Other commissions done for me, by the wonderful Einfrost (à qui j'en profite pour dire que je suis très honorée =^*^=), on which I shamefully didn’t brag off until now, a shame indeed because I spammed my iphone and ipad with the second one as a wallpaper.

Balaam and Ithil (see previous entries :p) for the first, and Brooke (the girl, Cahethel’s) and Svenn (mine) for the second.

I know, I’m just too spoiled with commissions, they’re awesome and the artist who drew them are just so nice… ^^

(Et j'en profite pour dire à l'auteur que si ça te dérange que je les mette, je les enlève, ce n'est pas un soucis ^^)

I wanted to quickly pass the word about one of my favorite artists since middle school <3 it’s been a dream finally being able to have some of her works! Please please check out Bory’s works at dA (bory-einfrost.deviantart.com) or Tumblr (@einfrost). She also happens to have a discount code on her storenvy!! Please support her >///w///<)/ #signalboost #einfrost #oneiros #artbook #art #prints