einstein socialist

I just think it’s important to remind everyone now and then that Albert Einstein was a communist which is good because communism is good.

Ps source is in the upper left corner of the image, I recommend reading it. It’s good.
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When a previously unknown now 68 year old man has teenagers, middle aged and even ‘old’ people chanting his name, it’s time to take notice. When he speaks to hundreds of thousands of people up and down the country, when those same teenagers are climbing trees to try and hear what he has to say, because the venue is 'sold out’ many times over and this man is talking about politics?! Politics?!…then it’s time to take notice. When this man stands up to, and emphatically proves wrong, 80% of his own parliamentary party, because record levels of members back him and see and share his vision, it’s time to take notice. When this man stands up to unprecedented levels of abuse, lies, character assassinations and bullying, and also proves them wrong, against all odds, it’s time to take notice. When this man continues to make clear that it is not about him, but about us, and that this movement will not fulfill its enormous potential unless we work in partnership with each other, then we need to listen and be thankful he is not a egotistical, megalomaniac, media-trained-to-the-nth-degree, war mongering elitist. When the Manifesto proves to be one of the most popular of all time due to the inclusiveness and aforementioned qualities, then we should listen. When the policies are backed by the best general, and economic, minds alive (from Hawking to Stiglitz, Chomsky to Krugman, Fry to Klein…and let us not forget Albert Einstein was a proud Socialist :) ) it’s time to listen. That is one of the best qualities he has-listening. For those who mock, ridicule, believe the negative propaganda, including those who consider themselves far too astute and/or intelligent, it’s a shame you still don’t 'get’ Jeremy Corbyn, or this genuine, progressive, exciting, inclusive Labour Party/Movement. When a leader can do this and still remain humble and forgiving of those who sought to bring him down, then that leader will more than do for me. That leader has made me take notice. That leader has opened my eyes and ears. That leader has earned my trust and support. That leader should, if there is any logical justice, be leading again during another General Election campaign within the foreseeable future. Jeremy Corbyn needs to be our Prime Minister, and soon. #JC4PM #TORIESOUT #LABOURSTIMEISSOON