Voltron: In the Forest of No Return

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(Note: I know the grammar is not perfect on here. If anyone wants to Beta this I’d be more then happy to let them. Also a heads up, while this is trying to sound as much as a normal episode as possible, this is a shipping fic, so not happy with the pairing, well just try to read it as a regular episode then. And please enjoy.) 

12 pages, and 6.307 words. (if you need to know) 


Looking down at the map on the screen Pidge wrinkled her nose. This can’t be the right planet…can it? Her brows narrowed as she peered out her windshield of the cabin to the new pod she’d rigged up. Again she double checked the map and the read out she’d pulled up from the Castles directory about the known planets in Cluster KB-22, and the two worlds looked nothing alike.

From the screen she had up the ecology of Mezora was a dry and red looking place. Not yet able to support life fully, yet from what she could see outside of her cabin window there was lush viridian greens of earth, and blue water all around in river like lines that zigzagged around the planet itself.  In the ten thousand years that Allura had been sleeping the planet had been remade into something that was habitable by some form of race.

Pidge gave out an annoyed grunt and commented over the com, “Are you sure you downloaded the right specs Lance?”

“Yes of course I am,” Lance’s annoyed reply came back, slightly fizzled due to the distance between her and the castle. “I checked it four times, like you asked, before I downloaded it in from the library. Are you sure you’re up for this Pidge, you’re being a bit…weird.”

“I’m fine,” she snapped back and then added a quick, “Sorry.”

“Okay, okay, no need to bite,” Lance said and added, “Hey, be careful down there.”

“Will do,” Pidge responded and slowly maneuvered down towards the surface of the planet below.

She knew the Castle was watching her movement through their tracking, only she couldn’t see them. They were hiding, of course, behind the second smaller and farther moon of Mezora, so communications were being pushed not only from distance but from the waves of interference coming from the planet itself.

This whole exploration had been Pidge’s idea in the first place, and now she was wondering if she should call it off.

The plan had come into her mind while they had landed at a small ice planet called Eios, where, tired from their search for Shiro, the group had decided to lay low and get some much needed rest. On and off they had been dealing with the Galra, who seemed to be in the midst of their own issues since Zarkon had been defeated. Not only had they been attacked by a Commander named Throk more than once, a group called the Tiger Fighters –who seemed to be under some sort of contract with Prince Lotor or someone who was working with him, and a group of fighters that were under Lotor’s direct command, but they were also running low on supplies and Keith was still getting used to being the leader, much to Lance’s annoyance.

Rest was needed, and it allowed the group to at least figure out what to do next. So far most of their leads about Shiro’s where about were exhausted and everyone was in a rather gloomy mood.

Keith had taken it the hardest, feeling that he’d somehow failed Shiro, and had insisted they go back to the location where Zarkon’s ship was to look for him. Coran had blasted that plan down pointing out that they didn’t have enough reserve energy for it.

“We’d be sitting Farfellas,” he’d told them as the group had congregated back on the bridge. Lance and Hunk had to pull Keith off of his lion so that he didn’t run off, and eventually he’d calmed down enough to throw out his idea.

“Farfellas?” Lance asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You know, a type of creature that just sits there waiting for someone to take a shot at it.” Coran explained and Lance glanced over at Pidge.

“I think he means, they’re like a duck,” she offered and Coran gave her a weird look.

“What’s a duck?”

“I guess it’s like a Farfella?” Lance responded and motioned with his hands as he tried to explain. “You know, a small bird that sits on the water. Has webbed feet, and flies, makes a quacking noise.”

Coran looked amused and shook his head, “No, no, a Farfella looks more like a large lizard that has pointed teeth and will walk on its hind legs at night. Nasty thing in the morning, but at night as docile as a pinzwilder.”

Pidge and Lance glanced sideways at each other than both let out a sigh, not wanting to bother trying to figure out what Coran was talking about. Keith, however, had been more than willing to keep the conversation going.

“Look, regardless of how much energy we have, we need to find Shiro it’s…I…” he shook his head and looked down, dejected. Pidge glanced over to him as Hunk put a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t blame yourself, Keith. It’s no one’s fault.”

“But I was the one that said we needed to grab him, I didn’t even check to see…” Pidge quickly cut him off again and jumped off the railing where she was sitting.

“We were all trying to get in communication with him, Keith. We all thought something was wrong and that’s why he wasn’t responding.”

