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Unwilling Bride series (ongoing)

Unwilling Bride Pt1

Unwilling Bride Pt2

Unwilling Bride Pt3

Unwilling Bride Pt4

Unwilling Bride Pt5

Unwilling Bride Pt6

Unwilling Bride Pt7

Unwilling Bride Pt8

Unwilling Bride Pt9

Unwilling Bride Pt10

Unwilling Bride Pt11

Unwilling Bride Pt12

Unwilling Bride Pt13

Unwilling Bride Pt14

Unwilling Bride Pt15

Unwilling Bride Pt16

Unwilling Bride Pt17

Unwilling Bride Pt18

Unwilling Bride Pt19

Roommates Series (ongoing)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Teen Wolf Crossover (ongoing)

Part One

Part Two

First Love Returns (ongoing)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Diary Series (complete)

Diary Pt1

Diary Pt2

Diary Pt3

Diary Pt4

Diary Pt5

Diary Pt6

Diary Pt7

Diary Pt8

Mother of Neverland (ongoing)

Mother of Neverland Pt1

Mother of Neverland Pt2

Mother of Neverland Pt3

One shots

Welcoming Committee 


Wake Up Call

Guinea Pig


Love Hate





Bis Sister

Too Far


BTS series; Are you bulletproof?

PART SEVENTEEN<<                                         >>PART NINETEEN 


Word count: 3.1k

Where you left off: 

“We should go join them in the practice room” Yoongi requested, standing up once more.

“Really? They will just tease us” You whined, putting your cup away.

“Yea, but I guess it’s just something we need to get used to.” He scoffed, offering a hand.

Looking at him with a raised eyebrow, you put your hand in his. Letting him ‘lift’ you up, to meet him in a hug. It wasn’t long, as he let you go right after. Still holding onto your hand, his fingers fitted perfectly between yours. Dragging you down to the practice room, to meet the Busan knights and Namjoon who would tease you, to the end of the world.

Walking side by side down to the practice room, Yoongi held your hand warm. Leading the way, as if it’s the first time. Such a single act, made your ears red but you tried to convince yourself, it was just because Namjoon caught you in the innocent act. Following the black-haired man with light steps, your mind was slowly sinking away. The co-workers looking at you in awe from afar, having no idea why the sudden act between the two of you. Walking behind him, you noticed his broad back. His walk and slim legs, veins on his hands that were decorated with rings. His casual clothing that would make him look like a star, without even trying. All in all, Yoongi was a pure weakness against you.  

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First Meeting

 request: Love your writing! Can you do an imagine where both of your parents are college friends and are finally meeting up again. You have never met the Mendes family before but your parents talk about them all the time. You meet the family and you and Shawn have an instant connection :)

“Oh! You’re never going to guess who I ran into today at the store!” Your mother set her fork on her plate as she remembered the events of the day. You and your father exchanged a look before he asked her who she saw. “Karen! And you’ll never guess who she married!”

Your father took a swig of the soda he was drinking, before answering. “She married Manny. Yeah, we talked not too long ago. Brought his son into the shop.” 

“Oh, well, we’re having dinner with them on Friday.” Your mother informed the two of you, and you groaned when she smiled wickedly at you. “You know, their son is your age. He’s a lovely young man.”

“Oh my God, Mom.” You rolled your eyes, she was always trying to set you up with her friends’ kids. 

An hour and a half before you were supposed to go to the Mendes’ for dinner, you sat on your floor in front of your closet, deciding on what to wear. You looked at the shoes you had lined up, and decided on a pair of skinny jeans and a camisole with a cute sweater on top. You grabbed the ankle boots that went well with the outfit and slipped them on before going to do your makeup.

Walking down the steps, you saw your mother putting on some bracelets. “Dressing to impress, I see.” Your mother smiled.

“Yeah, sure.” You grabbed your phone and followed your mother out to the car.

