“…are those devil horns? Well, he says they’re only goat horns, so you’ll have to go with that.

It’s strange though. Eiou resembles that boy who gave you that goat plushie when you were at the hospital with the broken arm….

But Mom made you throw the stuffed animal away, since she claimed that ‘it was full of hospital germs’ or something like that.”

an npc for the raki story. he won’t be appearing soon though.

eiou said: There’s some free dbt workbooks online (if u Google dbt workbook pdf or smthing) and that could be helpful Cus a big focus of is being able to acknowledge ur emotions And deal w them without pushing them away, and there are also lots of dbt strategies about communication and interpersonal effectiveness which might be helpful

ah tysm!! yeah id thought abt dbt but i wasnt rly sure if itd apply? but that def sounds appropriate ill check it out