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holy shit. holy fuckin shit. my new vacuum cleaner just arrived and its so cool. holy shit. succin my floor like there’s no tomorrow m’bois 

Art thing me and olibathore did
Nice mario kart does happen sometimes, but henryk will never stop being a  sore loser. Maybe if he stopped trying to play while wearing gloves, he’d do a wee better and stop [muffled sulking]

In Retrograde


Prompt Rating: M/E

Note: Please see [this] post for request rules if you’d like to make one! I’ve recently made some changes. As tumblr is the only site that will let me list an individual rating per chapter I’ll rate them as content demands. However the larger compilation on both FFN and AO3 are rated M.

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I broke my own length rule with this one but I’m not sorry. It isn’t my typical fare. It’s not exactly angst and not exactly fluff and the smut turned out to be an after-thought instead of the focus. I’m still proud of it though.

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About that Saul ask wtf happened to Saul why was the guy in S1 and 2 had so much empathy for Eileen and just overall felt like a good guy who wasnt just a company man, Q was always there for S just like he was there for C I feel like S would value loyalty of that kind and not just treat him like any other colleague he once worked with

Cynthia made a really excellent point the other day that when Brody left, the space for the character who was Carrie’s adversary in some way became open and ever since Saul has filled it. Think about it… 


If you ain’t first, you’re last.

Texadega nights done. 21 laps on Texas motor speedway from 11:15 pm until well…you finished but 6:00am was the official end.

How does one write a race report for a course like this? We took a left, then another left, then went straight then left again and another left. X21. The embankment starting to get to me. My right ankle and hip feel it. Luckily it was only on one straightaway. Otherwise pretty flat.

We had a pit row area set up for out stuff. I was in spot 15…not really a relevant detail. Other groups, relay teams and 6/9 mile runners had tents and other party gear (I got 8 free beers from someone.) I did not have much stuff. Food and a change of shoes, plus my stylish paper jacket from Cowtown. (They gave those out instead of Mylar blankets.)

From there we ran laps. There were just over 200 people running. It wasn’t too crowded, though someone cut me off because they weren’t paying attention. A few families walking 4-5 abreast but they stayed to the right. Which is a huge win! It was best to pass left, so thank you families.

I counted women as I went. I knew I was two laps up on the next closest woman. One woman dropped, which I had noticed I hadn’t passed her in a few laps so it made sense. She dropped near the 4;00 range with 10 of 21 laps completed. Everyone else finished.

And I won the women’s race. Isn’t that trophy awesome?? Very appropriate.

I got home around 6am. Robin and Belynda came out to cheer so I stuck with them while Eileen finished. It was a good night with some awesome friends, on a course that had its own challenges but was a unique opportunity. I run at the speedway a lot, that 5 mile loop, but never one the speedway. It was unreal driving in and parking on the infield. So giant and impressive.

Oh and they had a photo booth for after the race. That was neat! I finished just in time to get a picture, since they were packing up. That’s the downside of the longer distances. And overnight. The band and volunteers and few spectators that started the night went home. But the race staff was there–in nascar jumpsuits and everything. It was a great race. Guess I did have a lot to say. I’ll end with this: Shake n bake Ricky Bobby.