“Yeah, it’s not like you knew that he was going to disappear,” Lance said pointedly, although his tone indicated something more. “Unless you did.”

Keith looked up and narrowed his brows, “What do you mean by that?”

“Well I mean, you know, being Galra and all. How do we know you didn’t make him vanish so you could try to lead us?”  Lance crossed his arms and looked suspiciously at Keith. His eyes moved over to Hunk and Pidge. “Don’t tell me you two didn’t think that for a minute too.”

Keith stared at his friends and looked between them, “Are you serious? Why would I want to hurt Shiro! He’s…He’s family to me!”

“Well so are they now,” Lance pointed out as Pidge looked at Hunk and Allura for any help to diffuse the situation.

“I don’t even know any of them!” Keith yelled and his fists tightened as he got closer to Lance. “Just exactly what are you accusing me of?”

“Nothing, yet.” Lance returned the glare. “But I find it pretty odd that the minute you find out your part Galra, all of a sudden Shiro goes missing, then you proclaim yourself leader.”

“I didn’t proclaim myself anything. Shiro asked me to lead if something happened to him.” Keith was right up in Lance’s face now and the two were glaring at one another with enough tension that you could cut it with a knife.

Off to the side Hunk quickly slipped over and got between them. “Okay, calm down. Let’s everyone take a breather.”

“Yeah, this isn’t any way to deal with this,” Pidge added and nodded with Hunk, then looked at Lance. “You know Keith, we’ve been working with him and he’s stood up for you when we got attacked back when Sendak tried to come after the Castle remember.”

“Yeah but, that was before he found out he was part Galra. I mean…” Lance stared then stopped.

“And Keith, I know you’re upset over Shiro going missing but going back there and looking isn’t the best of ideas. I mean most of our engines were blown out, and the systems need fixing…”

Keith sighed and leaned back as did Lance. “You’re right,” and he glanced at Lance who was looking a bit more humbled at the moment.

“We need to worry about the castle,” Lance said and then held out his hand to Keith, “Sorry.”

Keith quickly shook it, “We’re both on edge right now.”

“Yeah,” Lance said then added, “But what makes you think you should be leader? Why can’t I be the leader?”

“Shiro asked me, but…I guess, ultimately it’s up to Allura.” Keith motioned to the Princess who was now sitting down and thinking. All eyes turned on to her and she furrowed her brows.

“Let’s consider that once we get the castle back to being fully operational. Then we can discuss our options and what to do next.”

For the next several days that was all they did. With the help of Kolivan and Slav the Castle of Lions slowly regained its power and maneuverability. It didn’t take long though before the team was caught up in a fight and forced to deal with it. The Tiger Fighters had located their position and forced four of the five lions out, and between Lance and Keith giving orders the group had a hard time keeping it together. Somehow they had made a win by the skim of their teeth, but the Lions had to be charged and with the Castle not at its peak condition this meant working on finding locations to gather supplies and deal with repairs while keeping several steps ahead of the Galra.

On the plus side, thanks to Zarkon being out of commission, as they assumed, the empire wasn’t able to track them as readily. But this had a down side as it meant that they didn’t have a clue where the Galra forces were, since the team was used to out maneuvering them after they were being traced. Now they had to go back and rely on reading transmission and listening to see where the communications were coming from.

While the Blade was helpful with its spies, without an agent on the inside like Thrace, things had become harder to figure out what the next move would be from the empire. It had come as a surprise to them when they had been confronted by Lotor’s ship, and were forced to actually flee rather than fight him. The back and forth between dealing with the various groups had taken its toll not only on the Lions but the group.

Eios had a good number of places for them to go to, although they were in disguise most of the time due to Lotor having the wits about him to send out a bounty on their heads with images from the various times they had been caught by surveillance cameras. Their trip to the Space Mall hadn’t helped all that much since most of the images came from there.

“I bet that security guard was so thrilled to be of use,” Lance told Pidge sarcastically as he, Hunk and Pidge sat around a table drinking some warm drinks. The taste reminded Pidge of bitter hot chocolate, but at least they were getting something warm in their bellies, which was a good thing. Or at least Shiro would have pointed that out to them.

“No doubt he probably had shots of us up on the wall,” she added as Hunk picked up a long looking bean sprout from the dish of fungus that the owner had left them.

