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Sink or Ship - Modern Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman)

If ever there was a ship powered by pure spite, this one’s it.

Let me explain.

Unless you’re a fan of Sherlock, in which case, let me advise you that there is a considerable amount of table-flipping fury in the following paragraphs, so peruse at your peril.

(Also, disclaimer: I’ve only seen the Christmas special and series two, but honestly I’ve been hanging around Tumblr, AO3 and DeviantArt long enough that I feel like I’ve seen every episode.)

I have never watched a show that so enthralled me and so infuriated me in my entire life.  It’s really amazing.  Every single time I try to relax and just enjoy it for its good points, it turns right around and reminds me of what a dumpster fire it truly is.  Aside from the queerbaiting and the fact that it somehow manages to be more misogynistic than the source material—which was written by a Victorian man who didn’t believe women should vote* literally how the frick do you do that—there’s the show’s co-creator, Steven Moffat.  When asked if Sherlock Holmes was asexual, this genius responded that asexuals were boring, and that writing one wouldn’t be interesting or fun at all.  Worse, his garbage views worked their way into the show at least twice that I’m aware of (specifically in The Abominable Bride and The Lying Detective, wherein Watson makes “sex and romance make us human”-type remarks).  He also denied the merest possibility that Holmes could be gay because “that wasn’t in the books!!1!”

If I hadn’t already interpreted Holmes as an asexual in a homoromantic relationship, I would have started doing so the second I read that pile of bull cookies.  Also, as my inaugural Sink or Ship entry amply proves, the idea that Holmes and Watson could be queer was most definitely in the books.  And even if it wasn’t—which is impossible, because the entire point of media analysis is that everyone interprets things differently, but just go with me for a second—this argument would be especially weak coming from Moffat, since anyone attempting to play Take a Shot Every Time Moftiss Deviate From the Source Material would keel over dead within the first half-hour of any given episode.

I’m sorry if I’m disappointing people with this entry.  I feel like a lot of you were probably expecting/hoping for a detailed rehash of moments from the actual show—the dinner at Angelo’s, John’s narrow insistence that he’s not gay (so is he bi or pan, then?), what was Sherlock going to say on the tarmac???—but Sink or Ship is all about how I personally came to ship or not ship, and quite honestly, none of that had any bearing on my decision.  I started thinking of Sherlock’s main characters as a couple through fanworks before I saw any of the show, and that was for two reasons only:

One:  As I stated earlier, the Holmes in my head is asexual.  The only segment of the Holmes fandom in which Asexual!Holmes isn’t (quite) the fandom equivalent of el Chupacabra is the Sherlock fandom, so here I am.

Two:  Moffat and Sherlock in general are such jerks about the idea that either of their leads could POSSIBLY be not straight.

TL;DR I don’t ship it because of anything that happened in the show.  I ship it because I am bitterness made flesh.

I will say that another part of the appeal for me with regards to this ship is that this is the only iteration of Sherlock Holmes I’ve seen that takes place after England decriminalized homosexuality in 1967 (or rather, it’s the only such iteration I’ve seen that has both Holmes and Watson as the same gender—more on that in a future post).  As much as I love me some Victorians, there’s always this undercurrent of fear and tension that makes me sad for everyone who had to go through that in real life.  Sherlock is the only version where Holmes and Watson—or Sherlock and John, whatever—could be open about their relationship without it turning into Wilde and/or The Imitation Game.

Come to think of it, that’s probably another reason why I’m so angry about all the faffing about Sherlock insists on doing when it could be giving us something groundbreaking.

SINK OR SHIP?: The only thing saltier than the sea this ship sails on is me.


*In Mrs. Sherlock Holmes, Brad Ricca quotes ACD as saying, “I am anti-suffrage.” But Doyle also said he thought women should be educated and pursue whatever careers they wanted, so I guess it could have been worse?


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