Follow Friday!

An anon asked me to promote some awesome Fairy Tail blogs, soooooo here we go! ^_^

100% (or very close to it) Fairy Tail:

Not all Fairy Tail, but still AWESOME blogs/people ^_^

*There are soooooo many awesome blogs out there, Fairy Tail or otherwise, but these are the ones I typically reblog more from, or talk to frequently! ^_^

eijiniizuma replied to your post

Sadly almost every fandom is like that :|

 true. it’s just sad because people will reblog anything these days smh

I mean, I know they don’t exactly care how long it took to make, or the process that went into it as long as their ~favorite character~ is in the scene but even so I love Renji, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna reblog every single thing that has him in it. 

I’m probably coming off the wrong way, but idk you should care more about what you reblog and put more consideration into how it’s made and the people that actually take the time to give you these high quality gifs. Fast doesn’t always mean good. Just because you make it into a photoset or slap some damn quote under it doesn’t make it any better. 

idk I used to be an art major so these things matter to me :/ but all of this is probably a: