Begin Rant Here Ahem… You wouldn’t have to tell people you are a fit and healthy person, because seeing it should have been good enough.  I’m so tired of these people saying they’re on a diet.. And they still look the same since I’ve met them. Don’t act like I don’t hear your comments, or see your facial expressions judging me by what I’m eating. Stop trying to tell me what I should or should not do and start listening to your own advice. Because I have a feeling you may need it more than I do. End Rant Here. Just had to let that out! I’m not saying being healthy and working out isn’t the right choice, it’s just some people get “big heads” about it. Chill out. Everyone has their own pace.  #vent #fitness #health #arrogant #obnoxious #simple #eiiimotepstyle (Taken with instagram)

First try with the bloody nail look.. I used NYC 134 French White Tip, and L.A. Colors Art Deco in Red. AH! Halloween is so close! I can’t wait! Also, if you have ANY questions you can go to my Tumblr, click ASK, and ask me anything you want. (the link to my Tumblr is on my profile) It’s easier/faster for me to answer all my followers #nails #nailart #Halloween #art #eiiimotepstyle (Taken with instagram)