“Wonder what this is,” he was saying before popping it in his mouth and then promptly slurping down the drink to cool off his tongue. “Hot, hot, hot…” he waved his hand over his lolling tongue, “What was that?”

Pidge looked down on the list next to the bowl, “A Formizian root sprout. It says here that it’s supposed to be really hot and spicy.” She looked up at Hunk fixing her glasses. “My guess, it’s like chili peppers or ghost peppers.”

“So good, but so spicy,” Hunk said as the waiter brought over some ice that looked like frozen yogurt. Hunk quickly popped it in his mouth and all at once felt a soothing sensation run over his tongue and down his throat. “Ah….better,” he waved at the waiter. “Thanks for the help.”

The waiter waved back as Lance smirked at Pidge, “Well, well, look at you. Getting better with your language lessons I see.”

Pidge flushed slightly at the compliment, more embarrassed than anything else, “Well yeah. I mean someone should know what the heck most of the writing says. We can’t always rely on Keith to be there to read it, or Allura.”

“Yeah, I know,” Lance sat back and poked at the other fungus in the bowl, partly afraid too much on them. “Really wish I could get some good old nachos or fries. Maybe some churros, or a roscas,” he paused when he saw Pidge looking confused and quickly motioned with his hands. “It’s like a doughnut, usually it’s kinda thin and baked, with chocolate on top. There was a shop that sold it not far from my house, I used to get them there on my way home from school. They’re really good, you should try them some time…” a distant look came into his eyes. “If we ever get home.”

“When we get home,” Hunk quickly corrected him and Pidge nodded.

“Yeah, when we get home. I’ll try some with you, okay Lance?”

“Oh, me too, me too!” Hunk said, “I’ve always wanted to try Cuban food.”

Lance laughed, making both of his friends smile. It had been a while since he’d let out a good chuckle, and it was nice to hear it. That changed when two men walked into the shop, dressed in cloaks and the trio went quiet. While they didn’t look like druids, there was an aura around them that made Pidge feel like they were of some importance to some group that they had not encountered before.

The taller one was speaking softly to the shorter one, clearly in a heated discussion, and Lance kept leaning over to try to hear what they were saying. He frowned and shook his head, “It’s all a jumble to me. I can’t understand a word of it.”

This gave Pidge a moment to consider an option she hadn’t before, “Maybe I can,” she kept her voice low as the other two leaned in some, and she pulled out a small device. It looked a bit like the cube that Coran had from the Olkari, but it clearly was more octagonal in nature and had a speaker and mic on it.

“Ah, what’s a speaker going to do Pidge,” Lance asked as she turned it on.

“It’s not a speaker, well it was, but then I modified it. It’s actually a language translator.”

Hunk looked impressed, “You mean like those things that the Garrison leaders were talking about installing on some of the suits so people could talk to each other over the coms and it translates it?”

Pidge nodded, “One in the same, only this one is going to try to translate what they’re saying.”

“But, how’s that going to work if you don’t know the language? Doesn’t it have to be programed in?” Lance said pointedly and Pidge gave a smirk.

“Already figured that out. I down loaded all the known language banks that the Castle had and exported the most common into the cube. If there’s a slim chance that it can hear the language they’re speaking then it can translate it back to me.” She put in an ear piece as Lance took it from her hand to examine it.

“Yeah, but how are you going to get it over there to them. You can’t just walk over and say drop it under the table.”

“No, I can’t, but you can.” She smiled and Hunk covered a laugh as Lance just shot her a look and added.


A moment later he was pretending to go look for the washroom and bumped into the table causing the two men to look up and Lance to excuse himself while dropping the strange translator onto the floor. It rolled under the table then, carefully climbed up the leg it was near and attached to the underside of the table as Lance thanked the men for giving him directions and walked away, giving a thumbs up to Pidge who quickly turned it on with the small device in her hand.

After a moment or so of gibberish coming into her ear piece she started to hear words that she could understand.

“Traitor.” “Son of,” “Needs to be dealt with…” “Won’t like it…” “Do we have a choice?” “Keeping him…” “Safe.” “Other slaves.” “Rebels keep attacking.” “Taking them from us.” “Human.” “Wearing armor.”

Then there was more gibberish, and finally, “Mezora.”

