles. They only have partial camouflage though as a means to identify their own. This is why Eirynn’s eyes are black and her ears are still pointed.

Fun Facts:

  1. I imagine my game is set hundreds of years in the future, where Earth hit a technological standstill in 2020 and the year is now 2200.
  2. Eirynn has been on Earth for years, she got all of her tattoos, but changing back to her natural form will cause her to lose them.
  3. Extemana have no established form of government or religion, they seem to exist all across the universe and have lost memory of their homeland.

Eirynn “Janelle” Graf.
A short timeline.

From left to right we have the saved version of Eirynn I have in my bin.

  • “Janelle”: Who was a WIP save of Eirynn who I almost scrapped because I didn’t like her.
  • Original Eirynn: This was the first saved version of Eirynn who I played as before taking any photos of her, I think this is also the first photo of her in her original outifit
  • Legacy”.Eirynn: This was the look Eirynn had around the time I was going to play a legacy with her which I never did there were a few photos of her in this outfit.
  • Current Eirynn: This is Eirynn now, with growing hair and an outfit I put her in specifically for this photo. The only tweaking ever done to her was making her head a tiny bit smaller.

Fun Facts:

  1. The character Eirynn is polyamorous.
  2. The name Eirynn is a play on my own.
  3. Initially her baldness was due to her being an alien.