Mouth o’ Mine

Harry X Reader: Angst, smut

In which Harry’s no good with his words but he sure is good with his mouth.

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some harry face sitting action maybe?

Author’s note: This is a continuation of “Mess o’ Mine.” I would suggest reading that first, if you haven’t already. I thought this was gonna be the end but then I fucked up so… there’s also a part 3. Hope you enjoy! I did!

Part 1: Mess o’ Mine // Part 3: Mind o’ Mine

You’ve been running through the events that have occurred, confused at the escalation and the outcome. No issues have been resolved, and there wasn’t really a conversation or discussion. You don’t know any more than you did when you heard Harry singing your poems. Has he used your writing in more songs on his album?  Has he read your whole journal? God, you hope not. One poem is bad enough.

Harry hasn’t been around, hasn’t tried calling for the two weeks since he showed up on your doorstep. You’ve flipped the channel whenever he shows up on your television and scrolled at record speed when he’s popped up on your social media feeds. Maybe you should feel relieved and cleansed of his toxicity, but you don’t. Instead, you feel a little broken, like your stomach is splintering into pieces, and your mind still feels split open. Not only that, but you can smell him, feel the weight of him on top of you, taste the foreign flavor of his mouth. This isn’t what you need.

A whole other wave of confusion has rolled over you in terms of your relationship with Harry, if there still is one. The two of you have crossed a line without any prior thought or contemplation. Years upon years of friendship have been threatened, and you’re not even sure how it happened. Why did he kiss you? How did the two of you end up in bed, naked between the sheets? If you were confused about it before, trying to figure things out has only worsened your introspection.

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Game day

: i. need. s ome sports supportive reader x archie. like wearing jersey to school on game day, wearing his jacket, cheering him on from the sideline. yelling at his coach when he yells at archie. just owningit. being cute. being supportive.

A/N: this is cute and smol

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Word count: 648 words

Warnings: cursing i think

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“That’s my jersey.”  You turned, a wide smile on your face as your eyes met Archie’s.  

“Yeah!” He smiled right back.  

“You look better in it than I do…” He teased, hands coming down on your shoulders.  

“You said it.”  You turned back to your locker, blowing your hair out of your face.  

He leaned over to your ear. “You coming to my game tonight?”

“Am I coming to your game tonight?” You asked mockingly.  “Of course I’m going to your game tonight.”

“Can you not yell at Coach this time?”

“Listen you made a great pass, and he had no right to yell at you for that,” you defended yourself.  “It’s not your fault he couldn’t run it.”  Closing your locker, your brow crinkled in anger.  Archie laughed.  “I’m still pressed.”

He swung his arm around your shoulders, pulling you to his side as you two walked next to each other down the hall towards your class.  Grinning, Archie replied, “I know you are, babe.”

The game was typical.  The Bulldogs were crushing, and you’d like to think it was solely because of your beautiful boyfriend. You’d catch his eyes every once in awhile from the sidelines, smiling widely to show support.  “Go, Arch!” You’d yell whenever he had the ball, always finding his small grin under his helmet.  

“Hey!” You turned, narrowing your eyes at Coach Clayton.  “L/N, I’d tell you to get out, but you really help him play better.  So, I’ll just ask you,” he leaned in close to your ear.  “To stop!  Screaming!  In my ear!”  

Eyes wide with surprise, you coughed slightly.  “Strong lungs you got there.”

“See you two are getting along better today,” Jughead commented sarcastically over the fence.  Raising a bright blue jacket, he pushed it over towards you.  With it’s blue and gold color scheme, bold R on the breast, you knew exactly what it was. “Archie told me to go and grab it from his house for you.  Said it would be cold.” You reached forward to grab it from him, tugging it over his shoulders.  “Look at you two.  So eighties coming of age movie.”  

Out of nowhere, the crowd suddenly roared in disgruntled, surprised noises.  They resembled a crowd booing, but less angry, more concerned.  The three of you had been distracted from the field for a moment, however you didn’t have to see the field to know that something had happened.  

You turned, seeing the ref angrily blowing his whistle.  You noticed the letters on the scoreboard change.  34-31.  While the Bulldogs were still winning, it was the fourth quarter, and this score was too tight for comfort.

“Time!” Clayton called angrily, waving his arms in the air and pulling the team into a huddle.  You leaned against the fence next to Jughead.  

“You think it’s because you weren’t watching him for two seconds?” He joked, elbow nudging your padded shoulder.

