“One minute clip”

Music : Traumer - Eilema (original mix)

Animation, Compositing by Antoine Grégoire

Carrémentdard production


Sorry for the shitty screenshots!  But it seems that, for some obscure reason, I just can’t print-screen the game outside of a conversation (and I don’t have the time to figure out why today)…  And we are using a new gaming PC that doesn’t have any other program to work on screenshots besides Paint (a.k.a. the quality really sucks!).

But since today is Trevelyan Appreciation Day, and Eilema Trevelyan is my very first and (currently) only Inquisitor (I’m on my first DAI play through), I still had to share my girl with the world.

As usual, she’s a shameless self-insert into the Dragon Age Universe.  i.e. My first play through is always a human rogue whose looks are loosely based on mine, and every decision I make is based on what is closest to what I would say or do; so I can sort of project myself as much as possible into that Universe and not worry about the character itself.

After I’ve played once, then I usually have a lot of fun with character creation, and give them their own identities and motivations.  My “default / canon” character rarely ends up being my first one (like in DA2, I used a male Warrior with the Templar specialization named Josiah who romanced Anders, supported the mages, and ran away with him).

How Eilema ended up in a romance with Blackwall, I do not know!  Lol!  Other than the fact that he had me at “down you go!” (Damnit Carth Onasi!)

More seriously though, Dorian is her BFF, and I want to romance Iron Bull with a male Inquisitor…  So these two weren’t an option for now.  And out of the rest of the selection it seems that Blackwall is the one who won her over.

Blackwall’s looks aren’t typically my type, but there’s something very rational / no nonsense about him that I tend to be very receptive to.  He’s kind of the opposite of Eilema in many ways, but their differences complement each other rather than clash together, so it seems to work.

Anyway, that’s my first Inquisitor right there, so I just wanted to share!