Categories of Disney Princesses

Classic - Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora

Renaissance - Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan

Revival - Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna, Elsa

Forgotten - Eilonwy, Kida, Nancy

Honorary - Esmeralda, Megara, Jane, Giselle, Vanellope

Notes and Reasoning:

- I included Mulan as a Reanissance princess because while she is not technically a princess in her movie, Disney has officially recognized her as a princess in their line-up. She also seems to be of a noble family and is honored by the Emperor, so while that doesn’t count as a princess title, she is a distinguised woman of honor.

- I included Elsa as a Revival Princess because she is planned to be coronated and added to the official princess line-up despite being a Queen. She was also a princess at one point, so has technically been a princess too, much like Kida.

- Honarary princesses are what I personally consider “almost princesses” where their love interest is a man with a certain amount of  power in their respected areas (Captain of the Gaurd, God, King of the Jungle), or in Vanellope’s case, is the one with power. While Giselle does not end up with a prince, he was at one point her love interest, and she is supposed to be the epitome of a Disney princess, so I had to include her.

- Forgotten Princesses are different from Honorary Princesses, in that they have actually held the title or status of a princess, but were never added to the official line.

- In Greek Mythology Megara is a princess, being the daughter of a King. Since that was not specified in the Disney movie I could not include her as a forgotten princess.

- I do not consider Vanellope a Forgotten Princess because she willingly gave up her princess title to become a president and is not a princess by the end of her movie. While she was a princess at one point like Kida and Elsa, she is very young and was a princess for only a very short time. There also never seemed to be any indication that she was ever attempted to be added or considered for the official line-up.

- Some people include Alice or Wendy as an honorary princess, but there isn’t really a reason besides the fact that they are the main female protagontist in their movie. They never hold a position of power in the worlds they visit or have a serious relationship with an someone in an official position of power there either, so I excluded them. 

- I did not include non-human princesses, such as Minnie, Daisy, Kiara, Faline, Dot, Atta, or Maid Marian. Tinkerbell is often considered an honorary princess too, but since she isn’t human, nor does she really hold much power, I excluded her as well.

- I did not include characters from sequels, video games,TV shows, or movies Disney had the rights to but did not create. Therefore Melody, Kiara, Sally, Ting-Ting, Su, Mei, Sofia and Amber are left off this list, and whatever original Kingdom Hearts character might be considered one.


(Updated) Disney Heroines in Chronological Order 

(Its hair color as main background and clothing color as middle outline)

Update: I included many more heroines! I’m sticking with the humanesque heroines. 

Updated version of this picture. I decided to add in Anna and Elsa since Frozen has been out for awhile now. I also went back and added wendy.

Okay but seriously, why hasn’t Disney done anything with these characters?

I love the princesses with all of my heart, but they are not the only characters that have been inspirational or good role models, and if characters such as these lovely ladies do not exactly fall in the princess category, they get tossed aside and forgotten about. And the thing is some of these characters are actually princesses, but don’t seem to fit within the princess lineup, as if they aren’t good enough according to Disney.

This would also not pressure Disney into creating more princesses, because if you haven’t noticed, the princess lineup is getting a bit crowded, and if Disney made a separate line, they wouldn’t need to constantly be making more princesses to keep their characters around.

I included the most popular characters that get forgotten, and also the ones that I believe would be the most appealing and marketable to kids and people in general.

I don’t understand why Disney can’t make a franchise dedicated to the characters that aren’t in the princess or fairy lineup. There are some REALLY excellent characters that are forgotten because Disney doesn’t expose them. The thing is that they could definitely be marketed, I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate it. Are you telling me that kids wouldn’t buy a backpack with Giselle on it, or a Megara doll? How about a shirt with Charlotte on it? I certainly would, and I know a lot of kids that would too. 

If Disney decided to do something about this, maybe they wouldn’t get forgotten so much. As Disney fans, we appreciate them and know that they exist, but others don’t because if Disney forgets about them, they will too. If this became a line not only would these girls get the attention that they deserve, but it would also open up a completely new inspiration to kids. It would mean that you don’t have to be a princess to stand out, and that if you aren’t a princess, you aren’t a nobody. If this became a line, we would see these characters in the Disney Parks, on merchandise, everywhere. Who wouldn’t want that? I would stand in line for HOURS to meet any of these characters. Megara, Jane, and Esmeralda come out for very rare occasions, but that is it. Wendy seems to be somewhat rare, and Kida and Giselle were only there for a limited time. I have never seen Charlotte, and I know for a fact she would be popular. Alice seems to be the only character that is available daily.

Honestly is there anyone out there that opposes this? 

If not, get on it, Disney!