eighties inspired

Notes: Angsty fic inspired by a prompt from my bestie @htgawm-tv​ combined with my own evaluation of the characters themselves. Enjoy!

Connor walked through the door leading from the stairwell; his hand drifted into his pocket, grabbing for a key that was no longer there. Staring down the door for the briefest of seconds, Connor paused in thought before knocking. It felt odd to not just enter like he had for so many months prior, but things had changed.
He felt Oliver’s presence on the other side of the door for the longest seconds of his life before the other party pulled the door open, an envelop in his hands. Connor tried a smile, but it felt painful to do so. He mumbled a low thank you as he took the stray piece of mail from Oliver’s outstretched hand.

Connor reminded himself that he had wanted this. He insisted on the break. He insisted on moving out. He insisted on all of this.

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