eine amerikanerin

anonymous asked:

Haben Sie etwas Rat für eine Amerikanerin, die alleine nach Deutschland zu reisen ist? Danke sehr!

Hi! I couldn’t come up with anything actually important, so here’s some random everyday things

  • Hurry the fuck up if you go to a grocery store. I know in america it happens that there’s someone at the check out who bags your stuff for you, and that’s just not a thing here. The cashiers check through your stuff at lightspeed and it’s your responsibility to get your shit out of the way before they just pile the next person’s stuff onto it.
  • if you’re here during the european football championship, you’ll have to accept that we take that kind of seriously. please don’t call it soccer. you’ll know that it’s happening when you see german flags everywhere, because we normally don’t have a lot of those. 
  • patriotism is a bit frowned upon around here
  • if you meet someone who is part of PEGIDA or votes AfD, run.
  • Reminder that we measure speed in km/h not mph. if you’re driving 30 in the city you’re usually too slow (unless of course the speed limit is 30)
  • on that note: autobahn does not actually mean that there’s automatically no speed limit. speed limit signs on the autobahn do happen a lot. but if there aren’t any there isn’t one. in that case stay clear of the left lane unless you’re ridiculously fast or want to be run over.
  • hitler jokes aren’t taboo, but they have to be good.
  • only ask “how are you” when you actually wanna know how someone is doing, because they will tell you.
  • yes we do drink a lot of beer, no we don’t wear lederhosen.
  • if you don’t know what to eat, you’ll find a mcdonalds or a subway or a burger king or a kfc right around the corner no matter where you are
  • If you don’t understand something, ask. Most people here speak english so don’t worry :)

Ich hoffe du hast eine schöne Zeit hier drüben ^^