“I mean you’re kidding but… It means a lot to him.” You frowned.

Jughead sighed.  “Never thought I’d be friends with a quarterback.”

“Never thought I’d wear a letterman’s jacket.  Yet here we are.”  Archie’s eyes lifted from the heads of his teammates to meet yours.  “For that goofball.”

“One second, Coach,” he murmured, taking steps over to you.

“Hey, baby,” you said softly, “You alright?”

“Yeah, just stressed,” he sighed.  

“You guys got this,” you assured him.  “You need anything?”

“Just you, here,” he answered softly.  “I like the jacket.”

“It’s warm,” you nodded.  He smiled, pulling on the thick fabric to bring your lips to his.  You pulled back, scrunching up your nose.  “You stink.”

Archie lightly punched your shoulder.  “Hey.”

“Hey, you know what.  You go out there, you kick ass?  I’ll cuddle you tonight regardless of whether or not you shower.” You leaned forward, kissing him one last time, before lightly pushing his chest.  “Go kick some ass.”

Supernatural: 10 Lessons From Tonight’s Episode.

“First Blood,” Season 12, episode 9.

1.  The Winchesters acting dangerous in prison garb reawakened a kink I’d forgotten I had.

2.  They are also objectively terrifying. 

(And yet still moral:  after all, they did escape from maximum security without ever having to kill anyone.)

3.  And probably escapees from an eighties action movie.

4.  Dean with fuzzy bedhead worriedly calling his boyfriend is something I never knew I needed.

5.  Cas loves his stupid Winchester family more than life itself.  

6.  They are also driving him to the point of an emotional breakdown.

Look at him.  He’s about to fucking cry, and all because they can’t go two seconds without their compulsive messiah complex bullshit. 

7.  But on a more positive note, Dean undeniably loves him back

Look at this face.  This is not the face of a man looking at a “little brother figure.”  This is the face of a man looking at his one true love, and it is beautiful.

8.  Every one of the British Men of Letters has an inexplicably intense, homoerotic fixation on Cas.

Maybe they all have an angel fetish?

9.  Crowley remains an unapologetically salty bitch, and I hope that never, ever changes. 

Also, every interaction he has with Cas is a gift.

10.  Destiel is real and beautiful.  

Look at these two platonic bro pals riding in the back seat together (and low-key probably holding hands.)  Another thing Dean has insisted he’d never, ever do.  Just like shorts.  And wearing women’s underwear.  And cucumber water.

It’s almost as if he systematically hides aspects of himself that might viewed as “feminine,” or “not straight.”  Whatever could that mean, I wonder. 

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Recently I watched this movie. It’s about the coming of age of three teenage girls (Kat, Daisy and Jojo) and their romantic lives, while they’re working like waitresses at Mystic Pizza in Mystic, Connecticut.

So, I’m gonna write for you what I liked the most about each character.


Despite of being a little naive, I really liked this girl. She’s intelligent, she likes to read, she’s responsible, she’s been accepted to attend Yale University on a partial scholarship, she has three jobs, that means she earns money for her studies with a lot of hard work. Kat distinguish herself from the others because she cares about her future, that’s so important!


Beginning with the fact that the actress is Julia Roberts I already love this character! I liked about Daisy how she supports her sister even when they are mad at each other. She’s always there for Kat and that’s how sisters should act. Daisy is wild and a bit disoriented about her future but she’s a good person and despite that she likes Charles, a rich young man, she never acted like another person in front of him. She’s an authentic girl and I like that. 


This girl is so cool! I mean, she’s always laughing, she’s fun, she’s nice to others and she’s always there for Kat and Daisy. She’s an amazing friend!


But let’s face it, the best part about this movie was the PIZZA! I was so hungry all that time I spent watching it. Like Jojo said in the last lines: “what the hell do you think Leona really puts in that pizza?”

Hope you liked this post!



Recientemente vi esta película. Se trata de la llegada de la mayoría de edad de tres adolescentes (Kat, Daisy y Jojo) y sus vidas románticas, mientras trabajan como camareras en Mystic Pizza en Mystic, Connecticut.

Así que, voy a escribir para ti lo que más me gustó de cada personaje.


A pesar de ser un poco ingenua, realmente me gustó esta chica. Ella es inteligente, le gusta leer, es responsable, ha sido aceptada para asistir a la Universidad de Yale en una beca parcial, tiene tres trabajos, eso significa que gana dinero para sus estudios con mucho trabajo duro. Kat se distingue de las demás porque se preocupa por su futuro, eso es tan importante!


