eirinn go brach

Aisling from The Secret of Kells.

I don’t quite know what to think of this movie.  The animation was… stupendous, amazing, so goddamn beautiful it made my eyes water.  But the story and characters were kind of all over the place and it was like a big hippie trip to watch.  My 3-year old son who’s pretty much the supreme film critic of our household these days yawned and walked away after 5 minutes and I started sketching while watching.  Which is kind of never a good thing when you’re seeing a film for the first time. But yeah, hot damn it looked good.

I have so many feelings about Will Poindexter, and his irishness (taken from my own irish heritage and shit)

  • definitely has the highest alcohol tolerance of the all the frogs, probably the third highest overall (behind Shitty and Lardo, lbr), because he’s been drinking since he was 14 and you learn quick not to get too drunk or cousin pat dumps you in snow drifts head-first
  • probably a very loud, hand-waving drunk. will yell at you while drunk, but only because past three beers, he has no idea what “being marginally quiet” means
  • has at least one family member named Patrick and another called John, if not multiple of each (we love our pats and johnnys)
  • will fight his family if given the chance
  • not like, angrily, but laughing the entire time
  • probably made leprechaun traps when he was little
  • he has. so many small children around. at least fifteen cousins and no less than 2 siblings, if not more of both
  • his family probably hangs out every weekend, and there was always some cousin or aunt there every day after he got out of school
  • celebrates paddys by eating a shitton of corn beef and cabbage, complaining about how much corn beef and cabbage he just ate, and then gettin’ Schwasted
  • all the women in his family have claddagh rings
  • he got read the folktale about the leprechaun who got caught and had to show the man who caught him which tree his gold was buried under, and tricked his captor out of his gold by tying a flag on every tree around so the guy didnt know which one was the right tree
  • can say “eirinn go brach” no problem
  • just. dex being irish and proud of it
  • because even if he got teased fr his red hair and how poor his family was, they still all had each other, you know?
  • its hard to be sad when you’re surrounded by fifty loud, smiling family members who love you to death

I was gonna do a big “Eirinn go brach!” post in honor of Ireland legalizing same sex marriage but I think I’m gonna wait til they decide women are fully human and stop making us suffer horrible deaths due to pregnancy complications and unsafe illegal abortions.

So instead, this post is in memory of Savita Halappanavar and thousands….10s of thousands…countless women who died or were forced to give birth by a regime still clinging to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Death Cult.

Savita go brach! Wná go brach! (Savita forever! Women forever!)