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Tomione! Tom's reaction to the unexpected pregnancy of Hermione!:)

She wanted to wait until the right moment.

This was delicate news, this was potentially life-changing, this was not something to just blurt out at any random moment. She had a whole plan. He would come over, they would sit down, she would start by telling him that she doesn’t expect anything out of him and she has some news and it might be good or it might be bad but she’s made up her mind and he can make up his, too, and–

Well, it really doesn’t matter what her speech is. It doesn’t happen.

“What do you mean you’re not coming over?”

“Hermione.” Tom said tiredly over the phone, “I can see you this weekend.”

“This weekend?” She echoed, “Tom, it’s Monday.”

“Exactly.” He said shortly, “And I’m busy–”

“No, you told me you were coming over–”

“Is there something wrong?” He asked. “Are you dying? Because you can tell me over the phone these are your last–”

“Do not,” She snapped, “Get sarcastic with me, Tom, this is serious.”

“What is it?” He asked. She was somewhat gratified to hear that he at least sounded a little bit concerned. She hesitated.

“I can’t tell you over the phone.” She said.

He sighed. “I–one second.” After that it was muffled voices, and she knew he had the cell phone pressed against his chest while he spoke to someone else, probably that arsehole Malfoy or one of his other countless, obnoxious friends. 

“I have to go.” His voice returned.

“Tom, no, don’t hang up yet–wait!” She looked at her phone and saw that he had already done so. Frustrated she threw her hands up and glowered at her phone screen, “I’m pregnant, you arsehole!”

There was a thump. She looked up and Lavender Brown stood at her open bedroom door staring at her with wide, wide eyes, an open beer at her feet and spilling out onto the carpet. 

“Oh, hell,” Hermione groaned.

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it;s becoming so clear that antis just ? havent heard a single one direction song ever ?? like all this shit .. is right ther e… and has been .. for years …. even as early as tmh we had larrie bops like tdkau …. but like ? ??? from mm onward it was EVERYWHERE like .. strong is right there ?? happily is also /right there/ … something great ? she’s there too … 18? wat do u fuckng know … IF I COULD FUCKING FLY ……. LIKE ?? larry is etched into every lyric of every song and now that harry’s music is coming out and is more explicitly abt larry than ever it’s just so abundantly clear that antis have never heard a singular (1) one dee song or harry song ever or else this shit wouldve gotten into their ugly ass heads by now 

I will call you:

  • he/him
  • she/her
  • they/them

I will not call you:

  • *e/h*/h*s/h*self
  • ae/aer/aers/aerself
  • ce/cir/cirs/cirself
  • co/cos/cos/coself
  • e/em/eir/emself
  • ey/eim/eir/eirself
  • ey/em/eir/emself
  • fey/fer/fers/ferself
  • fey/feys/feyself
  • fey/feyr/feyself
  • fir/firs/firself
  • hir/hir/hirs/hirself
  • hu/hu/hume/humeself
  • it/it/its/itself 
  • jee/jem/jeir/jemself
  • jam/jam/jams/jamself
  • jhey/jhem/jheir/jheirself
  • kye/kyr/kyne/kyrself
  • kir/kir/kirs/kirself
  • lee/lim/lis/limself
  • mae/mair/maes/maeself
  • ne/nem/neir/neirself
  • ne/nem/nir/nemself
  • ne/nis/nimself
  • ne/nym/nis/nymself
  • per/per/pers/perself
  • she/sheer/sheers/sheerself
  • sie/sier/siers/sierself
  • sie/hir/hirself
  • ou/ou/ous/ouself
  • tey/tem/ter/temself
  • thae/thaer/thaers/thaerself
  • this one/ that one
  • thon/thon/thons/thonself
  • ve/vir/virs/virself
  • ve/vis/vir/verself
  • xe/hir/hirs/hirself
  • xe/xim/xis/ximself
  • xe/xir/xirs/xirself
  • xie/xem/xyr/xemself
  • xe/xem/xyr/xyrself
  • yre/yres/yreself
  • zay/zir/zirs/zirself
  • ze(or zie)/zir/zirs/zirself
  • ze/hir/hirs/hirself
  • ze/zir/zirs/zirself
  • ze/zan/zan/zanself
  • zed/zed/zeds/zedself
  • zed/zed/zeir/zedself
  • zhe/zhim/zhir/zhirself
  • zhe/zhir/zhirs/zhirself

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