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An anon asked me to promote some awesome Fairy Tail blogs, soooooo here we go! ^_^

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*There are soooooo many awesome blogs out there, Fairy Tail or otherwise, but these are the ones I typically reblog more from, or talk to frequently! ^_^

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tagged by yukkan

1. Have you ever read smut manga? every single time. oops

2. Whose anime/manga character would like to be alive? Kuroko Tetsuya. or could it exceed one pleassu *^*

3. Naruto or Fairy Tail? ANSWER ME PEOPLE. uwaah~ hard ;A; Bleach? oops. Naruto!(Gomene Fairy Tail, I was so hooked up on Naruto okay)

4. If you were given the chance to pick the world’s 8th natural wonder, what would you choose? if I were to pick, it would be The Roman Colosseum, because I love roman history the most. (well atleast among all the topics in Social Studies)

5. If you were to receive an award that everyone would hear about, what award would it be? this is not an award buuuut.. 5th Squad Captain.

6. What do you have handy on your bedside? my phone. it’s like my flashlight, mirror, calculator and camera lol

7. State one memorable line from an anime that you like. “Fear is necessary for evolution.” Aizen to Gin.

8. Looking back in time, which year would you have wanted to last twice as long? well, I’m pretty satisfied with how my life is going so I would choose not to prolong anything.

9. If you had to talk about something for 3 minutes, what would it be about? anything.

10. Which era or period in history would you think you’ll fit in? an era where Shinigamis and Hollows exist. um does that even count Idek-

11. If you were invisible for a day what would you do? slap everyone so they would slap each other and there would be a slap party. what I’m invisible so no one would notice that I slapped them hard lol

tagged by baishie

1. Which anime do you like best? Bleach, One piece, Naruto or Fairy Tail? THIS IS THE HARDEST DECISION IN MY LIFE OKAY I CHOOSE BLEACH~ orz I’m totally hooked up with Bleach than any other animes~

2. State one memorable line from an anime you like. “Fear is necessary for evolution.” Aizen to Gin.

3. Do you read BL? ALL THE TIME. oops

4. Which one would you like to be? Seme or Uke? Uke. so I can be all tsundere WHAT

5. If tomorrow is the last day, what would you do? finish watching Bleach and die orz

6. A special Power you’d like to have. BAN… KAI!

7. Anime character you’d like to be alive. Kuroko Tetsuya. Byakuya Kuchiki. Dino Cavallone.

8. Manga Or Anime? which one do you prefer? Manga. because you’re always updated.

9. If you were to be invisible for a day, what would you do? slap everyone so they would slap each other and there would be a slap party. what I’m invisible so no one would notice that I slapped them hard lol

10. Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, which one is the best/you prefer. Tumblr all the waaaay \o/

11. People you’d like to meet someday. All of my followers and people I’m following~

tagged by taiichous

1. BL or BL? Uke or seme? UKEEE. I want to go all “not there” wtf :3

2. Three pet peeves? What are pet peeves omg

3. Do you draw? :3 Kind of. You judge. Link: [1][2]

4. Five anime songs. Hmm.. Easy Go by Kazuki Kato (KHR Op6); Sign by Flow (Naruto Shippuden Op6); Again - YUI (FMA:Brotherhood Op1);  Kimi Hana - Pigstar (Junjou Romantica Op1); Can Do by GRANRODEO (Kuroko no Basuke Op1);

5. Five seeiyus. Daisuke Ono, Kenn; they’re the only seiyuus I can remember because they dub my favorite characters okay

6. Which ‘dere’ are you? (tsun/dan/kuu/yan) 8D TSUNDERE.I-i-it’s no like I admitted it /totally fail tsundere act

7. One anime OTP. And why. Erza x Jellal.I don’t know why but they give off vibes of ultimate lovers lol

8. One K-pop OTP. And why? :3 Not into kpop orz

9. Height. And weight. Onegai~? 5'1", no sure about the weight since I never checked it this vacation because I’m afraid I could be overweight lol

10. Which Vocaloid you like the most? Gumi. I like matured voice ~


tagged by shisuo

1. Do you wear bra at home? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

2. What is your most memorable event in your laifu? Too many to mention *^*

3. Do you watch hentai/porn? LOL Hentai. oops

4. When did you start tumblring? And when will it end? LOLwut Hm.. 3rd week of April last year?

5. Gays or lesbians? Porn/hentai? BL; Hentai oops my perverted self is revealed

6. What anime(s) are you currently watching? myanimelist.net

7. Do you love me? And why? Of coursssee \o/

8. Why are you even alive? loljk. What are your goals in life? Maybe my parents got bored HAHA Goals? I decided not to have one until I graduated high school.

9. Do you like monochrome? In certain circumastances, yessu, nope.

10. Relationship status? Umaasa.

11. Who are your best/close friends on tumblr? Forever alone desu :<

tagged by hakurens

1. The happiest moment of your life so far. too many to mention orz

2. Top 5 favourite songs (currently). Watashi e by Supercell, Melancholic by Neko and Nano, PONPONPON by Nano, Cendrillion by Hanatan and Pokota, Karakuri Pierrot by ShounenT.

3. Your favourite anime genre? mostly shounen if it’s anime and shoujo for manga. I don’t rly watch shoujo, I read it okay

4. A moment in an anime that you want to change the most. the end of Bleach ugh Kubo-samaaa! please continue Bleach in anime :<

5. What are your regrets in life? nothing. honest. I like how my life go around with the rest of the world. everything happens for a reason, take your past’s mistakes as experience and learn from it.

6. Talk about your first crush (if any ._.) someone who’s really good at tennis. because I was pretty hooked up on PoT then lol

7. Anime characters you want to smack/slap/kick/punch. no one. really. it kinda depends on the situation or how she reacts.

8. Favourite Japanese phrase/word. Aitai.

9. Most memorable dream. All my bishounen husbandos are in one anime wtf

10. Which anime character do you think that you are the most similar to? someone like.. Aisaka Taiga? I see my personality in her okay and her situation. when she rejected Kitamura, she fell in love with him just right after she rejected him, well pretty similar to me lol

11. Subbed or dubbed? Forever subbed! I’m even wondering why dubs exist and why ppl like it orz


My questions~

  1. If you’re an anime, what are you? (I mean, the badass heroine, a dragon slayer, a shinigami, etc. your choice)
  2. Kami-sama gave you an opportunity to choose your talent, what would you choose?
  3. That one anime character you ship yourself with.
  4. Sleep or internet?
  5. Your dream follower.
  6. What characteristic on your zodiac sign fits you the most?
  7. You were given a chance to change your first name, what would your new name be?
  8. To be a mangaka (manga artist) or a seiyuu (Japanese voice actor) or an utaite?
  9. An anime that you want to have a season two. ONE ONLY.
  10. Yaoi or Yuri?
  11. One food you can eat for your entire life and not get tired of its magnificent taste~

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