Atomic Lollipop, A Scathing Review of Sorts

I was a vendor at this years Atomic Lollipop, specifically in the Artist Alley. Overall, the attention paid to the artists this year was atrocious. We paid considerably more per table this year and the space we were given was a poorly lit room in what seemed to be the the basement of the Science Centre. This on top of the fact that we were shafted an entire days worth of time to sell, on account of some genius thinking a night market type setup would be a good idea for something like an Artist Alley. The “being jipped on an entire days worth of time to sell” wouldn’t have been such a bad thing if the organizers of this joke of an event had actually TOLD the patrons there would be no artist alley on Sunday. Every single person I spoke to that came to the table was completely unaware that they would not be able to come back on Sunday to make their Artist Alley purchases. Now onto my issue with the decision to make the Artist Alley a night market. I don’t understand by what logic someone deduced it would be a good idea to put an entire room of people selling (mostly) paper prints next to, what was essentially, a rave. No one in their right mind was actually going to buy a paper print to take into a room full of sweaty people getting drunk and dancing up on each other. This leads me to believe the organizers of this event have ZERO concern for the artists they have attending this show and the Artist Alley is just free money to help them cover venue costs. Once you hand your money over to them for a table in the artist alley, you’re at their mercy and they don’t care about whether or not the time slot or space they give you will affect your ability to turn a profit, they already have your money so WHO CARES,right? We were promised a floorplan the week before the convention. Monday came the week of the convention, still no floorplan. We e-mailed the organizers and only THEN did they explain that they hadn’t worked it out yet (I guess if we hadn’t asked we wouldn’t have been told, because, you know, what room I have to set my things up in is TOTALLY unimportant, right?). We showed up the day of setup and the level of organization was minimal at best, we started to set up and were told to move part way through because no one actually KNEW where anything was supposed to go, it seemed. I was grossly disappointed with the handling of the artists at Atomic Lollipop and I will never attend this convention again as a vendor, and I encourage other artists to follow suit, unless you like being taken advantage of and tossing your money into a sinkhole from which it will never be recouped.

In Short, F*** You Fiverr

So a slight explanation may be in order. A while back I created an account on Fiverr but never made much use of it. As a professional there was not much I felt I could offer to people for the extremely low price of $5 (aside from drawing stick figures and cartoonish piles of poo). But recently I had a thought. I would use Fiverr to raise money for a run for breast cancer I am doing in October in honour of my grandmother, a breast cancer survivor. My offer: I would draw a creepy duck for you (as pictured in the post, minus the colour) for $5 and all of the money would go to my CIBC Run for the Cure fund. It wasn’t long before a five dollar wrench was thrown into my charitable plan and Fiverr made their true colours known to me. This website takes itself way too seriously for what it is. They are undermining the entire arts/design industry and when one tries to use the website for what it truly is - a massive joke - you’re turned into a social pariah on the site by the admins. I have since deleted my account and I encourage anyone who believes in a future where fair pay for artists exists to do so as well. 

Here is the heartfelt notice to delete my account that was sent to the Mafia Fiverr:

“I’d like to close my account. Everything about this website is atrocious. None of the features, ESPECIALLY the inbox, are even functional and your guidelines for cover photos are completely asinine. Your help section is also the most UN-helpful help section I’ve ever had the displeasure of navigating (finding out how to close my account was like searching for El Dorado). I understand that you don’t want people to leave but maybe you would be better served by actually having a functional website rather than this decrepit pile of excrement. This site takes itself way too seriously for a community whose sole export is devaluing professional work. As if anyone is going to jump through all of the shitty flaming hoops you have in place to sell something for 5 measly dollars. I am absolutely 100% done”