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Shut Up


“Will you make him shut up?! He’s been that way this whole time!” Corey bent down and picked up his little cousin, momentarily swinging her into the air. She giggled happily as she was hoisted up and over his head, wrapping her legs around his thick neck.

Rhea rolled her eyes. “I don’t know what to do about it. It wasn’t my bright idea to bring all 3 of them to the fair today. Maybe we should try feeding him?” Haphazardly she took the hand of the 3rd child under their supervision and led them over to the hot dog stand. She glanced behind her to make sure the wailing boy was slowly following. He definitely was having a tantrum of some sort- complete with feet stomping, a pouty face, and crossed arms. Not how a 5 year old should act at all.

Corey bent down to Daniel’s level and in the nicest voice possible asked him what he would like to eat. Daniel’s eyes stayed fixed to the dead trampled grass inbetween them. “Well alrighty then. A hotdog it is.” Just as Corey stood up to tell Rhea their order, Daniel started to cry again.


Rhea angrily ran her fingers through her hair. “As long as I can hear him, we’re good.” Corey nodded in aggreement as he took the smallest kid out of her arms. Suddenly Daniel stopped crying. Instantly they turned around to find a giant orc had picked him up. The orc, with his dark brown, mud-like skin and white hand print on his face, had lifted little Daniel from his feet and was screaming at him equally in the face which surprisingly had made him stop. Corey and Rhea stood there frozen unsure of what to do.

Daniel blinked a few times and just dangled there in the massive arms of the orc. They both had stopped screaming and now were starting to have what looked like to be a staring contest. After a bit, the orc must have realized that his work here was done. He gently replaced the now tranquil Daniel back on the ground and continued along his way past the funnel cake stand.

Daniel’s blonde hair was a little askew from the encounter but he looked up at his older cousins and smiled. “Hotdog?”

Corey and Rhea stared at him in disbelief. If this was how the day started, who knew what else they could encounter…

[ Story written by: wordsicansay.tumblr.com ]