Our Best Friends Wedding.

Last March 27, I witnessed one of my closest friends get married to the man she loves. She’s the first one to get married in our barkada and of course, her girls wouldn’t dare miss it! We have known each other ever since we were 5 or 6 years old and went to the same school. Classmates in High School and even in college! You could pretty much say that we were inseparable. And so with our other friends or sisters more likely. :)

So this is her, Eilham.

Pretty, isn’t she? When she was walking down the aisle I couldn’t help but get teary eyed. She was really beautiful and glowing. Love really does wonders. :)

And this is us, with some of her other friends too. And of course with the groom!

And these are my girls.

That’s me in the black dress btw. ;)

Eilz, I pray that your marriage will be blessed and although at times we can’t avoid misunderstandings, I hope that you go through with it together. I wish you happiness and more blessings. And if you need help, you know that you can always, ALWAYS count on us. I love you so much! :)