Pidge’s eyes went wide. The Rebels they were talking about, she had to wonder if they were the same ones as the group that took her brother. If they were then…then she could find her brother and maybe with his help they could find Shiro. It was an insane option but there wasn’t much of a choice. This was news and she knew she was going to have to get it to Allura and Coran as quickly as possible.

Hunk noticed her reaction as Lance was coming back over, he’d waited several minutes before rejoining them. “Hey, Pidge, what are they saying?”

Pidge looked up at her compatriots and shook her head then motioned in a ‘let’s go’ way with her eyes. Lance and Hunk exchanged quick glances then nodded, finishing their drinks, as if everything was normal, and got up to go. The trio walked out, keeping their movement as casual as possible. None of them would have noticed that one of the men in the cloaks was feeling around under the table and had pulled out the translation device.

The one that had it in hand held it up to his fellow diner and said softly, “We should alert Prince Lotor of this.”

“The Paladins are on the move.”

At that moment the trio had managed to find Keith who was with Kolivan. The two had been trading some items and the older male had been talking to Keith about something private. Pidge had caught a look of curiousity in the younger man’s eyes, but that went away and he smiled when he saw them coming towards him. Hunk handed him a hot drink, which he graciously took.

“Thanks, what’s with the faces?”

“We need to get moving,” Lance explained quickly and patted Pidge on the shoulder. “Pidge heard something important.”

Keith and Kolivan looked at her surprised as Hunk added, “Yeah these two weird cloaked guys came into the place where we were eating. Then they started to talk weird, and Pidge got the idea to use this neat device she has to translate their language, and found out what they were saying.”

“Good work Pidge,” Keith smiled and Pidge gave a nod, flushed from running over to find him. “What did they say?”

“I’m not sure, but it sounded like they were talking about the Rebels attacking a planet with a Human wearing armor.” She explained as she caught her wind and fixed her glasses glancing back with Lance who was keeping an eye out for the cloaked figures. “I’m not sure, but they could have been talking about either Shiro, or…Matt.”

Keith met her gaze, he knew this was important, not only to him in finding Shiro but her for finding her brother. He’d seen how she’d looked when alone in thought and memories had come up about it. Shiro had, in their down time, mentioned it to him more than once in passing. He’d been just as determined to find Matt and Sam Holt as he had been to defeat Zarkon. It was something that Keith was going to do as well. If there was any way to find them, then he would. They were Pidge’s family, and he wasn’t about to turn his back on them.

“Alright then let’s go, did they say where they were at?”


Keith looked over at Kolivan, “Think we have enough for the repairs.”

“I believe so, yes,” said the leader of the Blade, though he looked confused at Pidge. “Who is this Matt?”

“He’s…He’s my brother. He was captured with Shiro and my dad when they were doing research for earth. I’ve been trying to find them ever since, and now…” now she had a lead, a strong one. Kolivan seemed to understand the look in her brown eyes as he gave a slight smile.

“You are a brave one, Pidge Gunderson,” the older Galra hefted a box and gave a look to Keith, “I shall go first, you four follow in pairs.”

“I’ll go with Pidge,” Keith offered and Lance and Hunk just shrugged it off. The two seemed to wander off slightly then head towards the ship in another direction, and Keith quickly motioned Pidge to follow him. The two hurried along the icy streets and the many stalls that made up the small quiet space port town. Pilots and locals mingled at various locations as they moved quickly around in the cold air, clearly not as affected as those that were not native to the planet.

For a while they walked in silence until Keith said softly, “We’ll get them back.”

She glanced up at him and noticed that Keith looked more serious than ever and nodded, “All three of them.”

He turned his head to face her as she gazed back at him with a determined expression on her face. Keith’s eyes softened some, knowing that Pidge had his back helped a lot. She was his partner after all. He took a breath and nodded. “Yeah, all three.”

With that they hurried down to the ship and found the others their waiting already. Coran waved to them as they raced over, and he smiled, “I heard you have some good news.”

“Yeah, can you get the ship ready we’re gonna need to leave fast. We might have a hit on finding Pidge’s brother…” he paused and looked at Allura, “And possibly Shiro.”

She raised her eyebrows and glanced at Pidge who nodded confirmation. A resolute look came over her face as Allura hurried inside giving orders to Slav and Coran to make the Ship ready to go. In no time at all the Castle of Lions was flying out in space, wormholing its way to Mezora.

“So what’s this place like?” Hunk asked as they sat on the bridge and Allura thought a moment or two trying to figure it out.

