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I also think that eileen will bring juvia back with vitality magic but not for free. Gray might or have to bring Erza to eileen since nobody could hand her out in eileens opinion. So Gray have to betray fairy tail to bring juvia back.. DRAMA ?

Gray himself said hell go evil or a jerk to protect his nakama so it might be possible for this to happen

Josephin Ritschel, Eileen Gray with her house E.1027, 2014. Via flickr.

Le Corbusier was so facinated by this house, built by Gray, that he started to visit it increasingly. After a while he painted sexual images on the white walls. Eileen Gray was shocked and never came back to her house.

Illustration for upcoming book “The Who, the What and the When: 65 Artists Illustrate the Secret Accomplices of History”, Chronicle Books.


Eileen Gray, Coiffeuse, 1926. Oregon Pine, plywood, cork, aluminum, glass, traces of blue turquoise paint. France. © Les Arts Décoratifs

This vanity cabinet or dressing screen was made for the master bedroom of the house E 1027, designed with and for the architect Jean Badovici. Positioned perpendicular to the wall, it served as a screen separating the night table area from the washbasin.