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This dudes fucked!! lolz.

I wish adult swim would make this animation into a show.


Check out The Uncluded’s (Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson) new little short animated video How To Catch A Frog by artist Travis Millard and animated by Jim Dirschberger of EightyFourFilms, Classic Tales and Sanjay & Craig. If this video doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then you may have a robo-heart.  


Trash Talk - Slander

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C.H. Greenblatt (Harvey Beaks): chgreenblatt
Butch Hartman (The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom): butchhartman
Bryan Konietzko (The Legend of Korra): bryankonietzko
Michael Dante DiMartino (The Legend of Korra): michaeldantedimartino
Johnny Ryan (Pig Goat Banana Cricket): outlawscumfudge
Chris Garbutt (Pinky Malinky): visualphooey
Rikke Asbjorn (Pinky Malinky): fattywhalepage
Jim Dirschberger (Sanjay and Craig): eightyfourfilms


Artist Travis Millard and animator Jim Dirschberger teamed up on a short animation based around the amazing phone call cranks by Earles & Jensen.  If you’ve never heard Earles & Jensen, then you should go find some. .  great stuff, and even better with animation and artwork!

Gamemasters - A call by Earles & Jensen
Art by Travis Millard
Animation by Jim Dirschberger


A cool peek into the latest The Uncluded albums designed by artist Travis Millard and put together by our pal Jim at Eightyfourfilms

Published on Apr 9, 2013

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