“Well, it’s a dusty dry place, and the soil is a rich red color.” She recalled as she tried to picture the place in her mind. Coran quickly jumped in explaining things in more detail.

“Mezora used to be a pretty young planet ten thousand years ago. If I recall correctly it was mostly an outpost for a few political factions to meet, although no one really lived there outright.” He rubbed his mustache as he thought. “There was a lot of talk of building some sort of city there once things had cooled off, but no one was sure who was going to be in charge of it since it was kind of on its own alone out there.”

“Sounds a lot like mars,” Keith commented as Coran pulled up the planet.

“And looks like it too,” Hunk noted as he examined the whole thing. “Yeah there’s a ton of volcanic activity, but it’s cooled down at this point. See the river beds starting to be made.”

Lance and Pidge came over to look as Keith glanced at Allura who was keeping her eye on Slav. The strange alien inventor seemed interested in some new item he had gotten off of Eios. Keith quietly walked over, and noticed where the Princess’s eyes were moving.

“Any idea what his new toy is?”

“No,” she shook her head and sighed, “And I honestly don’t want to.”

Keith gave a short nod, recalling how Slav had agitated Shiro, someone he thought had the patience of a saint. Allura was no Shiro, so Slav was able to get under her skin far faster than his. Keith watched her as her eyes moved around the room then at the planet.

“Something bothering you?”

“Well, yes, quite frankly it is.” She explained as she looked over at Pidge and the others. “The whole conversation that they over heard. I’m not sure if I trust it completely. We’ve had one to many brushes with danger Shi…” she paused and blinked once quickly correcting herself, “Keith. And I’m worried this is a trap.”

Keith, for his part, ignored the slip up. He knew she was still getting used to not having Shiro around to handle the Paladins. This was part of the role he was going to have to get used to, and while Pidge and Hunk made it easy, Lance, not so much. He smiled slightly at Allura, placing a hand on her forearm.

“I’m a bit worried too. We don’t know what they were exactly talking about. But if there’s a chance that either Matt or Shiro is down there…”

Allura gave a quick nod in agreement. “We need to take that risk.”

“A calculated one,” Keith said pointedly, “But yeah.”

“Speaking of which, we’re going to need to figure out who’s going down with the landing party. We lost one of the pods, so we can’t risk losing another, and we can’t risk them seeing one of the lions.” Allura was saying when the Castles navigation system warned that they were approaching their destination and she slowly pulled out of the wormhole farther back from the planet so that they couldn’t be noticed.

The others looked up when they came out of hyperspace and Lance raised his eyebrow. “Huh? So we’re stopping farther out then?”

“Yes, but only because we don’t want to be spotted. We need to come up with a plan.” Allura explained and Keith gave her the floor to speak. She cleared her throat, trying to sound as calm as possible. “We know that the planet has been attacked in the past by this rebel group, but we don’t know when or where. We also know that there are slaves there, and the possibility of a royal person on the planet that being held hostage, and is seen as a traitor.” She glanced over at Pidge, “Do I have that all right?”

“That’s about what my device was able to translate.” Pidge admitted and Allura seemed pleased.

“Do you still have it?”

“The device,” Pidge looked nervous and tipped her head some. “I, well, I left it behind. We were in a rush to get out of there, and it would have been hard to retrieve. It can’t record anything, just translate, so there’s not much good they can do with it.”

“Yeah but now they know someone was listening,” Keith looked a little disturbed by this fact. “They could have gotten word to the Galra, or someone else.”

“Hey, lay off, I’m the one that dropped it,” Lance stuck up for her but Keith seemed to roll his eyes. Pidge knew this wasn’t Keith being upset, just worried. He didn’t want to lose anyone else, and she saw in his face that he was mulling over the possibility of leaving before things began.

Pidge looked down for a moment, “I know,” she looked back at him then, “but even so we need to see what we can find out.”

“I agree,” Keith responded, and Lance blinked, a bit surprised.

“You do?”

“Sure, we can’t know if they reported it to anyone, or even found it. And if they don’t know what it is, or where it came from, it’s not useless, but it’s not a strong piece of evidence in favor of them knowing what we’re up to.” Keith shrugged lightly at this and Lance seemed relieved at this. For the past several weeks that they had been searching Keith had been jumpier, worried that they could get hit by an unknown attack. He had to wonder if talking to Kolivan on Eios had helped their new leader gain some confidence.