Comenzando con el hecho de que la actriz es Julia Roberts ya me encanta este personaje! Sobre Daisy me gustó como ella apoya a su hermana incluso cuando están enojadas la una con la otra. Ella siempre está ahí para Kat y así es como las hermanas deben actuar. Daisy es salvaje y un poco desorientada acerca de su futuro pero ella es una buena persona y a pesar de que le gusta Charles, un joven rico, ella nunca actuó como otra persona frente a él. Es una chica auténtica y eso me gusta mucho.


Esta chica es tan genial! Quiero decir, siempre está riendo, es divertida, es agradable con los demás y siempre está ahí para Kat y Daisy. Ella es una amiga increíble!


Pero seamos realistas, la mejor parte de esta película fue la PIZZA! Estaba tan hambrienta todo el tiempo que pasé viéndola. Como Jojo dijo en las últimas líneas: “¿Qué diablos crees que Leona pone realmente en esa pizza?”

Espero te haya gustado este post!

sanders1799  asked:

Ok i got a good one theres a school dance coming up and betty feels bad because no one asked her then sudenly she heres music coming from outside and who does she see in a suit with a radio next to him jughead

You got it!

Putting her books back in her locker, Betty took a minute to wallow in self pity.

She looked in the tiny mirror she kept hung up in her locker

She was pretty, wasn’t she?

Her eyes were always bright, varying from green to blue depending on her mood. She had long blonde hair, boys liked blondes didn’t they?
And she knew she was in good shape, sure she didn’t look like Veronica or Cheryl, but she was athletic and she always made sure she looked presentable.

So maybe it was her personality.

She thought she was funny, I mean people laughed when she told a joke and she would do anything for anyone, she thought she was a good person but what did she know?

All she knew was, tonight was homecoming and she hadn’t been asked.

Peeking in the mirror one last time, she was suprised when she heard the familiar voice from behind her.

“Fixing your hair bets?”

Turning around she smiled

“Just.. reflecting juggie.”

He smirked pulling his headphones from his ears.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

She laughed

“Oh jug, you couldn’t afford me.” She tossed her ponytail and smiled, slamming her locker shut.

He rolled his eyes, matching her steps.

“Alright Beyoncé, now tell me what’s on your mind.”

She sighed

“Oh just your typical girl next door problems, no one asked me to the dance.” She laughed sadly switching her backpack to her other arm. “It’s really no big deal though, I have so much studying to do anyways.rdquo;

Jughead watched the way she avoided his eyes quickly switching topics.

Arriving at her house, jughead walked her to the door


She giggled,

“Ya know jughead, just once I wish my life could be like some cheesy eighties movie. I’ll see you tommorow ”

Jughead watched her walk into her house, before taking off and heading to his own home.

Betty deserved to be happy all the time, why no one but him saw this, was ridiculous.

No one had asked her to the dance? Why the hell not?

She was the perfect date, beautiful, smart, funny, what more could these idiotic boys ask.

Betty wanted an eighties movie romance?

She was gonna get an eighties movie romance.


Placing the pink gel pen back into her messy bun, Betty stretched her long legs and flipped herself down onto her bed.

The gorgeous, peach dress was hanging on her closet door, mocking her as she sat in her bedroom wearing tiny gray cotton shorts and tight white tank top.

She threw her pillow at her closet, hitting the dress.

Suddenly, she heard the soft music of an old slow song coming through her bedroom window.

Walking slowly to the window, she peered out catching the crown shaped beanie.

Standing underneath her window was none other than Jughead jones, holding a speaker blasting a familiar slow song.

Looking damn good in a suit, smiling up at her.

“Jughead jones! What on earth are you doing?!”

He was laughing now

“Waiting for you to come on down here, don’t we have a dance to attend?”


He smiles up at her.

“Get dressed, or don’t, I don’t care you can wear that if you want, you look nice.” He shrugged

“Okay, give me like ten minutes!”

Twenty minutes later, Betty came barreling down the stairs

Peach dress, golden shoes and her hair falling on her shoulders.

The best part of her outfit had to be her wide, bright and absolutely breathtaking smile.

“Are we really doing this?” She asked excitedly

“Were really doing this.”

She smiled even bigger, if possible

“Well alright then Romeo, sweep me off my feet.”

What jughead didn’t know was that he already had.