tentenenen~~~ So I’ve been on Tumblr for about 4 years now.It has been a very very long journey for me here. Now, I finally decided my first follow forever in 4 years. I just want to thank everyone for giving colors to my dash. May you continue filling it with awesome posts and reblogs. I am so lucky having you all on my dash! ♥.♥

*italicized=blog owners whom I remember talking to

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I’m the type of person who doesn’t talk that much but I’m glad I made few friends here on Tumblr. I am very blessed meeting such beautiful beings. To all my followers, bbys! Thank you so much! *shooting love hearts* ♥♥♥ You guys can talk to me if you want to.^.^

have been wanting to do this for the longest time! I’ve been talking tons of awesome people on tumblr for almost 2-3years? Thank you for actually putting the effort to talk to me even though there’s a difference in our timezone  ;~; I just wanna thank everyone that follows me even though I don’t do much edits/gif. I am really bad at expressing myself but I love you guysss <3 <3 

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there’s so much more but i can’t remember anymore ;; check out my blogroll, they are all amazing humans c:

ps; thank you for giving me a beautiful dashboard :* and and you guys may not know me but still <3 <3 <3