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You're blog is so beautiful I just want to reblog everything but then mine wouldn't be very novelty then, would it?

Aw thank you!! and as long as your blog is you own, then it’s still novelty I believe c:


Wintery but wonderful weekend - Scotland A beat USA Eagles (25 - 0) at Netherdale on Friday evening - expected but not the best playing from Scotland considering the amount of time they were advantaged as a result of USA ‘sin bins’. Scotland beat South Africa (21 - 17) at Murrayfield - NOT EXPECTED but brilliant comeback from previous week’s thrashing by New Zealand. Sunday morning walk along first eight miles of St Cuthbert’s Way, from Melrose to St Boswells.  Such diverse landscapes in a relatively short distance - made me so thankful that I live in such a wonderful part of the world.  Also made me wonder what the journey would have been like for St Cuthbert without all the technical clothing, good boots, waymarkers, paths/steps etc.

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Bonjour!!!!! Je m'appelle Roan et j'ai seize ans! Eh that's pretty much all the french I knwo but hi I'm a virgo. My url is eildons because they are these hills I live beside/on :) I play the violin but life is crazy busy for me right now because of school :( I want to become a stage manager... do you like lapsang souchong?

Bonjour Roan! I congratulate you on knowing that much in French, it’s such a pretty languageee. Oooh cool! I bet they’re gorgeous and I wish you luck in achieving that job!!

Hmm, I never had that before but I’ll be sure to try it *adding it to the bucket list*

It’s tea time!