“Yeah, but even if they don’t, we can’t just rest on our butts floating out here and waiting to see if they make a move or not.” He pointed out and Hunk added quickly.

“And if there are slaves down there, or prisoners, we need to get them out.”

Keith closed his eyes and started to consider things, “We need to get down there without anyone noticing and see if we can get some intel on what’s going on.”

“You mean like monitoring them? Sort of like a recon mission?” Lance smiled and stood up to his full height. “Well if it’s a spy that you need, I can certainly handle that job. I’ll take my soda stirred not shaken.”

“No,” Keith said bluntly and Lance’s face fell.

“Oh come on! You know that I’m fast and I’ve got reflexes like a cat.”

“Yeah but you can be too loud,” Hunk pointed out and Lance rolled his eyes.

“Thanks for the back up there partner.”

“Don’t mention it,” Hunk teased back and poked Lance in the side causing him to jump a little from the tickle. Keith shook his head, covering a small smirk that came out, and considered the options.

“Well I’m out,” Keith crossed his arms trying to reason things out. “Zarkon and the other’s know my face and Shiro’s the most.”

“Good point,” Hunk said and looked at Pidge, “So I guess the two of us will have to do the recon. Unless Coran or the Princess wanted to come along.”

“Oh, I could go,” offered Slav who appeared over Hunk’s shoulder. “In one reality I’m a judo master.” He karate chopped the air with a few hands, as if trying to prove it. The look on Hunk’s face caused Lance, Pidge and Keith all to cover snorts.

“It might be better if you ah…stay here Slav. We’ll need your help running the ship in case we need to deal with any fighters coming from the planet.” Allura told him as she gave a tight smile, trying to stop herself from laughing.

Slav looked between the Paladins and shrugged his shoulders, “Well, alright, after all I had a twenty percent chance of dying if I went down there anyway.”

“Awww, only twenty this time?” Lance asked sarcastically.

“Lance,” cautioned Keith and Lance waved it off.

“What? I’m kidding. You know a joke? Or has your sense of humor left when Shiro did?”

“Guys, let’s not start fighting again,” Hunk cut in before things started to get ugly. He rubbed the back of his head. “So what if Pidge and I go down there and scope thing out and report back.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Keith nodded and Lance sighed but seemed resigned to the fact that he was going to be stuck in the Castle rather than out in the field. Coran held up his hand suddenly and stopped the proceeding.

“Hold everything, this won’t do.”

“Why not?” Hunk asked and Coran pointed at the castles bridge board.

“We’re not running on full capacity right now, and in case something goes wrong with the system then we’ll need all hands on deck.”

“He’s right,” Keith sighed and Lance went over to Pidge and put an arm around her.

“Well then I guess it’s just you and me little buddy,” he teased and she rolled her eyes.

“I think it might be better for just one of us to go.”

“What? You don’t think I can handle it?” Lance actually looked hurt for a moment as Pidge quickly countered. That wasn’t what she had meant at all. Lance would have been a great asset but if Matt was down there then, she wanted to see for herself, and Lance had a habit of letting his ego get in the way of things from time to time. She was worried that whoever Matt was with they could get the wrong impression of them, and there could be trouble, and the last thing she wanted was for Matt to get hurt because of her.

“No, no, no. It’s not that. We don’t know what’s down there,” Pidge explained. “And if one of us goes then it could be easier to scout, and since I’m the smallest, then maybe they won’t notice me as easily.”

Lance rubbed his chin, “Like what happened in the Castle when we were all caught. I get it…okay…but…are you sure you’re going to be okay down there on your own?”

“I should be fine. If the lay out is the same then there should be no issue for me landing nearby and sneaking in.” Pidge explained to them and pointed out a path from a location near some flats. “See, right there, there’s a flat that’s above the city. If I land there, and sneak down, I can slip in from the back, probably over the wall there, and end up right in the back alleys of the city.”

“And from there you can look for your brother or Shiro.” Hunk nodded his head in agreement.

“Exactly, I’m the least conspicuous of the group, so I should be the one to go down.”

Keith scowled slightly, “I’m not a big fan of this plan, Pidge.”

“Why not?” she asked seriously. “You don’t think I’m up for it?”

