ein glas bier

:re chapter 52

Seesaa updated their JP script, but unusually it’s not word-by-word, it’s briefer than usual and doesn’t write out some of the dialogues (that you can see are there in ch scans only I don’t know Chinese) like Kanae/Matsumae one. What parts of the spoiler were fake: Quinx side, Haise remembering V14, Eto attacking Kanae

Kanae: Stirb. (Die.)

–Flashback Haise–
Haise is training with Arima, but he can’t stand up anymore.
Arima: Haise, one more time.
Haise: My leg… any more than this… Arima-san…
Arima: Stand up, Haise. Do your job. You will kill for me. You are my quinque. Unless, Haise, you would prefer to die again?
–Flashback End–

Haise: Aaaaaaaaaaa…
Haise kicks up and sends Kanae’s head flying.
Kanae’s head regenerates like Noro’s, tentacles shoot out and connect to his body.
Kanae: (For a moment… My conscousness.. What happened?)
Haise: No way… I… I can do it… Arima-san… I…!!
Kanae takes out his kagune, but Haise is faster and already pierces Kanae.

–Kanae’s past, 10 years ago, Bremen, Germany–
Matsuri’s squad surrounded Kanae’s home.
Investigator: Fertig, los! (Ready, go!)
Investigator: Lasst uns sofort mit der Arbeit anfangen. (Let’s get started immediately.)
Investigator: Wenn ich hier fertig bin will ich ein Glas Bier, Matsuri! (Once I’m done here I want a beer, Matsuri.)
Matsuri: Ich habe japanisches Bier mitgebracht, Herr Kommodore. (I’ve brought some Japanese beer, sir.)
Kanae’s Father: Mama, we should allow ourselves to be caught.
Kanae’s Mother: Yes…
Kanae’s Father: My cute children, please escape when there is a chance.
Kanae and his two siblings managed to escape, but in the end Kanae was the only one left.
After a while he arrived at Tsukiyama’s place. Kanae’s original name is Karren, but upon entering the Tsukiyama household he became Kanae. It seems like he picked Kanae because his, his father’s and his siblings’ names are Karren, Nathanael, Arnold and Emma, and he took the first letter of each name.
There’s a scene of Tsukiyama playing the violin.
Kanae (thinking): Shuu-sama…

Scene with Eto sewing Kanae’s eyes shut.
Eto: Woman… you wanted to be loved? You… you’re ludicrous, aren’t you? You wanted to be loved despite being so ugly, Kanae…

Kanae stands in front of a mirror wearing women’s clothes.
Kanae: I really.. am angular…
–Flashback End–

Kanae has been sent flying and his mask falls off.
Kanae: Shuu-sama… I…
Haise moves in to deal the finishing blow. However, just when Haise is about to strike, Tsukiyama pulls at his leg and arm sleeve.
(glossed over)
Kanae (thinking): Dumme Frage… (Dumb question…)

Tsukiyama: …Kanae…
Kanae: Shuu…sama…
Tsukiyama: Escape.
Haise: …I…
Eto appears in owl form.
Eto: “Your parents have failed in raising you.”
(This is a quote from Takatsuki’s “Black Goat’s Egg.”)
Eto strikes Haise with her tail.
End of chapter.

Once the missing parts are updated again to the full version I’ll make a separate post :’)