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low chaos Corvo is renamed Lord Protector
  • Captain Curnow: I don't think we should be focusing on Corvo. That guy's brain is a bag full of rats. You can smell crazy on him.
  • Empress Emily: Have care how you speak! Corvo is beyond reason, but he is nobility once more and he is my father!
  • Callista: He ate eighty tins of whale meat in two days.
  • Empress Emily: He's adopted.
The Bond of Neighbors, Chapter 1

[Summary: Lizzie moves into an apartment just a few doors down from Red’s flat (the one in episode 2.19 with all of Red’s personal treasures and memories). This is an AU where Red and Lizzie have no history before meeting in this story, Lizzie is not married to Tom, and she starts off as a low-level criminal profiler at the FBI.

Author’s note: This is my first extended attempt at Lizzington. Should be an adventure! Thanks to #inmate38 for the inspiration to write today.]

“Raymond, we’re here.”

Dembe’s soft voice reached Red, pulling him from dark musings. He looked out of the shaded car window, up to the shabby apartment building across the street, and a surge of emotions ran through his blood. It’d been far too long since he’d been here last. His soul—whatever was left of it—ached.

“So we are,” Red said.

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