ein abend im dezember

Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (live)
Pia Douwes, Ethan Freeman, Sascha Kurth
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (live)

My voice teacher is back in Vienna for the holidays and went to Pia’s concert “Ein Abend im Dezember”. She sent me a couple of pictures that she took of the concert, which also served as publicity for Pia’s line of jewelry through Juvelan.

Pia looks flawless, per her usual, and I’m ridiculously jealous that my mentor got to meet Pia (again!!!) and is spending Christmas in Vienna.

Ein Abend im Dezember - Pia Douwes - on 22.12.2013

Okay here comes the disclaimer: Okay again this is just a personal recollection and as I’ve previously said: ‘To be honest this will be my ‘diary entry’ because I’d rather type and keep it where a crashing computer can’t take the memories from me.’ Though in this case I know there are lots of people who would have wished to be there and couldn’t.  Also it’s 3 am on the day before Christmas, I’m overly tired and if I mess things up, too bad, correct me but don’t be rude.

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miladysdewinter hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet:HOW WAS THE CONCERT

I KNEW THE ANSWER BUT STILL aaaaah i want details! :)

Ask Günther!

He was a man in the audience. Pia came down the stage and was looking for “her” Santa Claus. On the third try she had found him: Günther. He was single. rawrrrr. ^^ She gave him a Santa hat and began to sing. She danced and wiggled with her perfect butt, then suddenly she took him by the hand and walked him up to the stage. She sat him on the sofa and stood behind it. During the singing, she let herself fall backwards onto the sofa and put her legs on his lap. (I’ve never laughed so loud) She snuggled up to him, while he didn’t move, AT ALL. He was apparently very embarrassed. After the song, he immediately ran back to his seat. ^^