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We were 12 or 13 [years old] at the time [of shooting IT] We’re kids, we’re still kids. Nothing weird happened. They always called me the androgynous kid because I had short hair. We did become pretty close. A lot of people think because [the film is] Eighties-themed that we didn’t use our phones, because we were constantly outside riding bikes and everything. It was kind of like living in the Eighties when I was doing this movie. We always kept in contact and were always together, less on phones and more talking. I got used to them, they got used to me and we’re good friends now.

prompt response to: andreil trapped in a small space scenario

As much as all these late night practices aided Neil in strengthening his form, some nights he felt so incredibly drained of energy that by the end of them he almost cursed his own resolve. 

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