eikaea asks

a bit of a long reply


[Well… there was the time when I finally remembered]

[As the cities our ancestors built grew and grew, the use of agriculture declined. Long-term, this resulted in the increase of poverty and eventually, famine. It took its toll on everyone, but especially the families who once relied on farming to survive. But even at that point, the young ones still found reason to find joy in life, despite being poor or even homeless. Eikaea was in awe, and decided to use his talents to lighten things up wherever he went. He also wanted to help to teach the children who could no longer afford to study. Being somewhat of a bard, he used music to both entertain and lift the spirits of children, while simultaneously telling them tales of the world.]

[It was rough for a while, but one could get by… However, things began changing…]


[He knew that something was up. There was an untold secret being harbored right in the heart of the city. He was stupid. He should have taken it as a warning… but he was afraid. By the time he ever decided to take action, it was much too late…]



[Everything turned white.]


[And it wasn’t until I made my journey, that I remembered, he was me. In a way…]

[I am my own being. But sometimes I feel the memories of Eikaea, and the pain of my ancestors. And when I dwell on it, I feel sad.]


[Wait– Oh… I see.]

[Oh, Leannán…]

[You’re absolutely drunk aren’t you? Ahah… oh, you should’ve let me join you earlier…]

[Look, I don’t know who told you to say that to me, but either way, I could never hate you. Not in a million years. And for the record… I have been in your bed many times since I moved in with you guys, y'know.]

[Oh- ah, h-hello. You surprised me there, new cloak.]

[…Hariol- that is. I am Eikaea. A pleasure to meet you… Ahah, you must forgive me for not noticing you approaching earlier. I’m afraid I haven’t really been at my best these past few days. Still, I’m glad I seem to be so approachable. What brings you to these parts, my friend? If you need any guidance, I’d be happy to offer.]


[Actually greycloak, I think you may misunderstand my intentions. It’s not so much that I want to be a redcloak again. You are right about having a self-replenishing scarf, however. It is quite convenient. But… let me tell you a bit of a story first. Perhaps it will help me to explain more clearly.


It had to have been my fifth or sixth journey up the mountain. By this time, I thought I was quite the expert on these lands. Laughable, I know. But even still, I could not explain how every time I reached the ‘end’- how these vivid images would quickly pass through my mind. They felt like memories, and yet I could never recall them clearly after arriving back in the desert. Back then, that was my reason for trekking up the mountain so many times. I foolishly wanted to know more. I wanted to understand all.

When I reached the summit and approached the light, I was alone. But as the blinding light flooded my vision, I could have sworn that a hand reached out to me.

I had no idea whose hand it was, but once I finally grasped it…

I felt a change in me.

And when I awoke in the desert, it was like all the color had been drained from me.

But that was not even the most troubling change.

You see, when I “transcended” and acquired my white cloak, I also acquired my ancestor’s soul; or his ghost, perhaps…

All I know is that the moment he began occupying me, my skin and hair turned eerily pale. And now I am tormented more and more often with conflicting memories and feelings that belong to both he and I.

My ancestor will not leave me be until he finds atonement, and of course, I am the one who must help him to find it.

Though, to finally answer your question, greycloak, I do not wish to return to having a red cloak. I simply wish to relieve my ancestor’s tired soul of its woes. It will bring us both great peace of mind. So… whether I go back to having my original color when he is gone or not, I do not know. But even if that somehow means I will go back to having a red cloak, so be it.]