I went in to the Cynthia Rowley shop on Montauk Hway looking for these adorable spring wetsuits. I saw a girl in the lineup sporting one of these and she stood out like a gem amongst a sea of black neoprene. 

The shop is great. I love how casual it is and how it feels like you walked into someone’s bedroom in a remote breezy sunny tropical island. 

The Cynthia Rowley shop is located on 696 Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY.

- Jun


I found this faux vintage collar pins from Topshop. I don’t really wear earrings and sometimes I get bored of wearing my same old necklaces. It’s fun and unexpected way to accessorize-clips, pins, broaches etc. I like to shop in my mom’s jewelry box for hand-me downs from grandma.

My good ol’ Rag and Bone jeans, booties from Zara and purse from HibouRa from Rome.

- Jun

I had a rough day today starting off at 7:30am surf accident in Long beach. Everyone came out alive + in one piece but an unfortunate traumatic dinged board.

I needed something yummy and comforting for the end of my day, so I made myself  whipped shea butter (this is to WEAR not to EAT!). 

First I melted the shea butter + coconut oil into liquid form. Then I left it to congeal in the fridge for about an hour. Then I whipped it for about 2 mins with a mixer in high speed. Then added some orange essential oil to make it extra yummy and girly. 

I think it’s just what a girl needed after a long day. Hot shower and home made fluffy butter to get ready for bed.

-  Jun

I love to surf and I love the sun but am terrified of permanent sun damage. Because I spend long hours in the water, I am always looking for the best protection. After searching high and low, I haven’t found anything that doesn’t have tons of chemicals and that STAYS ON! for at least 2 hours of my surf session. So, here’s my best solution: I made my own.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil(natural SPF 4), organic bees wax (makes it waterproof), organic Cocoa Butter (moiturizing), Zinc Oxide powder (sunscreen SPF 40), organic Treatree oil (fragrance and for sunburn), organic vanilla oil (fragrance) and organic cocoa powder (powerful antioxidant).

I am going surfing with my girlfriends tomorrow morning. We’ll test it out and report back!

- Jun

Power Up Your Day With Coconut Oil Smoothies!

           Adding a spoonful of coconut oil in your smoothie can satiate your hunger for longer. The coconut oil will blend right in with the other ingredients, you won’t even notice the taste and texture. Melt the coconut oil first (if it’s not already from a hot day) before adding it into a smoothie to avoid tiny clumps. What a better way to start the day than with an energy-packed smoothie!

Here are 10 delicious and healthy smoothies to switch it up with a good dollop of coconut oil:

1. Berry Tropical Green Smoothie

2. Strawberry Coconut Bliss

3. Superfood Smoothie

4. Mango Banana Coconut Smoothie with Chia Seeds

5. Chocolate Sweet Potato Smoothie

6. Chocolate Cocodamia

7. Blueberry-Mint Chia Seed Smoothie

8. Berry Coconut Milk Smoothie

9. Kefir Smoothie with Summer Fruit Delish

10. Spinach “Kale-ada” Smoothie

When I cook, instead of using a cookbook, I try to mimic some of the foods that I enjoy eating at restaurants, in this case the salad bar at Wholefoods.

This dish is a healthy version of a typical fried rice.

1. I cook the quinoa in the rice cooker.

2. Sautee onions and scallions

3. chop extra onions, scallions, yellow pepper

4. Bake salmon on parchment paper in the oven at 350 degrees with some Dijon mustard, gluten free soy sauce and rice vinegar for 8 mins

5. Open a can of organic Garbanzo beans and wash under cold water

6. Put it all together!


- Jun


I’m out east this weekend at my Montauk share house. In between surfing sessions, I am checking out the action in the art world in Southampton. 

The inaugural art fair opened today to the public. I wasn’t too impressed with the art-very safe conservative works. But I totally loved my outfit.

The dress is a salvation army score-an 80’s number. This sexy dress is great with heels for going out at night but for day at an art fair in the hamptons- flats. 

Purse a vintage 80’s coach at a tag sale I scored at the beginning of the summer. Ray Ban Shades. Magnifying glass necklace, Species by the Thousands, BK Flea. 

- Jun