Έχω ανάγκη να μιλάμε.
—  Δεν φαντάζεσαι πόσο..
  • i am home! i am home! it’s really bright and i only got an hour of sleep by virtue of the redeye i was on but that’s okay.
  • i was talking with the guy next to me for essentially the entirety of the first four hours and i’m always wowed by the variety of people you’ll meet if you just talk to them - he’s a software engineer with google, and he’s got his own team of software engineers he works above, and he travels internationally 1-2 times a month. he had SO much to talk about and so much insight on all of these very random things from european history to mindfulness to gorgonzola cheese, and he was telling me about his plans for this year to draw the “next billion users” (i.e. the developing world) to google. it was SO cool and if i see any changes in the user interface akin to what he was dreaming up, i shall know i heard it first on jet blue flight 834
  • also, per his suggestion, i’m going to pick up “the alchemist” and “an idiot’s guide to mindfulness” at the bookstore at some point this week. both sound really good and i know the alchemist is a classic of sorts.
  • i’m a little short on words re: this past academic quarter. it was turbulent and interesting and fun and the first step to the next thing. 
  • today i officially left the track team. the door will always be open for me to go back and coach liz will always be an incredibly special person to me. this is a story for another day soon. BOTTOM LINE, i am excited to navigate my life and create myself outside the context of being a competitive runner, without the crutch that being a competitive runner provided me regarding productivity and other plans.
  • anyways!! just hangin’ out!! probably going to go to the gym later and then just lay around with my sisters for the rest of the night. going to see my buddies TOMORROW! TOMORROWWW!!!