“No it’s not that. But it has been a long time since the Castle’s updated it’s maps and star systems. And the last time we went out, Hunk and I ran into issues about the planet we ended up near.” Keith’s mind wandered to the strange Galra with Zarkon’s emblem on his sleeve. Since then he hadn’t seen hide nor hair of the Galra in that suit, and no other Galra fighters had that marking on them. It had bothered him more then he wanted to admit, and he was regretting not telling Shiro about the mark back when he had a chance. What bothered him more though was that the Galra that he’d met was still out there, and there was a chance that Pidge could run into him. He didn’t know if the guy was friend or foe, and that annoyed him.

“Oh yeah,” Hunk’s voice brought Keith back to the group. He was talking to Pidge as he tried to describe what they had seen. “When we got to the Weblum the planets were all destroyed like something big had come and torn them apart. But that wasn’t on the map, the readings were all off.”

Pidge sighed, “Okay, I promise, I’ll be careful. A quick scout, I won’t go into the city till I contact you and then I’ll wait for you guys to come down and meet me. Fair enough.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Keith agreed, a bit reluctantly. “Any one against it.”

“I still don’t like you doing this alone,” Lance admitted, “But, given the situation, you should be okay. Just make sure you’ll let us know if anything comes up alright? And if there are some good looking ladies, let me know about that too.”

Pidge again rolled her eyes, “Will do.”

“Don’t worry Pidge, you got this,” Hunk cheered her on with a solid pat on the back.

“And I know you have it up here helping Coran with the engines.” She gave him a high five and the two grinned.

It didn’t take long for Pidge to get into a pod and head down towards Mezora. As before the Castle was hiding behind the second moon and she could see the whole world below her. She angled the pod, saying her comments to Lance and letting him know how close she was getting. All the while the systems were acting up as if some form of transmission was messing with them. This wasn’t good, but she needed to push on. If Matt was down there she needed to find him, needed to see him and hope that he could help them find Shiro and their dad.

It wasn’t till she was pulling through the atmosphere that things really started to get weird. The whole planet was covered in plants and trees. She could see a huge canopy from where she was and felt herself being pulled closer and closer towards the surface. That’s when the communications completely cut off.

“Castle of Lions, this is Pidge, do you copy? Allura, this is Pidge, do you copy? Lance…answer me?! Anyone? Keith, Hunk! Someone!” she was starting to get slightly scared. If there was trouble they couldn’t hear her, and vice versa. This was bad, Pidge realized, and decided then and there to pull out. However, that was not what was going to happen.

Just as she had started to maneuver the ship to get out of the sky, something hit on her port side and knocked the pod sideways. Pidge let out a yelp as she lost control of the steering and another blast from the ground hit the ship sending it in another direction.

“Whoa! Come on! Don’t do this!” she screamed and dove for the ground figuring she could avoid being hit more. Diving into the tree top Pidge braced for impact and felt herself thrown about when the pod crashed through the top layer. Things became disorienting and she blacked out.

Moments later she opened her eyes to find herself upside down, the ship smoking, but still in one piece. Pidge quickly unbuckled herself and tried the coms.

“Pidge to Castle, Pidge to Castle, do you copy?” there was static and then silence. She sighed and looked around, nothing but lush trees and forest for miles.

“Great…now what do I do?” she muttered as she began to search to find a way to get to the city.


Elsewhere, watching on a screen one Prince Lotor eyed the falling ship and crossed his arms.

“Well, well, isn’t this interesting? So it looks like those two merchants were right when they said someone was listening to them. I wonder, just what prize have we caught?” He smirked and his yellow eyes brightened with anticipation of his catch.

Sun meethaa jeeo pindd sabh than arapeejai eio dharasan har jeeo paaeeai |3|

Listen, friends: dedicate your soul, body and your whole being to Him; thus you shall receive the Blessed Vision of His Darshan. ||3||


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Quella sera che ci rivedremo
non importa che giorno sarà
anche se il mio giorno preferito è il sabato
ma non importa
quella sera che ci rivedremo
ci guarderemo tanto
occhi negl'occhi
e io memorizzerò la tua faccia.

E poi torneremo a ballare
una canzone francese
che parla di me e di te.

Dopo tu dormirai con me
si non ti farò tornare a casa
perché la notte è lunga e
io ho ancora bisogno di guardarti
e di baciarti
e di abbracciarti da dietro
come fanno gli innamorati,
quelli veri.