1. All of this is based on practice and observation. i’ve never been to any anatomy / life drawing class. this is the way i do things and they happend to look half decent. 
2. dont stay only with this, if you’re truly interest in improving your art / develop your own art style go even further. study real anatomy, try both cartoon and realistic ones.
3. There are other body types both lets say this are the “bases”. fool around with proportions, thickness, lengths, fat mass, idk etc etc etc

I’ve done other mini tuts - pretty simple ones

people need to take a step back before they criticize The Danish Girl. people are again hating on the film because 1. cis actor (Eddie Redmayne) is playing a transgender character and 2. they think the trans community is not being well represented by Lili’s (the trans woman in the film) actions

lemme stop you right there

  1. the whole plot of the film is Redmayne’s character finally discovering and coming to terms with his true gender identity. in the beginning of the film, Lili is still Einar, a man living a cisgender life. then throughout the film, Einar begins to transition into Lili. what do you expect to happen? do you want a transitioned trans woman to play a cisgender male in the beginning of the film just so the trans character would be played by a trans actor? do you want a cis actor to play Einar, but a trans actor to play Lili?? it just doesn’t make sense.

  2. for fucks sake people this is a biopic. it’s history. it’s not Hollywood trying to make transgender people look bad or problematic with a fictional story, it’s telling the true story of Lili Elbe, one of the first documented cases of gender reassignment surgery

again, Hollywood is not a perfect business. but I think they should be praised and respected for their efforts to represent the trans community

Norway: Muslims brutally gangrape 14-yr-old girl, gets off with community service
Hence, one Muslim “refugee” even admitted he wanted to go to Norway because prisons were good there. No punishments. Here you see why they want to go to Norway… To a Muslim the We…

Norway: Muslims brutally gangrape 14-yr-old girl, gets off with community service