Just something quick - about an hour. I caught a stomach bug last Sunday night and I haven’t really drawn anything since. It was nice to do that!

This is Einid, Priestess of the Sisters. She’s declared a witch by her town and cast out, eventually picked up by another exile named Halar. I’ll probably do a companion piece to this with him in it. They can stare off into the distance together.

I like - I'mma show you a couple of the redesigns right now! If any of you used to watch me on DA a few years ago, you might remember these two, but they’ve gone through some biiiiig big changes.

Halar the exile and Einid the witch. (Previously known as Etoile and London. Why was I given naming rights when I was 13?) Einid, rather than switching between a child and adult form, is a nice young priestess of a fresh 16 years. Already been branded and cast out by society. They start so young! Sniff! Good thing Halar was there to snatch her up.