Arriving at the Mendes residence, you followed your father up to the door. Your mother rang the doorbell, and Karen opened the door, and smiled. “Hi!” The mothers gushed for a moment, before she let you into the house. “This is Y/N, our daughter.” Your mother introduced you, and you smiled. 

“Nice to meet you.” 

Karen smiled. “You’re my son’s age! Speaking of him,” She walked over to the steps, “Shawn! Aaliyah! Get down here!” Two sets of footsteps came down the steps, and you felt your cheeks heat up when you saw Shawn. “This is Y/M/N and Y/F/N, and their daughter, Y/N.” 

“Hi!” Aaliyah smiled, sticking her hand out to shake.

Shawn followed in his sister’s suit, and shook your hand as well. He smiled, “It’s nice ot meet you.”

“You, too.” You smiled, trying not to say too much. You had a habit of embarrassing yourself in front of cute boys, and damn, was Shawn cute. The three of you followed your parents into the dining room, and sat down at the table. 

“We never use this room, only for holidays.” Shawn whispered to you, and you snorted. 

Dinner went smoothly, with your parents and Shawn’s parents talking through almost the entire meal, and you, Aaliyah, and Shawn talked, as well. “So, how old are you guys?” You asked, taking a drink of the water.

“I’m eightteen. She’s thirteen.” Shawn nodded to his sister, and she rolled her eyes. 

“I’m eightteen, too. Just turned, actually.” You smiled, taking pride in that fact.

Aaliyah excused herself from the table, seeing the chemistry between her brother and you. Shawn bit his lip before gaining the courage to ask you, “Do you by chance have a phone?”

You rolled your eyes, slipping out your phone. You tapped it a couple times, before sliding him your phone with the New Contact screen showing. He typed in his number and texted himself, and smiled. 

When you got back to your place, you smiled when you saw Shawn texted you that you forgot your purse. “Guess I’ll just have to go back and get it.” You shrugged, sending him a text. 

“So you and Shawn, huh?” Your mother asked, scaring you.

You blushed, shrugging again. “Maybe.” You smiled and looked at your phone. “I hope so.” 

yikes this is my third time writing this i couldn’t keep an idea i liked. send in requests :D or send in what your favorite song off illuminate is (ps i’m planning on making imagines based off each song so stay tuned!!!!)

also i’m jamming out to bad reputation rn if that isn’t on the setlist i’m gonna cry. 



Everyone wants to be the star in their own fairy tale, but no one wants to share the lime light either.  So, whose gonna come out on top?

The audience gets to write this story for them selves! ;D

BTS series; Are you bulletproof?

PART EIGHTTEEN<<                                        >>PART TWENTY 


Word count: 5.2k

Where you left off:  Outside was cold, snow falling upon your face and hair. Even though it bit into your bones, it did help on your burning cheeks and ears, calming down. Walking towards the desired coffee shop, the lingering feeling of happiness that was left, was hovering above you. His lips still possible to taste and hand that gripped your thigh, was as he was just right beside you. For some reason, you couldn’t keep your smile down and was excited to tell Jaebum your progress. Even though, wishing you could tell Jessica, was a lot bigger.

After a while of walking, the heat upon your cheeks and ears, finally disappeared. Seeing the coffee shop only a few meters away, you speeded up. Standing in front of the door, you pushed it lightly. Stepping inside to smell the aroma of coffee, mixed with chocolate. Freshly baked cookies and cake decorated in the window shelf. Skipping further inside, you peeked to see Jaebum was sitting in the corner with a mask on. He seemed to notice you from afar and waved you down, while you ordered some coffee.

“Long time no see, how has everything been?” Jaebum asked, while you seated yourself in front of him.

“So many things have been happening, that I’m not even sure where to begin.” You spoke with a light smile, making yourself comfortable.

“Start from, why Jackson wants to beat up Yoongi if he sees him.” He questioned, raising an eyebrow at you.

