october 21, 2018. continuing with the d&d theme of this month’s bujo, here’s a druid-themed spread and some beautiful green dice with golden shimmer to match! i have an online session scheduled for today with my friends and i’m playing a bard but my voice is absolutely croaky from being ill, so that’s gonna be interesting. 🌿

October 21st,2018

4/100 days of productivity

Today was boring: went to a 3 hour long french class, came home and have been chilling ever since. I need to practice for a math contest soon, but do I want to? No!

Here’s some french class work from Friday- I hope I got a good mark, I need a higher mark in this class :0


Hey guys, so I’ve seen some posts around about daily routines so I thought I’d share my own. I consider myself to be great at being productive even early in the morning, and here’s how I achieve that. Hope this is helpful, and feel free to ask me questions if you have any!


december 30, 2017 - studyblr gif aesthetics

“when you’re in university or college, nobody is gonna babysit you. there’s no bell that goes off when it’s class time. there’s no attendance. you can skip all the classes if you want to. you really just have to take everything into your own hands and make the most of your experience…everything you need to succeed is right in front of you.” —kassie isabelle

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1. Have a Positive Mental Attitude- Prime yourself at being always comfortable and confident that u can do a lot better at studying. Remember that you are studying things that will prove to be valuable in real life. 

2. Prepare your Work Space- Look for a place in your home or bedroom where u think u can study and maintain concentration in your work. Have materials stocked up and in place before your study. This way, u can finish your work without any interruptions. 

3. Avoid Cramming- study an hour a day even when there’s no homework. Scan your notebooks and do a little advanced reading of your textbooks. You can also research through the internet to learn more about the topics u are covering in school.  I suggest google scholar, it’s like google but for students, it has the citations, and filters results so that only helpful outcomes appear.

4. Do projects with more enthusiasm and creativity- Don’t be afraid to think of new ideas or ways to present your homework or projects. Teachers always give additional points to students who show great effort in their works. SO, don’t be afraid to do something original, do something that hasn’t been done before.

5. Raise Your Hand- Be active and establish a friendly attitude towards your teachers. Offer to help them out in checking some work, filing papers or just carrying their things. Little good things add up in the end for that extra effort grade, and they’ll always remember you as a very helpful student. 

6. Enjoy Reading the Latest News- Find connections or associations with your life as a student, as a child, as a friend, or as a citizen. Certain reports would always ask for u to react so better be ahead with current events which you may be affected with. 

7. Listen to Your Teacher, take a few notes- In my experience, the more i copy and take down notes, the more i get lost in the lecture. It is best to listen first and understand before u jot down any important keywords. Yes, use keywords, simple doodles and arrows to make associations. These will help u remember all concepts mentally. 

8. Keep Notes on Index Cards- I use personally use the smaller oxford ones, they are more portable honestly pretty aesthetic..  

9. Watch TV Wisely- Yep you heard it, TV, when watching TV I sometimes pick up points which may seem relevant in my life. They sometimes even have something to do with what’s happening in class at the moment so, always initiate conversation about the latest shows and issues you have watched. Don’t be afraid to argue and defend your opinions. 


( 0 7 . 1 0 . 1 7 ) these post-its and stickers from aliexpress are just gorgeous 🌟 and i got a new multibarrel pen that holds my fave uniball jetstream cartridges in black and red and also a mechanical pencil barrel, it’s perfect!


spent half the day creating a study plan for the weeks leading up to my exams!! let’s hope that everything goes according to plan hehe!! press on fellow studyblrs!! 💫


Day 25 [25.2.17]: Study routine

Establishing a study routine every night is super important and helpful. I come home and rest for a bit, then start on work after dinner. Also, thank you to @eintsein for the beautiful February wallpaper  and @thearialligraphyproject for the February printable!


Hey guys, since my previous post on Morning Routines was very well received,  I decided to make a night version. This small infographic thingy outlines the things I do at night to prep myself for rest, as well as some other things you could try to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Hope this helps, and don’t hesitate to drop me an ask if you have any questions!

P.S. the typefaces used are Bromello and Montserrat


How to Bullet Journal 101:

hey guys!!! alot of you guys have been asking about my bujo & tips on starting one, so here are some tips for anyone who wants to start a bullet journal!!! i have included several spread & layout ideas for you guys; i hope that you find them useful!!! also!! do remember that every bujo is unique!! you don’t have to copy my spreads, but you can use them as references, if you’d like!! anyways, wishing you guys all the best!! have fun & enjoy the process!! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)