Question tag

I got tagged by elpidofora (aka kiffi) and my friend magenta-girrl, thank you <3

name: Hannah
nick name:  keks
birthday: july 22nd
gender: female
sexual orientation: straight
height: about 160cm
favourite colour: pastel colours and white (???)
lucky number: don’t have one
last thing I googled: i guess when the third season of orange is the new black will be published 
first word to come to my mind: winter
one place that makes me happy: my bed, cities & the seaside
How many blankets I sleep under : one
favourite fictional character: uhm, hazel from tfios and maybe piper chapman from oitnb 
Fave books : the fault in our stars & the perks of being a wallflower
dream wedding: i don’t have a dream wedding i guess
dream holiday: I love going to big cities and exploring them. So my dream holiday would be traveling around the world and exploring as much as I can, but not in a too tourist(y) way I guess
dream job: sleeping lol idk

I tag lajeunelune, einhornakne, arcticmonksy & amsonias