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I'm about to make people mad at me, but this is bugging the shit out of me - be warned.

I wish people would stop using their history as abuse-survivors (particularly csa survivors) to guilt people into stopping shipping shit. Like, I’m sorry that you had to endure such a thing, but you are being manipulative when you try to use that fact to dissuade people over something as trivial as shipping characters. Especially when other abuse-survivors ship that very same ship and use it to cope with their own past!!

Like, please stop acting like you’re the only survivor that matters? Stop acting like people who are doing something you don’t like are doing it because it has anything to do with justifying abuse? Stop acting like every survivor handles these things the same way that you do? Stop acting like they have to?

Most importantly: literally no one is even endorsing any kind of -ilia. Stop saying we are. I repeat: literally no one is shipping a teen with an adult. Stop saying we are. We are shipping an adult Keith with an adult Shiro. No one is defending shipping a teen with an adult. Get out of your damn echo chamber and fucking pay attention to what we are saying, and you would see that. We all agree pedophilia is wrong, and Sheith shippers are not in any way supporting it. That’s why we are battling so hard to remind you that that isn’t what we are doing! Why else would we keep correcting you that Keith is an adult?? No one wants to be accused of a crime they aren’t actually committing!!!!

That aside, you need to understand that just because “late teen” has the word “teen” in it, does not necessarily make them (Keith, Lance, and Hunk) minors. The reason it is called “late teen” is because it is referring to the ages of eightteen and nineteen, which, in case you forgot, makes them adults. You are still technically a teenager if you are 18 and 19, but you are also not a minor. Also, don’t conveniently ignore that Voltron constantly advertises the cast as “five teens,” and if it is specifically “late teens,” then that means everyone but Pidge is 18+. To reiterate: everyone but Pidge is a consenting adult.

Another thing you need to recognize is that answering “is Shiro 25?” with “that’s a safe zone” really isn’t an answer at all. That’s basically another way of saying, “sure, if that’s what works best for you” honestly. Regardless, even though a 5-6 age difference is hardly problematic, there is no reason to keep assuming other people are being bad. Ya know, cuz the world clearly resolves solely around your perspective, so I gotta remind you.

Those that are shipping Shieth thinking Keith is a teen and Shiro is an adult, however, deserve what’s coming to them, specifically when they don’t recognize the problematic nature of doing so. If they recognize the issues and still ship it though, then, well, leave them alone. They already know. If you don’t like it, block them.

Look, if we are somehow triggering you or you are still really uncomfortable, then frankly you are not doing a good job of making sure you aren’t being triggered/bothered in the first place. We are not responsible for your tumblr experience - you are. Instead of wrongly throwing accusations around, you should be trying to make your experience better by doing your part (i.e. stop, block and roll, blacklisting, and unfollowing). You cannot use your being an abuse-survivor against others if you are doing nothing to protect yourself at the same time. That isn’t how it works.

Again, I’m sorry you have trauma from a tragic event, and it should have never happened to you or anyone else. But that fact doesn’t give you a free pass to be an asshole.

anonymous asked:


One, I don’t have herpes. I do remember accidentally reblogging a post one night I was incredibly high that could label me as such, but I don’t have herpes.

Two, did you know that one in four teens- only eightteen- will contract an STI/STD? Nope, apparently not. 

Three, the amount of times I’ve had sex or with however many partners does not make me a slut. (Oh, just for your amusement I’ve had sex a lot with my ex-boyfriend of two years- that’s 1 person I’d engaged in sex with- and my childhood best friend and I have had sex around 5 times while dating- that’s 2 people I’ve engaged in sex with.)

Four, about half of all new STDs/STIs in 2000 occurred among youth ages 15 to 24. So I mean, clearly a 18 year old just simply cannot contract an STD/STI. (Google STD/STI statistics and you’ll find out I’m not wrong.)

Finally, step off your high horse darling, that attitude towards someone’s sex life is going to get you no where in romantics.