Sylpha 1st Concept

The Sylph elemental always seems to be depicted as a woodland fairy that’s one with nature so why not take it a step further and make her a living embodiment of nature, which is why there’s a lot of flora covering Sylpha. Leaves and the wind just have quite a relationship together, I figure she could form from a windy swirl of leaves? Probably a lot of low damage wind-cutter type speedy attacks that stack up.

Cryamonday #12: Let's Talk About AI, Baby

Good day, Cryatists! Rob here with an informational update on Cryamore’s AI system!

The AI in the early playtests and demo didn’t fully emulate what we were planning to do with the Mob AI in the game; it was purely hacked in. Combat wasn’t really engaging at all and there was no need to even fight enemies other than in the scripted scenes. Now that development time has elapsed, we’re in the process of tossing in a refined AI system. Here’s how it works:

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