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I walked into the house and made a b-line to the kitchen where I knew Cyn would be. Stepping inside, I saw that she was sitting on top of the kitchen’s island reading yet another baby book.

I couldn’t help but smile at her she was taking this thing seriously.  

She looked cute wearing one of my shirts especially seeing her small baby bump poking through it. I still couldn’t believe that I had a helping hand in that. Something so good and pure was about to come from me.

Although she refused to talk to me, Cyn had been staying in the house a lot lately, reading these little maturity books and scoping out baby room ideas. She was only four months into her pregnancy but she was already doing her best to prep for the baby’s arrival.

I sighed while looking down at the bag in my hand. I prayed that this last resort of bribery would do the trick to have her stop giving me the cold shoulder.

I was tired of sharing a bed with someone who wouldn’t even look at me

“Hey baby girl, I bought you something,” I said sitting the carton next to her.

“You can take it back” she simply said without shifting her attention from the book in her hands.

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Chapter Eighty Four

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They had decided to wait until she was eight weeks along before they shared the news with their families. And it wasn’t easy keeping the secret to themselves; not only that Alex was pregnant but that they were expecting twins. The truth was that Harry constantly looked like he had slept with a coat hanger in his mouth and Alex knew that she wasn’t much better. But they’d decided to let it settle for themselves first and they both stuck to that; not even telling Emma, who besides William and Charlotte, was the only other person in their lives who knew Alex was expecting. Though Alex was still suffering from morning sickness, the tips Dr. Farthing had given her to help ease those symptoms helped quite a bit; enough to assure that she wasn’t having to cancel engagements. She had lost a little bit of weight, but not enough to bring any real attention or worry from those around her.

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Mavin for the send me a pairing thing

who puts pizza bagels and captain crunch in the shopping cart

the first time, it’s michael. (”if this is what i have to eat everyday, i’ll move back in with geoffrey, i swear to christ.”) but after eating bagel bites one night after a few too many bevs, gavin is converted.

and honestly, what else is ray going to eat when he comes over?

who forgot the rule about putting foil in the microwave and subsequently caused a small fire

have you ever met gavin free? (”gavin, you scorched half the kitchen! how the fuck did you even manage that? fucking christ, we’re not getting the deposit back now.” “but michael, you said you wanted your chipotle leftovers.”)

who sleeps naked

they both do. it’s part of the reason gavin finally took the plunge and got an apartment with michael. (”gav, i swear to god. i’m so happy you two fucks are finally done tripping over each others dicks, but i do not want to see your dicks at 10 am on a saturday. now, how do you want your eggs?”) 

geoff didn’t make eye contact with michael for a week. 

who sleeps under 3 blankets

gavin gets homesick for england a lot, including the weather. he has a love hate relationship with the cold weather, and that shows on the thermostat. michael leaves to see andy for a few days and comes back and it’s literally ice cold in the apartment, and gavin’s passed out on michael’s side of bed with every blanket they own on him. 

(”i’ve never even seen this blanket before, what the hell gavin?” “i’m cold, michael, hold me.” “no shit, sherlock. the ac is down to 62.”)

who has a huge crush on Billy Joel

gavin. he says it’s because he’s an eighties fan and seriously, who doesn’t love piano man? but then michael catches him on more than one occasion looking up old billy joel collectibles. 

(”gavin, no. you are not paying $500 for a record. don’t give me that look, we don’t have space here for it.”) 

who gets drunk and breaks shit

they alternate weekends and holidays. call it shared custody, but after they broke the cabinets and the new lazy susan on the table, they came to this agreement. 

(”you’re an expensive drunk, michael.” “shut the fuck up, you’re the one who fucked the cabinets.”) 

who’s a closeted anime fan

gavin - he leaves for a six month long trip to england a year into their relationship and skype calls at awkward times for the both of them only get him so far. he misses michael too much one weekend, and ends up starting fairy tail. he finishes it in just a few weeks between shooting and going out with dan. 

he gets home from england, and after saying yes to michael’s proposal, he asks when the next round of episodes are going to be avaliable. 

who initiates sex at inappropriate times/places

michael, it’s always michael. it takes some convincing and some warming up on gavin’s end, but then they’re fucking any and everywhere. it starts off tame, (”michael, i used to live here. it’s not that bizarre for you to blow me on geoff’s couch,”) but next thing they know, michael’s buried deep in gavin between racks of towels in macy’s.  

who’s afraid of Slenderman

the first time they hear about slenderman is when geoff told them to play that godforsaken jump scare called a pc game. but then gavin somehow gets suckered into the lore and falls deep down the creepypasta rabbit hole one night. he ends up waking michael up at four am because he’s managed to freak himself out that badly.

(”but michael, it says he goes after children. i still get the child’s buffet at cici’s! he could honest to god take me away.” “then grow your beard out and go to sleep.”)

it’s a shitty excuse for gavin to have the beard michael loves so much. gavin doesn’t shave for two weeks. michael gets his way, but then again, when doesn’t he?

what their wedding song will be

they end up using lucky ones by lights. it reminds them both of the first winter they spent together stumbling over each other in bed, tripping over words, and learning how they operate past games and beers on saturday nights. 

it’s you and i against the world, hitting every green and living like we were always told that we would. not without the accidents, but i gotta good feeling. who knows? doesn’t matter anyway. let’s go; you and i will be okay.‘cause after all this time, still don’t know where we’re going. but look how far we’ve come and as long as you’re just as lost as I am, i’ll hold you in the morning like we’re the lucky ones. 

gavin cries when michael shows him the song. michael realizes proposing is the greatest thing he’s ever done.

what their biggest fight was about

the six month trip gavin took to england was for a movie, and when he wasn’t on that set, he was building up a log for the youtube channel. he was overworked, stressed, and tired and would pick fights which they both got over quickly. 

(”for christ’s sake, michael, it’s 3 am here. what do you expect?” “i didn’t want you to go to england in the first place, don’t blame this on me.” “it was marvel, i couldn’t say no, you prick.”)  

when they went five days without talking after that one, michael texted him asking if they were through. 

gavin took a red eye back to austin and spent twelve hours in bed with michael before he had to go back to england. 

(”please, god, no, i am so sorry, i love you so much. we’re okay. we’re okay. we’re okay.”) 

they skyped every day after that.

why they work together

they’re michael and gavin. they were friends for years before michael asked gavin out. (”no, not bevs. not tonight. how do you feel about dinner? no, somewhere nicer than rudy’s.”) 

even after the first date, they tried like hell to not let it happen. (”michael, i can’t risk this with you. with anyone else, sure, but i can’t with you.”) 

but geoff, after literally knocking sense into the both of them sat them on the couch in the office, and all but screamed.

(”you fucks have been dancing around each other for four goddamn years. it was sweet and now it’s infuriating. kiss and fuck and just be happy together already.”) 

geoff immediately stormed out and it took all but a heartbeat for michael to crawl on gavin and start kissing him. ryan was less than thrilled to have walked in at that moment. 

Chapter Eighty Nine

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He has insisted on driving them himself, of course. She had smiled at his insistence, though she had known it was exactly what he would do – to try to find some way to make it more normal than it actually was. Nevermind the fact that unlike most people, they weren’t driving a moving van or even following one that they would help to unload and then spend the next few days or weeks unpacking. All of that was done. Their belongings were already there – unpacked and organized into their proper places in Apartments 8 and 9 at Kensington Palace and waiting for the Sussex family to arrive. But it didn’t matter to Harry that it wasn’t exactly normal; he still wanted it to feel like they were going home. As a family. As normal as they possibly could.

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