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1. Maybe they should stop writing fan fiction. Arguably, Moffat should have stopped after the debacle of Jekyll back in 2007, but it was low budget and people can learn from their mistakes. He went on to make something of a mess in Dr. Who. Now S4 of Sherlock was a bit of a mess. He’s going through the classics, because they know these will sell. That impacts us as an audience, and it impacts the public that funds BBC programs.

2. Dracula is already part of the homoerotic literature tradition. I just posted a series of scholarly articles about it, but this is the best non-fiction book on the topic of vampirism and media of which I am aware. I took a course from this man in university, and it’s amazing. The Vampire Lectures by Laurence Rickels.

“Bela Lugosi may – as the eighties gothic rock band Bauhaus sang – be dead, but the vampire lives on. A nightmarish figure dwelling somewhere between genuine terror and high camp, a morbid repository for the psychic projections of diverse cultures, an endlessly recyclable mass-media icon, the vampire is an enduring object of fascination, fear, ridicule, and reverence. In The Vampire Lectures, Laurence A. Rickels sifts through the rich mythology of vampirism, from medieval folklore to Marilyn Manson, to explore the profound and unconscious appeal of the undead.Based on the course Rickels has taught at the University of California, Santa Barbara, for several years (a course that is itself a cult phenomenon on campus), The Vampire Lectures reflects Rickels’s unique lecture style and provides a lively history of vampirism in legend, literature, and film. Rickels unearths a trove that includes eyewitness accounts of vampire attacks; burial rituals and sexual taboos devised to keep vampirism at bay; Hungarian countess Elisabeth Bathory’s use of girls’ blood in her sadistic beauty regimen; Bram Stoker’s Dracula, with its turn-of-the-century media technologies; F. W. Murnau’s haunting Nosferatu; and crude, though intense, straight-to-video horror films such as Subspecies. He makes intuitive, often unexpected connections among these sometimes wildly disparate sources.More than simply a compilation of vampire lore, however, The Vampire Lectures makes an original and intellectually rigorous contribution to literary and psychoanalytic theory, identifying the subconscious meanings, complex symbolism, and philosophical arguments – particularly those of Marx, Freud, and Nietzsche – embeddedin vampirism and gothic literature.“

3. I’ve been collecting vampire content since I was nine, and I know some of us are glad that Carmilla isn’t being touched, but…there is enough to queerbait with in Dracula. BBC is supposedly trying to work on their representation numbers, and only funding new shows that show they will work toward that goal, but the decision on that came pre S4 of Sherlock.

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I’ve paid my dues
Time after time.
I’ve done my sentence
But committed no crime.
And bad mistakes ‒
I’ve made a few.
I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I’ve come through.

Queen - We Are The Champions - Live at Rock Montreal 1981

“I remember a time when the band was standing chest-high in a cornfield looking completely pissed off, and I couldn’t blame them. Sav, standing there with hands on hips, his body language clearly spelling out his sense of dry irony asking the question, ‘Why am I standing here?’” -Malvin Mortimer

Laughed when I read that in the Definitive Visual History because I knew I had this photo somewhere in my phone.


That’s one thing I really admire about these men. Sure they’ve probably had their disputes from time to time but they’ve always stuck together. So many bands from the eighties have broken up and they’re not touring anymore which really sucks for people like me that would want to see them live. Def Leppard isn’t like that. They are brothers. They are a family. They are everything a band should be and more.

anonymous asked:

you are not in an eighties band. I believe that you have a false perception of yourself as well as everyone else. your identity very well may turn out tobe null because of them? some of your folks are the most pretentious I have seen and its disgusting, and really not healthy, for anyone.

Ok first of all, HAHA what the actual fuck is this message? And I sort of have an idea of who this is, and if so, please fuck off and Move On.

Second of all, when have I ever said I believed I was actually in a band? Why do you think I have a false perception of myself? I mean, this blogging about bands and borrowing some of their aesthetics is just called… being interested in a thing….

I have many interests, this is one I particularly like at this moment. I do a lot of things, I go to school and study something I actually like (which have nothing to do with 80s bands mind you), but it takes up a lot of time and energy and I have to do and think about other things on the side, and that’s not necessarily bad. Don’t come and police my identity, I’ve struggled enough with it in the past and I have had enough with people trying to dictate what I AM. (again, nothing to do with bands from other decennia).

And really, talking shit about my friends? Sure they might be a little pretentious but who isn’t? Actually I’ve seen WAY WORSE, when we do it it’s mostly just for fun. I believe making assumptions about someone else’s identity (whom you don’t even know) and telling them what to do is a bit pretentious, but that’s just my opinion.

Look, there might be many unhealthy things about the way I live my life but liking music bands is not one of them.