einaudi: life

I learn a few good lessons by watching this amazing shows, One Piece. If life is Luffy, then we are traversing on the ocean of mystery, looking out for the treasure we desire deep in our heart. The team, the Straw Hat Pirates, are  things we take along on our journey to discover this life’s quest:
- In Luffy, I learn that in other to realize your dream, you’ll need a heart as stubborn as rubber, that stretches beyond imagination and able to withstand almost all type of hazards.
- In Zorro, I learn that I’ll need deep devotion to discipline and inner-strength to overcome adversities.
- In Nami, I learn that I’ll need to learn how to navigate this stormy world and to map out my journey.
- In Usopp, I learn that I’ll need courage to overcome my greatest fear.

- In Sanji, I learn that I’ll need to believe that my dream place exists out there.
- In Chopper, I learn that I’ll need to believe that there is always solution to every problems, as there is cure to every illness.
- In Robin, I learn that I’ll need to learn more from my past, to keep looking out for knowledge.
- In Franky, I learn that I’ll need to equip myself with the right tool to deal with the change of the world. 

- And finally, In Brook, I learn that I’ll need to listen to the wisdom of life, and never forget to be happy.

What about you? What do you learn from One Piece? ^^

Some days it will feel easier to quit while you are ahead than to fight everything that is crumbling around you. This will not make you stronger, this will not make you feel better, this will make you hurt. You have to realise when something is worth working for. Sometimes the fight seems impossible, but if you truly want it you are stronger than any obstacle.

What is easy is not right by Amy Kennedy


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I don’t know what comes next. I can’t know, until I’ve walked the road I’ve chosen. I slow at the thought. I don’t have a plan, and there is no map for this. It’s terrifying, but there’s a spark of exhilaration that gives me hope that the choice I just made could turn out to be the right and this feels infinitely better than the weight of regret.
—  Jessi Kirby, Golden
They call me tragic,
in love, in life,
but all the broken shards
of love and self,
of family and bonds,
speak of a life lived out
playing with angels and demons
and walking on a knife’s edge
between pain and pleasure.
I am alive, I am alive,
heart thrumming with dreams
of stars and distant shores,
with love that never ends.
Oh, I am alive, wonderfully alive,
brimming with passion
and sorrow abound,
for what is a life well lived
without the contrast of
white and black and
everything in-between?
They call me tragic,
I know, I know,
but I am vibrantly alive
flowing with the tides of life.
—  They Call Me Tragic
ciel knight
As you continue through life, you may grow to hold a different set of opinions. You may find that you believe in something different than you used to. This is alright, for you are constantly growing. More life experience will accumulate into your mind, and you will develop different ideas. Allow yourself to change in this aspect, for life is made of constant growth.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin